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I'm trying to remember to post a little bit here & there, but I am totally sleep-deprived again and so I hope this comes out making sense. (I got like four hours of sleep yesterday.) I've already had one try at going to sleep earlier and I sat and read instead (now on Expanse book 3, which is called Abaddon's Gate, I believe? not sure of their spelling of that but I'm fairly sure that's the name. SPOILER (although fairly minor, I guess): there's a giant alien stargate (?) thing - or maybe it's not a gate, just a Ringworld - lurking around so that makes sense for the name at this point in the overarching plot.)

We have a plan for the weekend which does not include a movie for me. Rob is going to see Vice, finally (no new horror movies this week), and I will stay home and we will go out to eat on Sunday. I'm still saying the same thing I was saying a couple of weeks ago, which is that I was not amused by the Bush administration the first time around and I have no desire to re-live it. Rob has been wanting to go see Glass when it comes out next weekend, but the reviews aren't good. On the other hand, it's his birthday weekend so I may end up going anyway. Movie-wise, I'm just marking time til the things I actually want to see (like Captain Marvel) start coming out.

Also I had a mammo last week and I have to have a followup because they saw a shadow of some kind. I got phone messages about it and looked online, and I get the impression that the nurses who were trying to call me were all set to have to calm me down, and I'm like, no problem, been there done that (every few years since I turned 40, basically) and I'm not going to get excited til I'm sure there's actually a problem.
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I didn't go to a movie this weekend - I stayed home and watched the Golden Globes instead - but Rob went to see Escape Room last night and he said it wasn't bad. (I lost where I read this, but I saw some commentary that said it might well have done well enough and gotten enough buzz in the right places that there will be sequels.) The Golden Globes were mostly kinda boring but there were some fun moments - Christian Bale's speech, for example, in which he called Cheney "Satan" and talked about how he specializes in playing charisma-free characters now. (Even after all these years I'm always surprised when he opens his mouth out of character and that Welsh accent pours out.)

We did go eat Mod Pizza on Saturday night, and then we went across the parking lot to HEB to cruise around and looked for products we can buy for me to do this low-carb thing. (The pizza itself is of course not exactly low-carb, but hey, it's a thin crust pizza and I figure that's the best I can do because I'm not giving up pizza entirely, no way.) What I'm finding is that I care more about bread than I do about sugar. I mean, I'm sure at some point that a craving for M&Ms or something will rear its head - Rob and I decided that if that happens we'll buy some and he'll hide it from me and dole out one small portion a day. I can work with something like that. Anyway, we found some interesting things like little egg-scramble cups from Jimmy Dean that are totally carb-free, but on the whole I'll probably do best if I just let Rob do the shopping (which he usually does anyway) and stay away from the tempting things like fresh-baked bread.

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 I mentioned yesterday that I was feeling a little sick. Well, we are both sick - pretty mildly sick, I think it's just a cold - and furthermore, my sister and her husband are too. So I guess maybe somebody that waited on us earlier this week was sick, because meals were mostly when all four of us were together. (I believe one server on Christmas Eve mentioned that they were sending her home because she was sick, in fact.) But anyway, I'd rather have a cold than a severe allergy attack, because the cold will go away in a few days. With allergies you just don't know.

Rob went off to see the Halloween movie at the dollar theater. I just stayed home. I'm watching the MSNBC shows from earlier today (what the heck is the stock market doing?) and futzing around on the computer. I bought two more candles from Bath & Body Works (I always want to say Bed Bath & Beyond, but that's wrong) because they have the 3-wick candles on half-price sale again. I bought another Fresh Balsam candle and a non-holiday one that was Eucalyptus Mint or something like that. I thought that sounded like it was pretty safely something I would like.

I'm obsessing about Zoya polishes at the moment - not the new ones, but the old ones - like, the ones so old you can't figure out all the information on them. I suppose this is a stupid thing to obsess about, but I am just the same. (I have this spreadsheet with a lot of holes in it and I was trying to figure out some of the missing ones. I have names and Zoya's polish numbers and I'm trying to match those up, basically.)

Last night I finished the book that I was reading - one of the series that I didn't get around to talking about earlier, the October Daye books - one of Seanan McGuire's urban fantasy series - so then I had to decide what was next. I have unread stuff that I could have read without spending more money, but I really wanted to either get the next book in that series or the next Expanse book. That was book 9 of 12 on the October Daye books and I've only read the first Expanse book (Leviathan Wakes) - there are a bunch of those too, at least 8 of them, I think, from what I saw when I looked on Amazon. I like both series and I'm not in any particular hurry to finish one or the other. If the October Daye books seemed to be heading towards some particular ending, I would probably be wanting to finish, but as far as I can tell, they're mostly just serials and could possibly go on forever. I'm not far enough into the Expanse series to have any idea about that - it did have an ending to the first book, they're not just cliffhangers like, say, Lord of the Rings, where it's really just one book divided up. But there's plenty of plot to go on with, too. Anyway, I bought the second Expanse book, which is Caliban's War. It seems to pick up maybe a couple of months after the first one ends, from what I've read so far.
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This is part 3 of a series - here is part 1 and part 2.

I've seen three movies since the first of November:

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - man, I don't know what to say about this movie. I didn't totally hate it. It's not great but it was interesting, you know? I think a lot of the problem is that they tried to pack way too much plot into one movie. It was really hard to follow. I got a lot of it but some of it I had to just kind of let wash over me - some of that was things that just flat didn't make sense, or that I didn't have enough information to follow - probably some of each. I have to say I would rather somebody else was playing Grindelwald - it's distracting, to me. I would like somebody who I can forget for a minute at a time who the actor is.  - Anyway, I liked the first movie SO much more, so that sucks. I'm not a good enough script doctor to diagnose exactly what went wrong here, but I do think it's possible they could still get the train back on track with this. And anyway, it didn't make that much money in the US but it was doing well overseas, so I don't think they're going to stop now.

Widows - Great cast, really good movie, but a little on the depressing side! I knew that going in, though. What I've been saying about it is, don't go into it expecting a feel-good heist movie like Ocean's 8. They are both female-led heist movies, yes, and I liked both of them, but they have a very VERY different vibe.

Ralph Breaks The Internet - here we're back to my usual "I liked this a lot" kind of review. A week out, I had to stop and think what the plot was, because I'd already forgotten. (Gal Gadot, that's what made me remember.) It's very cute, if not quite as good as the first one. (I was interested to see that Pamela Ribon co-wrote. Apparently she was the one who came up with the Disney Princess idea.)

We didn't have anything we especially wanted to see this weekend - I couldn't talk Rob into The Favorite, and honestly I didn't try super-hard, I wasn't really in the mood. I'm sure we'll see it eventually. Rob went to see a horror movie (The Possession of... somebody) - he said it wasn't completely terrible. Next week I'm sure we'll see the Spiderverse thing. I'm not a huge Spiderman fan but I gather this is a different kind of Spiderman movie than the other fifteen versions that have come out in recent years. And we already have plans to go see Aquaman right before Christmas with my sister and B-I-L.


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