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Have I mentioned that Col and I are playing WoW again? Well, we are. We were trying to finish Northrend before our memberships expired, but I don't think we're quite going to make it. I'm enjoying it enough that I volunteered to pay for another month, though. That should be plenty of time, near as I can tell. We're most of the way finished with Scolazar Basin (I don't think that's spelled right, but you get the idea) and we've already finished Zul'Drak, so all that's left is Storm Peaks and Icecrown. We are level 80 (woot!) and we both have Explorer titles and I even sprung for a fast mount (4000g for the training. Whew.). Then we're going back to LOTRO when that's finished.

I am about to take my midterm in the coding class. I should be studying right now, actually.

There are a whoppin' 5 items in the Etsy store now. (A couple more may be coming sometime tomorrow.)

Rob's movie report: He went to see The Fourth Kind this afternoon, the alien-abduction movie. He seemed to like it, although he didn't really have a whole lot to say about it. (He did make some comment about whether the "documentary" part of it was fake, at which I tried not to roll my eyes too obviously. Which could be why he didn't say much more about it.)

Oh, we are overloaded with invitations for Thanksgiving - my aunt, my sister, and my dad have all invited us. Daddy was third so he's getting left out, but we are going to try to make two stops on Thanksgiving Day and go to both Bryan and Austin. That should be doable. My sister has another significant other that she thinks is serious - more so than the last one, I hope! - and she's all anxious for us to meet him. Should be interesting.
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Go to and scroll down to about the 4th row and look at the Tolkien quilt. (You can click on it to make it larger.)

I managed to lose an entry, which is not especially easy to do - the one and only way I know of to do it nowadays, actually, is to leave the "post an entry" page open when you close Firefox and then don't tell it to restore from saved draft when you open Firefox again. In which case it saves the blank screen over your previous draft, creating a "saved draft" with nothing in it. And I hate to tell you how many times I have done just that. I suppose you could solve that problem by not having Firefox restore your previous pages, but that creates its own problems, at least for me.

I keep thinking that I need to make a regular feature called Rob's Movie Report, because I'm always telling you about the movies Rob went to see and I didn't (usually horror movies, of course). But anyway, Rob has been to see Paranormal Activity twice, which is very unusual for him. So I think that's a pretty high recommendation. He reports that it is actually scary, which - well, I can't even tell you the last time he's said that. He does not scare easily, let's just say.

I am slogging along in coding. I hate to say this but it's mostly very boring - right now we are studying the Outpatient Prospective Payment System, which is how Medicare pays hospitals for outpatient services. I'm hoping it will get more interesting when we get back to the actual coding.

My bright shiny distraction o'the moment is that I have decided to sell some of my jewelry on Etsy between now and Christmas. I have yet to actually even put anything up for sale, but I have been occupied with setting up the store and writing on my previously-abandoned jewelry blog in the hopes that it will help me get some customers, eventually. (Also, it gives me a place to just natter about jewelry endlessly, which I am oddly fond of doing. As some of you may have noticed.) I have been all happy today because I got my skull necklace onto a round-up of Halloween crafts called Terrorific Tuesday, which is bound to be a good thing, even though the skull necklace is not and is not likely to ever be for sale (unless I make another one). But hey, visibility!

More jewelry stuff, and WoW news )
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I don't think I've really talked about WoW all month, except in a tangential way. I know you've been missing it! Here's the thing: we've been questing in Outland for the past month or so, Col and I, and that's been going (mostly) fine, but I've also had this little side project going on that has necessitated many trips back to the "old country" when Col wasn't around - I've been trying to get Mellificent the Paladin's blacksmithing up to snuff. There's a whole series of quests for the Mithril Order which I had previously ignored, and then there's another quest chain for Armorsmithing. And I decided to do both of these. Mostly this has consisted of many, many mining runs in order to get enough ore - mostly mithril but also thorium and assorted other stuff - to make all the items you need for this quest. Basically, you have to do the Mithril Order part in order to get the recipes you need to become an Armorsmith. It took me many, many runs around Un'goro Crater and Tanaris to get enough to do all this. I got where I could do a Tanaris run very efficiently, in the end, which is good, because I finished up all those quests with my blacksmithing at 298, and in order to get to 300 (and be able to work with Fel Iron) I had to do one extra mining run to make two more orange items to make up those two smithing points. But it's done, and once I finally got to 300 and could use all my fel iron which I've been hoarding all this time, I had enough to move up another 20 points or so before I ran out of materials. So yay me!

My next project needs to be moving up Gelt (gnome mage) in tailoring. (WoW has a Tailoring Leveling guide that maybe I should be using.) I could also stand to do some work on cooking and fishing and first aid on both of these characters.
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.... apparently you can get to Northrend without being level 70 (or 68). My death-knight - newly arrived in Azeroth from the starter area - decided to jump on the boat just to see what would happen. And what happened was that the boat took her to Northrend. Yawn.

My death-knight, incidentally, is a gnome. I felt like death-knights were wayyyy too serious and needed lightening up. And the best thing I could think of to lighten mine up was to make her look like a two-foot-tall goth Princess Leia. (Yup, she has the buns.)

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I thought the new computer would look just like the old one, but it's slimmer, which is nice. And has a lot more memory, etc., so yay!

WoW is downloading. Important things first!
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Uh-oh, it's almost midnight. I'm gonna turn into a pumpkin if I don't post an entry. All I've been doing for the last several hours is playing WoW, so sorry, you're going to hear about WoW again. (Fair warning, okay?) (Also, you know the elections are over when I go back to talking about WoW!)

I mentioned that I have a character that's level 60, for the first time - it's a paladin, for you WoW junkies out there - so that means that we're edging into what was originally the end-game of WoW. I can see where those quests that go, "Bring me 50 of this item plus 20 gold" looked more attractive when you were running out of things to do, but these days, no thanks, I'm saving my money for a flying mount. (For the rest of you: 60 was the original level cap in WoW, then with the Burning Crusade expansion it went to 70 and with the new one next week it'll go to 80. So I'm not done yet.) The paladin has my LJ name, Mellificent, and she has been to Shattrath City in Outland but we have mostly been finishing up the original-game content, doing stuff in the Plaguelands and Un'goro Crater and that place with the insects which I keep wanting to call Slytherin (it's something not quite like that, but similar. The insects are called Slithids.) And I finally, finally got where I can make stuff out of thorium. I was stuck at 240-something blacksmithing for ages and ages. I had a ton of bars in storage by the time I finally got where I could use them, meaning I went from 249 to 280 in no time. Now I'm out again and had to go on a mining run, which is what I've been doing for the past hour or so.

I kind of miss the WoW Halloween festivities, which was the first WoW holiday thing I've really gotten into. But it was fun. Trick-or-treating! People turning into skeletons and ninjas! Broomsticks you could ride on! Magic wands that let you turn other people into skeletons and ninjas! (I got a pirate wand at one point, which meant [ profile] columbina  spent quite a few hours as a fairly sexy female pirate. I don't think he minded much.) Now Halloween is gone and all we have is the Scourge invasion, which is a thing leading up to the new expansion, and it has some fun bits but gets old fast. Although last weekend when everybody was getting turned into zombies by the Scourge, that part was fun for a while. But even then you had to go attack other people in order to stay alive, and I didn't like doing that so that meant I died, turned back into my regular character, and usually promptly got turned back into a zombie again. Like I said, it got old. Although Blizzard did have the sense not to make that stage last very long. By the next morning the plague of zombies had magically been cured. (That happened in Kingdom of Loathing while I was playing, too, come to think of it.)
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Wow. Obama headlines, all rolled onto one page. (Although the ads at the top of that page are really obnoxious - at least, both of the two I've gotten are very blatantly anti-Obama ones.)

Consumerist confirms what I had already noticed: both Wal-Mart and Sam's Club started playing Christmas music on November 1st. I went to Wal-Mart to buy, what-do-you-call-em, the stovetop reflector thingies, and it took me three tries, believe it or not, to get the right one. (My stove has flip-up elements, it turned out, which seem to be more rare.) And I have also been to Sam's Club in the interim. And I rant about Christmas music every November, and I swear every year it gets worse. Christmas music is just not acceptable until at least Thanksgiving, and I don't know why these companies don't get that. Oh well, I keep swearing I'm going to avoid Wal-Mart, anyway - this just gives me another reason to.

I haven't talked about WoW in a while, and since I don't seem to have much else to talk about, we can talk about that! The new expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, comes out next week, and there's already been a couple of patches in preparation for that. People have been coming out of the woodwork to play because of it, and things got so bad for a while that you could barely play. I'm not sure but what it's still that way on some servers, but things were bad enough that they started letting people transfer to less-crowded servers for free, and we did. Our horde characters are still on Runetotem, but our Alliance characters have moved from Aggramar - which is a really old server - to Korialstrasz, a newer one. We weren't in a guild and we don't really interact with anybody except each other, to speak of, so there wasn't any reason not to move. It's funny, because it's very different than GuildWars, where we always socialized a lot within the guild - in WoW, we just play. I tried joining a guild when we first started playing - that was on yet another server, which, um, I've actually forgotten the name of completely - and it just didn't really work out, and we never tried again. There's not a TOG guild on either of these alliance servers - there is one on Runetotem, but we don't play horde enough to have bothered with that either. I don't know, there just doesn't seem to be that much reason to look for a guild. We don't raid, we don't have any desire to get into that sort of thing, and WoW guilds are mostly very heavily into that, it seems like. I know there are exceptions but it just doesn't seem worth bothering with.

Meanwhile, I have a character at level 60, for the first time, and I have ventured into Outland. My mage, which is my solo character, the one I play when I'm playing by myself, is coming up on level 40. I don't play a whole lot of different characters, the way I did in GW, but I did make an undead warrior a couple of weeks ago and I've been playing her a good bit. Incidentally, we are still planning on going back to GuildWars someday when GW2 comes out. It just doesn't seem like that's going to be any time soon.
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We had an impromptu department meeting this morning, and my boss said that the outlook has improved somewhat. Apparently all the other entities that have been having to treat all those indigent patients that UTMB normally treats are screaming bloody murder, and the powers that be (that is, the state government and the UT Board of Regents) are taking notice. That's not to say there won't still be layoffs, but maybe not as many, anyway. I have been worried because we have had so little work to do, but apparently - according to my boss, who got it from her boss, the CFO - this is because everything is on hold, basically, while we wait for somebody to make a decision. (Meanwhile Rob has gotten worried about the future of his job - it's ok for now, as we thought, but now there's some question about how they will handle student housing for next year. The fun never ends.)

[Originally this had a filter that took all the local people out.] I trust you guys with the work gossip, partly because you're further away. What do you care?

Maybe I shouldn't have gotten it, but I really like my new car. It drives beautifully and it feels just a tad bigger than Rob's (2007) Corolla. I've been feeling a bit guilty because the final bill was a good bit more than we anticipated, by the time you added all the tax and gap insurance and stuff, but I just have to think of it as a long-term purchase, that's all. I never really thought of the Ford that way - I certainly meant to keep it quite a bit longer than the year-and-a-half I ended up having it, but I never thought I'd be keeping it for ten years or anything like that. This one better last that long, and longer.

I went to Target yesterday (after I went home early because I felt sick - shh, don't tell my boss!), and I found a rug I like for the bathroom, which I hadn't been able to anywhere else. I am picky about bathroom rugs, apparently.

WoW has been cranky lately, and it's been making me cranky - [ profile] columbina too, probably, although I haven't actually talked to him in a couple of days so I'm not quite sure. They put in a new patch, and the new expansion is coming out soon, and everybody and their brother who has ever played WoW (i.e., the entire geek world, basically) is playing all of a sudden. And the servers can't quite handle the influx. Makes me a bit alarmed for what it's going to be like when the expansion actually comes out.

(This was written earlier today. Col and I actually had a very nice evening playing with no serious problems, for once.)

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(Written earlier tonight)
We are at the Hampton Inn in Moline, Illinois, and there is no internet. There is supposed to be internet, but there is not. The front desk is extremely apologetic (especially since I am now a Hilton HHHonors silver member thanks to my frequent hotel stays) but there is no internet just the same, and they're not sure when it will be back. Sigh.

I got on WoW again before dinner, briefly, and it seemed to be working fine. Columbine, as usual, managed to find the answer even though he disavowed any knowledge of Windows Vista - he still knew where to look, or figured it out. (I had to left-click on the icon and click 'run as administrator' to get it to install correctly.)

I am going to have to post the entry I wrote yesterday - or maybe it was day before yesterday, I'm not sure - before I post this one so you will have the background about all the indecision about what route to take coming home. But we decided to take the more northern one. If we really had more time to screw around I would have gone all the way to Fargo, probably, because I am crazy, but this is about as far north as we are going. In case you are not all that up on your Illinois geography, Moline is one of the Quad Cities, across the river from Davenport, Iowa. You know last spring when they had all those floods? That was partially around here somewhere, I believe.

We went across Indiana and Illinois today, and made sort of a big circle around Chicago. Tomorrow we are going to drive ALL the way across Iowa and poke our noses into Nebraska before we start south. It's a long way to go just because I think I-55 is boring, isn't it? Well, I don't care.

Now it is 10:20 - at least if I have my time zones right, but I'm pretty sure I do because we are west of Chicago and I KNOW Chicago is Central - and the internet came back just about the time Col gave up on me showing up to play WoW and went to bed. Which is just as well under the circumstances but frustrating. We will have to try again tomorrow.

So let's see, what haven't I covered? It's rather difficult for me to remember right now. I applied for FEMA assistance yesterday morning (back at the Lima Panera Bread) and got an automated call from them last night saying we were approved for the hotel expenses - sort of frighteningly efficent, isn't it? We still have no real idea what is going on at home so we may try to find a place to use for a home base until we find out for sure whether our apartment is livable or not. We can have assistance for a month from the time of the storm - I think they said until October 14th. I think we were eligible for some other kind of reimbursement also but I forget what it was. Nothing big.

I am generally much better today, just mostly travel-weary. Regarding what I was stressing out about yesterday, my father-in-law correctly pointed out that if there had really been as much water in the vicinity of our apartments as my father was trying to imply there was, not only would my car have moved but the dumpster it was parked next to would have, too. Here is the satellite picture as linked from the Galveston paper:

satellite photo of galveston

The original is on flickr, and really gigantic, but if you blow it up all the way and look at the right spot, you can clearly see my car right where I left it, and the dumpster right where it was, too. So I think it is fairly unlikely that there was all that much water - at least not, you know, probably not six or eight feet or anything like that. That's not to say my apartment is not wet, but still. I am back to having hope. And I thumb my nose at my father.

(I put some annotations on the Flickr page, to give you an idea, if you're interested.)
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(that phrase just popped into my head, I have no idea if I saw it somewhere or what. I have the memory of a gnat sometimes, so it's always possible.)

Col made a pie chart depicting how we spend our time in WoW, which I won't try to reproduce here because it's illegible at a small size. Go look at the original size instead. (I do think it exaggerates the amount of time we spend deciding what to do, but only slightly.)

Actual conversation during the making of above pie chart:

Remember way back when (it was February or March, maybe) when I bought the tickets to the Yankees and the Red Sox? At the time, it did not occur to me that these tickets were in June and so was Father's Day, etc. etc., and I promised some of the tickets to my friend* Emily, but Emily, after saying she wanted them initially, never replied back to a couple of e-mails about it, and so I decided that I probably could feel free to give away/sell the tickets. And when I looked to see when exactly these tickets were - you can probably see this coming - lo, they were on Father's Day. So I got to call my dad and say, "You want to go see the Yankees Sunday?" and he is pretty happy about that. And yay, everybody wins. (Except Emily, if she should decide she still wants to go. But that's the breaks.)

*This would be "friend" in the sense of "somebody I hung around with years ago and now talk to one or twice a year".

Random comics:
Have you seen Doonesbury this week on gay divorces? It's looking interesting. (And I have no idea who Mark was supposed to be married to so I can't feel bad about it.) I particularly like today's - "sanctioned by a defunct airline"! (I am informed that these are not new strips, incidentally, but I hadn't seen them before!)

And I was reading early xkcd's, for some reason, and found this Serenity group portrait, which amused me. (I should point out for non-readers of xkcd that if you hover, there's a legend.) (Also, I had apparently never read through the early part of the archives before. There's some interesting stuff in there.)
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Does anybody else think of the world as a big anthill, and us as the ants? I'm just wondering. It doesn't seem to be an especially original image. (And re[personal profile] columbina's post from yesterday, are we the mean ants like in Indiana Jones, or are we nice ants like, I dunno, A Bug's Life?)

Actually this did come up yesterday when I was talking to Col, because I said it's hard to tell whether you have any influence from the middle of the anthill. (Or maybe I used a different metaphor at the time, I forget.) We were talking about people feeling powerless and whether the individual can change things, and Big Issues like that, and I really believe you can - but it's really hard (or in fact, impossible) to really know what influence you have.

But it's too early for Big Issues. I am still having coffee. Oh, and also? I kept waiting yesterday for somebody to blame Col's crabbiness on too much WoW. So thank you, O collective friends of Columbine, for not doing that, because as his partner in WoW crimes - or something - that would make it partly my fault too. (Although last night we were both crabby, I have to admit. But I don't think that had anything to do with WoW, either.)

You can infer most of the weekend report from the above. I played too much WoW. We went to the Indy movie like everybody else in America. Also, as announced in a separate post, we bought a washer and dryer, which will be delivered this coming weekend. Also, the townhouse is supposed to close in less than a week, which seems awfully fast to me, but if they can get everything together, it's certainly fine with me! We had a little scare yesterday where the title company tried to tell the realtor that I couldn't sell the house if it was "still in probate" - which the estate lawyer assures me is baloney. We are putting the title company directly in touch with my lawyer so that hopefully they can iron all that out in the meantime. (Isn't that the whole point of being the executor, that I can do things like sell the house?)
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We have gone ahead & moved our pair of WoW characters from one server to another (that is, from Proudmoore to Aggramar, for the three of you who care!), and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to rename my character tonight when we get ready to play. I used "Mellificent" for the first one I made, the paladin, but I'm pretty sure "Mellicious" was taken on that server, and that's the name of the one that's moving. I'm trying to decide if I want to stick with the puns on Mel or do something else entirely.

Normally puns are not at all my thing, so it's sort of funny that I ended up using this kind of name all over the internets, as it were. A bit of history for people that haven't known me forever: "Mel" is, as most of you know, a nickname in the first place, and it's not really all THAT old, either - it dates back to my AOLchat days in 2000 or 2001. It started out as a silly joke to do with somebody else's name (which I won't even attempt to explain), and then people started calling me that and I sorta liked it, so I kept using it. And nowadays it's the only name that most people online know me by, so it's a good thing I like it, I guess! (I used my real name on Facebook because that seemed to be the thing that everybody does over there, and I kind of hate it. But if part of the point is to connect up with people from your past, then it's useless if you don't do that.)

The pun business started in TUS-chat - at least, I'm pretty sure Mellificent and Mellicious came from there. And I thought they were funny, so I started using them as log-ins various places - one or the other depending on which one was available. But I'm not the only person who uses them, and Aggramar is a pretty old server, as WoW servers go, evidently, so a lot of stuff is taken.

Anybody got any brilliant ideas?
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Tidbits you may already know: shamans get a self-rez at lvl 30. Paladins & warlocks get mounts from quests & don't have to buy them.

La la la

May. 15th, 2008 08:15 pm
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I'm so bored I'm reading the World of Warcraft guide that came with my b-day package. It's been a fairly interesting day, though, overall.

Time away

May. 13th, 2008 09:39 am
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We are going to Ohio tomorrow, barring further airline bankruptcies - and since we're flying Southwest this time, I assume we would have heard something if they were in serious financial trouble! (Knock on wood - I'm a  bit superstitious about this topic right now.) Anyway, I got up this morning and printed boarding passes, since we are flying out at oh-my-god-thirty tomorrow. (I think it's 6:50am, if you really want to know. We are going to try to leave the house around 4. Like I said, OMG - what was I thinking?) But at least we'll be there nice and early. I think we're supposed to be in Columbus before noon - but we'll fiddle around in Columbus and eat lunch, and then it's still about a 2-hour drive to his parents' house from there, so it'll still be midafternoon at the earliest before we get to his parents' house. A long day any way you look at it.

I told[personal profile] columbinathat the enforced time away from WoW might be good for me. (No internet access at my in-laws' house.) I wouldn't say I'm overdosing on WoW but there's something about it I find much more tiring than GW. I can't quite put my finger on what it is - probably it's a combination of several things. Information overload, and different style of playing from GW, and so on. But I'm enjoying it much more than I expected, on the whole, and Col says he is too. After the little mini-vacation - we'll be back Saturday night - I'm sure I'll be ready to go again.

Oh,[personal profile] iko, if you're listening, we have baby blood-elves on Runetotem. You said you wanted to play horde, so I thought I'd mention it! Obviously it will be next weekend before we get back to that much anyway. (We're not even to level 10 yet, at the moment.)
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Woot! We have our "economic stimulus" money - it appeared in the bank this morning. Buying a washer and dryer is under discussion.

The buzz keeps building. Well, it damn well ought to. If Obama had said anything like that they would've been all over him.

More WoW stuff:
I was commenting on characters named Drizzt just the other day. (My suggestion is that there should be an automatic deduction for naming your character any variation on Aragorn, Legolas, or especially Drizzt.)

The icon is also a WoW joke. I added several of these - not surprisingly, there's a whole community for them,[profile] wow_icons.
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Weekend update: My dad came to visit and we ended up riding the ferry. Not really what I would have picked to do on my birthday but it was pleasant enough (except for the hordes of love-bugs that swarmed us at one point). Also in the "not what I would have picked to do on my birthday" category was going to Alvin to pick up my quilts from the quilt show, which I had to do as soon as we got back from ferry-riding, and we were almost late, at that. (There's a reason I rarely visit my home-town - it's a long drive to nowhere.) (And the other half of the weekend was uneventful - I was so tired from running around all day Saturday that I didn't even stir from the house on Sunday.)

Birthday gift update: I don't think I ever put the picture of my birthday present over here, which I will now do. I'm not sure everybody will think this is worth the (rather substantial) amount of money that it cost, but oh well. It's a hundred-odd year old collectible - from back when "collectibles" were  things that were made in small quantities - from Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee (celebrating the 60th year of her reign) in 1897. I also got a fairly substantial wad of cash, which is always nice, and a couple of gift cards that are actually very belated Christmas gifts! Hey, better late than never. (And both the plate and World of Warcraft were waiting for me at home yesterday.)Game update: Knowing me I will probably go on at some length about this, so I will do a cut for this too.
Whee... )
Linkage: Interesting editorial from David Brooks yesterday about the divide in the Democratic Party. I can't say that I disagree with his conclusions, particularly.
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Somebody who shall be nameless bought me World of Warcraft for my birthday. Since it hasn't arrived yet (or actually I think it may well be sitting in the office at my apartments), I have had to content myself with reading: there's a newbie area on the WoWWiki, for instance. WoW Rookie (which is part of a site called WoWInsider) is also interesting. Not that I didn't know this, but it keeps striking me anew every time I find more WoW sites: this game is SO much bigger than GW. Meaning, more players, more sites, more add-ons, just more of everything. It's kind of overwhelming.

(I suspect that I will be spending my evening installing patches. I hear tell there's quite a lot of them.)


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