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I made a baby mage - a gnome. Being approximately two-foot-six is not so noticeable in the starting area, where practically everybody is either a dwarf or a gnome, but I am starting to venture out into the human areas and it's definitely more noticeable there! Although I can't say that it bothers me much even there.[info]columbina says that his gnome has a tendency to stand on things to counter that short feeling, but I dunno, maybe I'm used to feeling short!

Mages have a skill called Polymorph by which they can turn enemies into harmless sheep temporarily. (Using it is apparently colloquially known in WoW circles as "sheeping".) I don't actually have this skill yet but it ought to be coming along soon - that will be entertaining. And it ought to be very good for crowd control - those annoying times when you get attacked by more than one enemy. So far my mage hasn't gotten killed any more often than any other of my low-level characters.

Meanwhile,[info]iko made a blood-elf, too, and we all three teamed up in the weird world of Eversong Woods on Sunday. Everything in blood-elf-land has a sort of a crazed Disney's-Aladdin-on-acid feel to it. This includes subtle drug references - like an empty room with cushions strewn around, and a gigantic hookah-pipe in the middle - as well as numerous drunks sleeping it off in the city. There are also corners with big round beds in them at frequent intervals. Apparently blood-elves are not above physical pleasure, that much is clear.

Anyway, since Sunday Col and I have been playing our Draenei (or what I call the "pony-girls") - we are in the low-20s level-wise so we are finishing up the 2nd set of areas, more or less. We have been playing in Bloodmyst and also in the night-elf areas. We have ventured into Ashenvale, the 3rd night-elf area, although we haven't gone into the corresponding drae area yet. I guess that'll be coming up soon.

Date: 2008-05-21 08:38 pm (UTC)
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You know what's a lot more fun than it should be? Sheeping the harmless critters that wander the landscape. Frogs, cows, roaches, whatever, all turned into sheep.

Date: 2008-05-21 08:52 pm (UTC)
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*agrees wholeheartedly*

Also very funny is sheeping very large things. Sometimes if there is lag, you end up with one BIG FREAKING SHEEP for a few seconds.

Date: 2008-05-22 03:00 am (UTC)
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There is no third draenei-specific area. 1-10 on Azuremyst, 10-20 on Bloodmyst, and then I imagine they push you unsubtly into the rest of the world (i.e. we were probably going to be cued to go to Ashenvale any minute now *anyway*). That's one reason I'm taking these long cross-country runs to open flight points; from here on in the game opens up considerably, although we will have to juggle quests as usual.

We will have missed Westfall unless you want to do it as gray quests - Darkshore is more or less the equivalent level(s) to Westfall - but since your paladin's doing that, you probably will have seen more than enough of Westfall (and Loch Modan). So I'm happy to leave those alone. Once we make the Wetlands crossing we could check out Redridge which is a weird zone - doesn't quite fit the "every ten levels" pattern, it's more like a 15-30 zone - and we definitely want to do Duskwood, the human equivalent zone to Ashenvale, because I think Duskwood is great fun, with some of the game's more unusual quests (LOOK OUT STITCHES IS LOOSE!)

After Duskwood or Ashenvale, the 20-30 zones, you end up in the Badlands or Stranglethorn Vale. Everyone ends up in STV sooner or later. Aren't you glad we ran to Booty Bay tonight? That used to be pretty vital; when they added the extra flight points they also added one at the top of STV in the Rebel Camp, which makes it much easier (STV is a very long zone to run across).


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