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I told Col my latest project had given me the killer backache I've had all night - and this is the project in question:

It's a Christmas ornament. I bought a pair of these spiral frames - they're about 4-5" wide, I think - and I wasn't quite sure what the heck to do with them, but I had one of those spools of cheap copper wire that you get at Hobby Lobby and places like that (only the cheap stuff comes on a spool like thread does) -  and I started making sort of a webbing out of the wire and then threading beads onto it. This picture was taken over 24 hours ago now and a lot more wire has been sacrificed to my craziness. The problem is not the webbing or the beads, but the way I started wrapping the steel frame in copper. I'm sort of stuck now - I either have to wrap it all or unwrap what I've already done. Anyway, I like the way it looks. I found a big glass pearl - a really big one, maybe 20mm or so and strung it in the hole in the middle. I've had to scale back the amount of time I spend working on this thing, because I spent too much time hunched over it and my back is complaining really really loudly.

Anyway, I need to make earrings instead, next, to get them into the store.

But before that, I need to go back to bed.

Etsy love

Oct. 23rd, 2009 02:04 am
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Oh y'all: it occurred to me to search Etsy for Dr. Horrible costumes (I found a few things that aren't costumes, too):
 available in adult sizes, too:

and my very favorite:
(because racy sayings in cross-stitch rarely fail to amuse me)

And my Corpse Bride icon reminds me that there are lots of other costumes over there; that's because I have a secret yen to be a goth bride:

plus there's the punk-rock tutu ("As seen on Good Day Sacramento!!"):

and more normal stuff too:

(and I guess I should say while I'm on this Etsy tear that my store is live, too, although there's only one item there at the moment. I'd wait a few days if you want something other than pink glass.)
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Go to and scroll down to about the 4th row and look at the Tolkien quilt. (You can click on it to make it larger.)

I managed to lose an entry, which is not especially easy to do - the one and only way I know of to do it nowadays, actually, is to leave the "post an entry" page open when you close Firefox and then don't tell it to restore from saved draft when you open Firefox again. In which case it saves the blank screen over your previous draft, creating a "saved draft" with nothing in it. And I hate to tell you how many times I have done just that. I suppose you could solve that problem by not having Firefox restore your previous pages, but that creates its own problems, at least for me.

I keep thinking that I need to make a regular feature called Rob's Movie Report, because I'm always telling you about the movies Rob went to see and I didn't (usually horror movies, of course). But anyway, Rob has been to see Paranormal Activity twice, which is very unusual for him. So I think that's a pretty high recommendation. He reports that it is actually scary, which - well, I can't even tell you the last time he's said that. He does not scare easily, let's just say.

I am slogging along in coding. I hate to say this but it's mostly very boring - right now we are studying the Outpatient Prospective Payment System, which is how Medicare pays hospitals for outpatient services. I'm hoping it will get more interesting when we get back to the actual coding.

My bright shiny distraction o'the moment is that I have decided to sell some of my jewelry on Etsy between now and Christmas. I have yet to actually even put anything up for sale, but I have been occupied with setting up the store and writing on my previously-abandoned jewelry blog in the hopes that it will help me get some customers, eventually. (Also, it gives me a place to just natter about jewelry endlessly, which I am oddly fond of doing. As some of you may have noticed.) I have been all happy today because I got my skull necklace onto a round-up of Halloween crafts called Terrorific Tuesday, which is bound to be a good thing, even though the skull necklace is not and is not likely to ever be for sale (unless I make another one). But hey, visibility!

More jewelry stuff, and WoW news )


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