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I told Col my latest project had given me the killer backache I've had all night - and this is the project in question:

It's a Christmas ornament. I bought a pair of these spiral frames - they're about 4-5" wide, I think - and I wasn't quite sure what the heck to do with them, but I had one of those spools of cheap copper wire that you get at Hobby Lobby and places like that (only the cheap stuff comes on a spool like thread does) -  and I started making sort of a webbing out of the wire and then threading beads onto it. This picture was taken over 24 hours ago now and a lot more wire has been sacrificed to my craziness. The problem is not the webbing or the beads, but the way I started wrapping the steel frame in copper. I'm sort of stuck now - I either have to wrap it all or unwrap what I've already done. Anyway, I like the way it looks. I found a big glass pearl - a really big one, maybe 20mm or so and strung it in the hole in the middle. I've had to scale back the amount of time I spend working on this thing, because I spent too much time hunched over it and my back is complaining really really loudly.

Anyway, I need to make earrings instead, next, to get them into the store.

But before that, I need to go back to bed.


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