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Uh-oh, it's almost midnight. I'm gonna turn into a pumpkin if I don't post an entry. All I've been doing for the last several hours is playing WoW, so sorry, you're going to hear about WoW again. (Fair warning, okay?) (Also, you know the elections are over when I go back to talking about WoW!)

I mentioned that I have a character that's level 60, for the first time - it's a paladin, for you WoW junkies out there - so that means that we're edging into what was originally the end-game of WoW. I can see where those quests that go, "Bring me 50 of this item plus 20 gold" looked more attractive when you were running out of things to do, but these days, no thanks, I'm saving my money for a flying mount. (For the rest of you: 60 was the original level cap in WoW, then with the Burning Crusade expansion it went to 70 and with the new one next week it'll go to 80. So I'm not done yet.) The paladin has my LJ name, Mellificent, and she has been to Shattrath City in Outland but we have mostly been finishing up the original-game content, doing stuff in the Plaguelands and Un'goro Crater and that place with the insects which I keep wanting to call Slytherin (it's something not quite like that, but similar. The insects are called Slithids.) And I finally, finally got where I can make stuff out of thorium. I was stuck at 240-something blacksmithing for ages and ages. I had a ton of bars in storage by the time I finally got where I could use them, meaning I went from 249 to 280 in no time. Now I'm out again and had to go on a mining run, which is what I've been doing for the past hour or so.

I kind of miss the WoW Halloween festivities, which was the first WoW holiday thing I've really gotten into. But it was fun. Trick-or-treating! People turning into skeletons and ninjas! Broomsticks you could ride on! Magic wands that let you turn other people into skeletons and ninjas! (I got a pirate wand at one point, which meant [ profile] columbina  spent quite a few hours as a fairly sexy female pirate. I don't think he minded much.) Now Halloween is gone and all we have is the Scourge invasion, which is a thing leading up to the new expansion, and it has some fun bits but gets old fast. Although last weekend when everybody was getting turned into zombies by the Scourge, that part was fun for a while. But even then you had to go attack other people in order to stay alive, and I didn't like doing that so that meant I died, turned back into my regular character, and usually promptly got turned back into a zombie again. Like I said, it got old. Although Blizzard did have the sense not to make that stage last very long. By the next morning the plague of zombies had magically been cured. (That happened in Kingdom of Loathing while I was playing, too, come to think of it.)


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