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Does anybody else think of the world as a big anthill, and us as the ants? I'm just wondering. It doesn't seem to be an especially original image. (And re[personal profile] columbina's post from yesterday, are we the mean ants like in Indiana Jones, or are we nice ants like, I dunno, A Bug's Life?)

Actually this did come up yesterday when I was talking to Col, because I said it's hard to tell whether you have any influence from the middle of the anthill. (Or maybe I used a different metaphor at the time, I forget.) We were talking about people feeling powerless and whether the individual can change things, and Big Issues like that, and I really believe you can - but it's really hard (or in fact, impossible) to really know what influence you have.

But it's too early for Big Issues. I am still having coffee. Oh, and also? I kept waiting yesterday for somebody to blame Col's crabbiness on too much WoW. So thank you, O collective friends of Columbine, for not doing that, because as his partner in WoW crimes - or something - that would make it partly my fault too. (Although last night we were both crabby, I have to admit. But I don't think that had anything to do with WoW, either.)

You can infer most of the weekend report from the above. I played too much WoW. We went to the Indy movie like everybody else in America. Also, as announced in a separate post, we bought a washer and dryer, which will be delivered this coming weekend. Also, the townhouse is supposed to close in less than a week, which seems awfully fast to me, but if they can get everything together, it's certainly fine with me! We had a little scare yesterday where the title company tried to tell the realtor that I couldn't sell the house if it was "still in probate" - which the estate lawyer assures me is baloney. We are putting the title company directly in touch with my lawyer so that hopefully they can iron all that out in the meantime. (Isn't that the whole point of being the executor, that I can do things like sell the house?)
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