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I started my day out with a mammogram. I had one maybe six weeks ago, and they came back and said there was a "shadow" and they needed more imaging. This was one of those times when I was sorry I got online and read the radiology report because the way it was worded there was fairly alarming. But then they gave me a date of December 15 for the additional imaging, which at the time seemed like a long way away, and I went "oh well, if they really thought I had cancer they would have had me back in there like a shot" and I calmed down. Plus I've had needle biopsies twice in the past, and so I've been through this false alarm thing before. So after a day or two I was like, well, the time to freak out about it is when they tell me they really found something, not because they saw a shadow, literally.

So anyway, I had a 3-D mammogram, which is so new I heard them telling people on the phone that they couldn't guarantee insurance would cover it (although mine did, thank you BCBS), and then I had an ultrasound after that, because they were like, "We're pretty sure it's nothing but we just want to be sure" - which sounded reassuring and a little weird to me, but okay. (An ultrasound is nothing, after all - no giant needles involved!) In the end the radiologist came in and looked and they said it was fine. I guess that's just the health system covering itself, mostly.

Let's see, and then I went and had lunch at Luby's, because it was on the way home, and I went to the grocery store and got a few things, and then when I got home I read for a while. Then I got on the computer because around 5pm my time on weekdays is about the only time Col & I ever manage to meet up to play games these days - and before I could even get online, I promptly knocked my tea over on the keyboard. I'm accident-prone as hell, but oddly, I've never managed to ruin a keyboard like that - until today. It seemed alright for a while, and then the spacebar stopped working. (Bear in mind that the spacebar is also the "jump" key in videogames, and this was Trove, where you can't move more than a few steps without jumping most of the time.) Then the A key stopped working a few minutes later - and eventually I figured out that the Escape key was also hosed. So I waited a couple of hours to make sure it wasn't just a temporary problem (I had the keyboard turned over hoping it would drain!) but eventually I ended up at Walmart at 10:00 at night because that's the only place you can buy keyboards at that time of night. I wasn't even sure if the Walmarts nearest me - one in each direction - were open 24 hours these days, but apparently both are, in fact. I just bought the cheapest Logitech keyboard, not even cordless - it was $12 and change. It seems fine so far. I thought about trying to wait until tomorrow but then I decided that was crazy because I am totally computer-dependent. I've never gotten in the habit of doing things on my phone, like most people have, even. And really, it's the keyboard that keeps me using the computer, because I'm a fast typist (if more and more mistake-prone) and it takes me three times as long - probably more - to do things on the phone.

(I told Col - while I was trying to type with no spacebar and no A's - that I might possibly have spilled nail polish on the old keyboard at some point, but actually I'm pretty careful with the nail polish and I don't think I ever really had any kind of full-scale spill there. There was some glitter on it, for sure, though.)

And so now I'm writing this on the new keyboard, and baking an apple pie that we bought at Aldi the other day. My husband has decided Aldi is the best grocery store in the world because they have all this good cheap stuff - with weird off-brand names on it - and so far everything we've tried has been fine. I think he exaggerates the savings, but it is pretty cheap. (It was H-E-B I went to earlier today, though, because Aldi doesn't carry Red Diamond tea and I'm addicted to it. And today that addiction cost me $12.)

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This entry - or maybe the next one - should get me "above the line" in Holidailies, meaning averaging one entry a day. Jette and Chip have the site set up where you can only post to the portal so often, and this year it seems like you can't get above that average of one a day. So currently it's day 23, and there are a couple of people who already have 23 entries, and quite a few more with 22, and then there is the dreaded line between 22 and 21. I am mostly joking about the "dreaded" part, but I know I'm not the only person who tries to stay above that line, because I've heard other people talk about it. I should probably value quality over quantity, but let's face it, I'm not ever going to be the next Joan Didion, so I mostly settle for quantity. It's not really that hard for me to write an entry a day - when I get a blank page, I usually can ramble along and find something to say fairly easily. If I tried to demand of myself that I write a really quality entry, I would probably freeze up and never get anything written at all. Low expectations apparently help keep you from getting writer's block.

I have pictures from Christmas but I'm still working on those. I took a lot of pictures of wiggly small children and I have to sort out the good ones from the blurry ones!

We saw two movies yesterday, although they weren't the same two. Rob apparently watched Burn After Reading (is that the right name?) before I got up; then we went to see the Sherlock Holmes movie, then after he went to bed I fired up On Demand again and watched Adventureland. Adventureland was better than SH, although I liked them both. I went through an entire viewing of Adventureland without realizing that the girl love interest was Kristin Stewart, of Twilight Fame. I did know she looked familiar, but I didn't snap to who she was. Good movie, anyway. Sherlock Holmes... I dunno, I liked a lot of it, but I felt like it lagged in the middle. Good comedy bits, though - in fact they both did.

I just watched another movie, actually, because I installed Windows 7 and I needed something to distract me while it was doing its thing - it took it the whole length of the movie to install, too. So I watched "Wimbledon" which I had picked up at Tuesday Morning or someplace for really really cheap. But it turned out not to be a bad movie. I'm sort of a sucker for romantic comedies, if they're reasonably smart ones, and this one was. (Reasonably so.) It's actually a romantic comedy/sports movie, which is sort of different. And I adore Paul Bettany.

Windows 7 is so far so good - I really can't tell that much difference from Vista. I need to try out LOTRO and see how it runs - rumor is that it runs faster. I've felt like my computer was dragging lately so I'm hoping maybe it'll fix that.
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My monitor finally died, so I have a new 20" Acer widescreen. I am pouting slightly because it doesn't seem near as big as the old one (which was a 22" Samsung) but on the other hand it only cost $99, and we had several small gift cards that we used so it only came out $72 in the end. To replace the Samsung would have been $299, which is ridiculous so I decided I could bear to sacrifice the size. The picture quality seems fine.

We went up to Houston this afternoon expressly to go to the Half-Price Books on Montrose, because I wanted more Aubrey-Maturin books and I knew they had them - or they did a couple of weeks ago, at least! They were having a 20% off sale for Memorial Day, too. We came out of there with two more of the A-M books and assorted other stuff, and only $35 or so the worse for wear, which isn't too bad. (I restrained myself once again from buying the hardback Lord of the Rings set that they have, although I was sorely tempted.)

(Note to Col, because we were discussing it: there are apparently at least 16 of the Aubrey-Maturin books, because the Norton trade pback editions are numbered and that was the highest number I saw.)

I posted some more odds and ends of cameraphone pictures on Flickr, including a picture of our balcony and some blurry-but-interesting ones from the wedding, and also a couple I found forgotten on the phone that I took of the Astrodome in January. The camera-phone takes pretty good pictures, on the whole, if the lighting is decent. (All of the pictures I posted from the wedding were taken on it.)

We are still squabblingdiscussing whether to go see Terminator: Salvation tomorrow. The reviews are bad, but a couple of random people who saw it seem to like it. On the other hand, Rob is surprisingly not so set on going as I expected, so we might wait a week or two, at least.

Today's Doonesbury is brilliant.
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I thought the new computer would look just like the old one, but it's slimmer, which is nice. And has a lot more memory, etc., so yay!

WoW is downloading. Important things first!
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(Written earlier tonight)
We are at the Hampton Inn in Moline, Illinois, and there is no internet. There is supposed to be internet, but there is not. The front desk is extremely apologetic (especially since I am now a Hilton HHHonors silver member thanks to my frequent hotel stays) but there is no internet just the same, and they're not sure when it will be back. Sigh.

I got on WoW again before dinner, briefly, and it seemed to be working fine. Columbine, as usual, managed to find the answer even though he disavowed any knowledge of Windows Vista - he still knew where to look, or figured it out. (I had to left-click on the icon and click 'run as administrator' to get it to install correctly.)

I am going to have to post the entry I wrote yesterday - or maybe it was day before yesterday, I'm not sure - before I post this one so you will have the background about all the indecision about what route to take coming home. But we decided to take the more northern one. If we really had more time to screw around I would have gone all the way to Fargo, probably, because I am crazy, but this is about as far north as we are going. In case you are not all that up on your Illinois geography, Moline is one of the Quad Cities, across the river from Davenport, Iowa. You know last spring when they had all those floods? That was partially around here somewhere, I believe.

We went across Indiana and Illinois today, and made sort of a big circle around Chicago. Tomorrow we are going to drive ALL the way across Iowa and poke our noses into Nebraska before we start south. It's a long way to go just because I think I-55 is boring, isn't it? Well, I don't care.

Now it is 10:20 - at least if I have my time zones right, but I'm pretty sure I do because we are west of Chicago and I KNOW Chicago is Central - and the internet came back just about the time Col gave up on me showing up to play WoW and went to bed. Which is just as well under the circumstances but frustrating. We will have to try again tomorrow.

So let's see, what haven't I covered? It's rather difficult for me to remember right now. I applied for FEMA assistance yesterday morning (back at the Lima Panera Bread) and got an automated call from them last night saying we were approved for the hotel expenses - sort of frighteningly efficent, isn't it? We still have no real idea what is going on at home so we may try to find a place to use for a home base until we find out for sure whether our apartment is livable or not. We can have assistance for a month from the time of the storm - I think they said until October 14th. I think we were eligible for some other kind of reimbursement also but I forget what it was. Nothing big.

I am generally much better today, just mostly travel-weary. Regarding what I was stressing out about yesterday, my father-in-law correctly pointed out that if there had really been as much water in the vicinity of our apartments as my father was trying to imply there was, not only would my car have moved but the dumpster it was parked next to would have, too. Here is the satellite picture as linked from the Galveston paper:

satellite photo of galveston

The original is on flickr, and really gigantic, but if you blow it up all the way and look at the right spot, you can clearly see my car right where I left it, and the dumpster right where it was, too. So I think it is fairly unlikely that there was all that much water - at least not, you know, probably not six or eight feet or anything like that. That's not to say my apartment is not wet, but still. I am back to having hope. And I thumb my nose at my father.

(I put some annotations on the Flickr page, to give you an idea, if you're interested.)
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OK so. Where to start. I am writing this on the new laptop, which is a, um, shiny new Dell of some sort... apparently it's an Inspiron 1420. I'm sure that means something to somebody. It has a 14" screen, I believe, and a dual processor and 3gb of memory and a 250gb hard drive, as I recall. Which actually means it should theoretically be faster than my desktop. I really know next to nothing about laptops, as far as security and so forth. I am on the hotel's network and it said it was unsecured and then it asked me for a password, so I am all confused about that. Is it secure? Not? (I suspect it's iffy so I am being a bit cautious about logging onto things.) Everybody is welcome to chime in on what I need to fix.

We were late leaving Bryan yesterday, and we spent most of the day getting out of Texas. You either have to go to Dallas, which is out of the way, or cut across country, and after some waffling about it we chose the latter. It turned out to be fairly fast, though. We may just have gotten lucky there. We hit I-45 and Highway 59 at various times, both of which go to Houston, and we saw whole convoys of electric trucks along with the stream of people returning home. When we stopped for lunch you could tell that nearly everybody was an evacuee, most of them going the opposite direction from us.

We spent the night last night at Arkadelphia... oh, that reminds me. I haven't read friendslists or anything yet, and I'm sure this is not news, but gas has seemingly been going up up up since we have been on the road. We paid maybe $3.59 or so in Bryan last Friday. Yesterday on the way out it didn't seem that much higher. Rob swears that when we first pulled into Arkadelphia last night they all said $3.80-something and by the time we came back out to go to dinner they had all changed their prices to $3.99. And outside of Nashville this afternoon we paid $4.09 and we saw higher prices than that some places. (We still figure it's going to be cheaper than paying last-minute prices on the airfare, though.)

Anyway, we stayed at the Hampton Inn at Arkadelphia, and we are also at the Hampton here. The one at Arkadelphia was much newer and nicer, although this one is ok. They both seem to have identical breakfast buffets, from what we could tell coming in. It was pretty decent, we thought.

Sorry this is a bit disjointed. I feel disjointed. Aside from just being tired from the travel, I woke up in the middle of the night last night worrying about whether we were going to have to clean mud or whatever out of the apartment and how bad it would be and how long it would take... and I finally got up and took another half an Ambien to shut my brain down. I am trying not to think too much about that, and succeeding, for the most part. There's no use in worrying about it - bear in mind that we don't even know that there was any water actually in the apartment at all. And there's still no phone service to Galveston so we can't ask.

My boss said that the big boss said that it would be at least a month before they called us back, they thought. (There was 4 feet of water in the bottom of our building at work, for one thing.). Rob finally talked to his boss today and he didn't seem to be saying that they would be going back any earlier than anybody else, which was what we were worried about. I was intending to go to Austin next weekend to the quilt show there, and if nothing happens to bring us home earlier than that we will probably just head back and keep those hotel reservations. We are not inclined to think we will want to stay in Ohio any longer than maybe the beginning of next week, anyway. (For one thing, the bed in Rob's parents' house hurts my back.)

This thing is not bad to type on. But I am not too crazy about the touchpad - I guess I'll get used to it - and it bugs me not having a number-pad because I use mine an awful lot. I am going to get a lot better about navigating with the keyboard, I suspect.

Too early

Oct. 29th, 2007 08:14 am
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(Starting right out with the random:)

I saw a woman with an armful of roses - definitely a dozen or more - walking into work this morning. I wanted to ask if somebody gave them to her, or she was giving them to somebody, or what. She was not quite in earshot, though, or I might have.

Wow, my computer has shipped already. They originally had 11/2 as the shipping date, and I'm not surprised that it shipped earlier than that, but one business day? (It looks like it shipped on Saturday, actually.) That's pretty amazing.

Weather is still beautiful. I don't know how long it'll last - it's already been a week - but I sure do like it. (Although it's freezing in my office. We always have this problem when it's cool outside.)

I woke up at 4 this morning, stayed in bed for ages and tried to pretend I was sleepy, and finally gave up at 5:30 and got up. I was going to go to work at 7 but it ended up being 7:45 before I got there. Which just goes to show you that, as I have long maintained, I am incapable of being early. (7:45 is when I am technically supposed to be at work these days, when we are doing the flex schedule thing.)

We got a lot done this weekend. Rob did some more cleaning on the old apartment - he volunteered, I was going to hire somebody to do it - and I unpacked. There is now china in the china cabinet and books on the bookshelves and all that kind of stuff. Not to say that everything is unpacked - it's definitely not - but the number of boxes is definitely shrinking. We have to get one dresser/bureau thing out of the old apartment by next weekend - and one bed and one couch out of my mom's townhouse soon, too, though there's no definite deadline on that. We put a sign up by the mailboxes about the dresser and we will see if anybody bites. (I put "vintage" dresser on the sign - I think c. 1960 counts as vintage, don't you? It certainly would if it was clothing.) I am spending next weekend at the quilt show so I need to get that taken care of pretty soon.
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I got all busy at work today, or I would have posted this earlier: I, uh, bought a computer. I held out less than 18 hours after saying I wasn't going to rush, but oh well. We found a coupon in Rob's e-mail for $350 off a Dell Inspiron desktop, which expired today. And this morning [info]columbina and I did some conferring about what I actually needed to have a system suitable for playing games, and decided that with some upgrades, the Inspiron would work. Even with a number of extras including an obscenely big widescreen monitor, it came out under $1000. (Let's put it this way... this monitor is bigger than our last TV.) I really don't think this system is likely to get much cheaper than that, anyway.


Oct. 25th, 2007 07:05 pm
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Well, I did say earlier I was momentarily unhappy. I whined a little just now about not knowing what to do about the computer, and how Best Buy (or rather Geek Squad, which I gather operates as a different company, although I'm not clear on whether it's actually owned by Best Buy or not) was probably going to charge us $200 just to look at it - seriously, that's what it says on their website, more or less - and Rob said, "Maybe we should just buy a new one." With no actual prompting from me whatsoever, although I imagine it's mostly just a matter of knowing when he's defeated. (Also, I think he liked the idea of having two computers and isn't too thrilled about going back to sharing permanently.) I am resisting the urge to go buy one right this minute, though. In a couple of weeks there ought to be some pre-Thanksgiving sales going, wouldn't you think? I'm gonna try to hold out for a decent price, anyway. And figure out how good a computer I actually need, considering this little gaming habit I've developed since I bought the last one.

And I'll keep tinkering with the old one, too. I haven't completely given up yet! But knowing I really have the option of giving up makes me feel much better.
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I am back online, sorta. Or rather, I am back online, but not on the computer I would like to be online with. Luckily (I suppose) we had brought my mother's two-year-old Compaq home with us over the weekend, because the Dell refuses to reboot. At all. I have no idea why, other than the fact that I'm pretty sure that a magnet - a fairly weak one, I think - does seem to have come into contact with the computer during the move. That would be bad, I suppose, right? I was too busy today to worry about it, anyway. I would really like to just buy a new computer rather than trying to fix it, but I think my husband will divorce me if I do that without convincing him it is really, really necessary first. This means I have to at least pay some pretty serious lip service to trying to fix it first. (If you're wanting to be helpful, it's not actually that it won't REboot - it won't boot at all. Nada. The power comes on, and that's it. I tried hitting F8 - that's what gets it into safe mode, right? and still nothing.)

Other than that, the move went fine. I am not blaming the movers for whatever is wrong with the computer. So when the cable guy came this morning, rather than having him try to hook up the nonfunctional computer in the living room, I had him do the one in the bedroom that actually worked. Thus, actual high-speed internet, and (for[personal profile] columbina's info) I was able to get GW up and functioning, if slightly sluggishly and with many, many pauses for downloads, just now. (We went up to Mom's house today to retrieve her microwave, which got forgotten in the press of other things yesterday, and when we passed the brand-shiny-new Best Buy on the freeway, I thought, Y'know, I shoulda just dropped the computer off with them to see what they could've made of it. But I didn't think of it then.)

Yesterday I saw my first-ever female mover. Maybe we are backwards in this part of the country, as we are in many other ways, goodness knows, but I had never ever seen a girl on a moving crew before. She was not exactly burly (not a bit) but she had some muscle somewhere because she got it done. Although admittedly I didn't really see her holding up one end of any terribly heavy furniture - the two guys on the crew seemed to be handling most of that - still, she was slinging boxes around like a pro. We had the three-pronged move going on: old apartment to new apartment to Mom's and back to new apartment, and they got it done in a bit over 5 hours, I think, which was pretty good considering there was about an hour and a half of driving in there. Everything is a mess but I do have my sewing room! Yay!
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Father's Day card
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

OK, so remember how I didn't want the printer in order to print, really, I just wanted the scanner? That didn't last long. It occurred to me tonight that, gee, I needed Father's Day cards. I looked at the Hallmark website and they did have cards you could personalize and print (for some reason I knew that they did), but they were $2.99 - just about as much as buying one in the store. And I did have card stock that I had bought at some point. And hmm, I wonder if Photoshop Elements does cards... well, yes, they do. It took me a little while to figure out layers and all that, but whee! cards!

On the inside it has one more picture from that set and it says, "and may you not be attacked by fierce wild dogs"

I didn't really know why I was buying Photoshop Elements, exactly, but at this rate it could pay for itself in no time.
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On Wednesday, I will be getting high-speed internet at home. Woo-hoo! Of course that did not help me today, when there was a HUGE game update and it took me THREE HOURS - yes you heard that right - to download the whole thing. In all fairness, though, it was a monster. I'm amazed that you could even do it in three hours when I remember how long it used to take me to download anything at all a few years ago. (Remember the Napster craze? Practically everybody was still on dialup back then, and boy was it a pain to download a 4mb song. Took forever and often didn't even finish. The good ol' days.


Jan. 16th, 2006 11:15 pm
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I wrote a whole incredibly long entry, and the power flickered out for about half a second and I lost the whole thing. That's what I get for not saving. (I used to be really religious about saving every 5 minutes, but I have slipped. I mean, how often does the power actually go out?) Shit. My beautiful writing will probably never see the light of day. I do good to write things once, much less twice!
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Luckily, it is slow at work today, because I am getting a new computer this afternoon. I am fairly excited about this, because the one I'm typing on right now kind of sucks. It's been getting crankier and crankier for the last couple of months, but I knew the new one was coming reasonably soon, so as long as it kept going enough to get my work done, I decided it wasn't worth trying to fix it. I have spent the last couple of days cleaning out "My Documents" and things like that - all my work files are on the network, anyway, so it's just the junk that's there in the first place. But the junk tends to pile up after a couple of years. (I have been at my job for TEN YEARS, have I pointed that out? I'm getting a pin or something next month for having lasted it out. But anyway, luckily the computer is not quite that old.)

(They would do all the saving of My Documents and so forth for me if I let them, but I go all control-freak sometimes about things like this - I would rather be sure I know where my stuff is. Besides, the changeover will go faster if I do all that ahead of time.)

(Family stuff, etc., under the cut)

Read more... )

(Has LJ been down or something? Or maybe it's just my computer being screwy again, because when I look at my friends page it says there aren't any entries since yesterday. Somehow I think that's highly unlikely.)
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(Written this afternoon, although you can probably figure that out.)

The network is down so I am taking my frustrations out on Notepad. Most of my work - at least the part of it that requires any brains at all - involves working on files stored on the campus servers, so when the network goes down, I'm screwed. As much as I hate freaking Microsoft Outlook, I can't function very well without it. I am doing a distribution right now, which is one of the more brainless things, but even for that, I need the network to print labels. I have a printed copy of the distribution list, as it happens, though, so I'm just writing the labels by hand for this one, since it's not a really big distribution anyway. But it's still kind of a pain.

Everybody's computers went down early this morning, and since then, it's been kind of hit or miss - some people were able to get into the network and some weren't. I never have, since 8:30 this morning or so. About 30 minutes ago, they finally took the entire network down and it was supposed to be down for 15 minutes. Naturally, it's not back yet. Oh, plus? I've been scheduling all these meetings - it's pretty much all I've done for the last 10 days or so - and all the ones today had to be cancelled because they need to print out these reports for the meetings, and they can't do it without, guess what, network access. I am one frustrated puppy.

It's not helping that I didn't sleep well last night, either. I'm almost always tired on Mondays but it's worse than usual today. I didn't go to sleep until about 1am, and I woke up about 4 or 4:30 and never did go back to sleep. So we're talking about trying to function on three hours of sleep or so. (Actually, I'm doing pretty well, considering. That's not a lot of sleep.) Today is quilt guild day and I'm supposed to leave early and drive up to the mainland to have dinner before the meeting, but I don't think I'm going to go. I'm going to go ahead and leave early, I think, and go up to Foley's at Mall of the Mainland - which is nearer than the other mall where we were on Saturday - and return those shoes and then come back home. Mom was already not planning on going to quilt guild anyway, because she doesn't have to go to radiation today but she does have all three therapy appointments (that would be PT, OT and speech) and she thought she'd be too tired. (Hey, how come MDAnderson gets a holiday and we don't? That sucks.) (See, that's what they get for trying to make us work on President's Day, the computers are down and nobody's going to get a damn thing done anyway.)

Mardi Gras

Mar. 5th, 2005 11:34 pm
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I lost patience with the computer last night (after it refused to let me online for two hours) and reformatted the hard drive. I'm sure it needed it but I think I did it a little hastily. I did fill up three CDs with data first, but I'm pretty sure I missed a few things. Plus now I have to reinstall everything. And there are people in chat, and Java? takes for-freaking-ever to download.

I took my mom on the promised shopping trip today. She had $150 in gift cards she wanted to spend - as I said earlier in the week, I guess she's feeling better because all of a sudden she HAD to spend them - and I had practically forgotten that I had one too. That's what my dad gave me for Christmas. My mom bought a watch and a marcasite ring and... some more stuff, I forget. I bought a silver bracelet and a charm and a necklace with pink beads and TWO shirts - for $60 that was pretty good, don't you think? The bracelet was marked down to $9.99 but it rang up for three dollars and something. I never understand how Foley's prices things, but I'm not complaining.

It's Mardi Gras and I didn't want to try to get back on the island too early, so I made two quilt blocks while I was waiting. I have 5 Ohio Stars now (out of 12, so that is pretty good progress). Although I suppose I could have gone home earlier since the traffic wasn't bad at all, actually. That's not good news for the City of Galveston's budget, but it was nice not to have it take two hours to get home like it did last year.


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