Mardi Gras

Mar. 5th, 2005 11:34 pm
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I lost patience with the computer last night (after it refused to let me online for two hours) and reformatted the hard drive. I'm sure it needed it but I think I did it a little hastily. I did fill up three CDs with data first, but I'm pretty sure I missed a few things. Plus now I have to reinstall everything. And there are people in chat, and Java? takes for-freaking-ever to download.

I took my mom on the promised shopping trip today. She had $150 in gift cards she wanted to spend - as I said earlier in the week, I guess she's feeling better because all of a sudden she HAD to spend them - and I had practically forgotten that I had one too. That's what my dad gave me for Christmas. My mom bought a watch and a marcasite ring and... some more stuff, I forget. I bought a silver bracelet and a charm and a necklace with pink beads and TWO shirts - for $60 that was pretty good, don't you think? The bracelet was marked down to $9.99 but it rang up for three dollars and something. I never understand how Foley's prices things, but I'm not complaining.

It's Mardi Gras and I didn't want to try to get back on the island too early, so I made two quilt blocks while I was waiting. I have 5 Ohio Stars now (out of 12, so that is pretty good progress). Although I suppose I could have gone home earlier since the traffic wasn't bad at all, actually. That's not good news for the City of Galveston's budget, but it was nice not to have it take two hours to get home like it did last year.


Oct. 10th, 2004 01:54 pm
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I wrote this at 1am last night - for some reason I had a sudden urge to update, although my dialup threw me off and I didn't post it then. So here was my day yesterday. (Is it necessary to say that all the times are approximate?)

9:15am - Wake up. Decide I don't need to get up yet and roll over.
9:45 - Wake up again, but now I'm running late. Get up and put clothes & makeup on. Make Rob go to office and check for packages in case Mom's package is there. (It's not.)
10:15 - Leave for baseball game. Listen to UT-OU game on radio.
11:15 - In general vicinity of stadium. Cuss because normal (free) parking space is full. Drive around looking for parking that's not $10. Park in garage which is miraculously charging only the normal price of $5.
11:30 - Fight crowds flocking into baseball stadium. Stand in line so that guard can glance into purse (ostensibly looking for bombs, really looking for food, as far as I can tell). Go up to lower-nosebleed seats. View is actually ok. Guy sitting next to me is taking up more than his allotted seat, though.
12:10pm - Pick at Rob's BBQ baked potato as game starts. Decide I'm not hungry.
12:30ish - Carlos Beltran hits homer to put Astros up 2-0. Yell and scream a lot.
1:00 - Braves tie score. I feel sick.
1:30 - Astros score 3 more runs. Jump up and down a lot. Suddenly I feel much better.
1:30-2:30 Astros score more runs. Score now 8-2. (UT-OU score occasionally posted on Diamondvision shows UT losing by increasing amounts.)
2:30 Andruw Jones hits 3-run homer to make it 8-5. Now I am very nervous.
3:15 Brad Lidge strikes out the last batter. Astros win. Much screaming ensues. Suddenly very hungry.
4:15-4:45 Go to Wal-mart; go in through garden center and find pansies (finally!) and then find - the actual reason for this visit - cards for the birthday people and a gift certificate for the one who is not my mother. Dissuade Rob (at least temporarily) from buying another rifle.
5:00 Meet for birthday celebration at italian restaurant. Explain to my mother why her gift has not arrived. Try to pretend we didn't buy the cards 15 minutes earlier. Eat very very well.
6:30 Go to my mother's house. Admire new quilt that she made this week (while sick). Watch Yankees come back and tie game against the Twins, dammit.
7:30 Go to cool new grocery store. Spend too much money.
9:00 Get home. Water plants. Help Rob clean up bottle of pasta sauce he dropped on floor.
9:30 Watch "Lima Time" aka the Dodgers-Cardinals game. Log onto computer.
10:00 - Go into chat. Stay for approximately 2-1/2 hours.
12:30am - Leave to go to bed but play computer games instead.
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I've been trying to figure out what to do with my various "web presences" - I really didn't intend to do anything with this one, originally, but I think I'm going to use it to just talk about my day when I'm in the mood to. I've been doing that some in my Diary-X journal, but somehow it doesn't feel right. My brain seems to think that "real" journal entries are supposed to be a little more organized than that. So, fine, I'll do it here.

Then I also have a couple of weblogs, now - one which is political, which I've been keeping for several months, and a brand-new one devoted to quilting (because I was complaining about there not being enough quilting blogs - see the latest journal entry - so I figured I ought to start one, right?) - it has exactly one entry at the moment. Don't expect too much there for a while.

So... well, today I worked. That was very exciting. It was slow, naturally, being the Friday before a holiday, but since I'm only working two days next week I need to be caught up. (I did manage to spend some time in chat, up in the afternoon. I am the Chat Princess, after all; I have an image to keep up.)

After some, um, time alone with my husband after work (if you know what I mean)... well, I haven't done much, really. I've been surfing around and reading the board and watching baseball (the Astros won again! yay!) and drinking sangria. A very unexciting evening (other than the sex, at least), which is okay with me. And I have absolutely nothing out of the ordinary planned for the weekend. Sounds kind of fabulous. Next weekend I'm going to be gone the whole weekend-plus (Thursday to Sunday) so a little time at home is a good thing.


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