Jul. 6th, 2005

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Luckily, it is slow at work today, because I am getting a new computer this afternoon. I am fairly excited about this, because the one I'm typing on right now kind of sucks. It's been getting crankier and crankier for the last couple of months, but I knew the new one was coming reasonably soon, so as long as it kept going enough to get my work done, I decided it wasn't worth trying to fix it. I have spent the last couple of days cleaning out "My Documents" and things like that - all my work files are on the network, anyway, so it's just the junk that's there in the first place. But the junk tends to pile up after a couple of years. (I have been at my job for TEN YEARS, have I pointed that out? I'm getting a pin or something next month for having lasted it out. But anyway, luckily the computer is not quite that old.)

(They would do all the saving of My Documents and so forth for me if I let them, but I go all control-freak sometimes about things like this - I would rather be sure I know where my stuff is. Besides, the changeover will go faster if I do all that ahead of time.)

(Family stuff, etc., under the cut)

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(Has LJ been down or something? Or maybe it's just my computer being screwy again, because when I look at my friends page it says there aren't any entries since yesterday. Somehow I think that's highly unlikely.)
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I am The Sun

In the tarot the Sun symbolizes vitality and splendor. The Sun is definitely not a meek and retiring card. You have total confidence in yourself. You are not cocky, but profoundly sure of your power. You have unlimited energy and glow with health. You have a greatness about you and stand out brilliantly. Finally, you see and understand all that is happening within your sphere. When you see this card, know that you will be successful at all you undertake. Now is the time to let your light shine.

For a full description of your card and other goodies, please visit LearnTarot.com

What tarot card are you? Enter your birthdate.

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