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1. When picking fabrics/colors for a project do you rely on the shop's employees or bring a friend along to help in decision making? Neither, really. Well, my mom used to put her two cents in, god knows, and sometimes I even listened to her! - but mostly I pick what *I* want and don't let anybody influence me too much. I have very definite opinions about color.

2. What excites you when walking the first time into a new quilt store? Colors

3. Do you make seasonal quilts? Yup. I'll put a picture of the last one I did below. I have also made Christmas ones once or twice.

4. How many projects do you have going on right now? I'm in the middle of packing up to move, so real quilting projects are on the back burner til that's done.

5. What is this weekend's project? Packing, mostly. I might sort out fabric, some. Also I have an awful lot of fabric that needs to be washed, I could start on that!

Autumn leaves wallhanging

Long-term project list (updated)
1. unfinished community service quilt (just needs the quilting finished, and it's ready to go)
2. green triangle quilt - needs pinning and quilting
3. Ohio star sampler - 8 of 12 blocks done
4. t-shirt quilt - start cutting the t-shirts apart and putting stabilizer on them, and then see where it stands
5. Tutti Frutti quilt (from a kit that was given to me - good baby quilt)
6. Two, count 'em, two sets of swap blocks - need to be assembled and quilted (here's one of them - the other is fall colors)
7. Poetry wallhanging (the setting in that picture is probably not what I'm going to do in the end, I was just sticking them up on the wall as I went!) - I think the blocks are finished
8. Indigo log cabin
9. The fabled pink quilt, which is only a pile of fabric right now - enough fabric for several quilts, actually. I think I may start out with triangles again on this one, and go from there. This pile of fabric probably has some Quilt Pink blocks in its future, too, although that's not what started it!

Also, decide what to do with...
- Mom's few UFOs - she only had a couple (she was big on finishing things)
- quilt top from my grandmother's house (I bet my grandmother didn't make it, but I have no idea who did!)
- Cuppaz blocks - I think I still have 20 or so, and I need to make something with the remaining ones
- crazy quilt blocks - I have 3, maybe make a 4th and then finish? or make a table runner with the 3?
- leftover green squares from triangle quilt - I have lots of these! And also some HSTs.

Note that this is not intended in any way to be an October to-do list! It'll be a miracle if I even get the sewing room decently unpacked in October. Maybe in November I might possibly get a reasonable amount of quilting done!
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I have already done several Terribly Important Things today - I got a flu shot and sent out revised phone lists and other such fun tasks, all before 10am - so can I go home now? I don't care that it's only 10:30, I don't care that I'm already off Friday and next Monday, I just wanna go home. This may have something to do with the fact that I couldn't sleep and I got up at midnight and installed Word on my computer just so I could make a template for new-address postcards. (My Dell came with WordPerfect installed, and either I just completely don't understand WordPerfect any more, or it's gotten very wonky. Or possibly a bit of both. I made labels the other day and saved them, and when I opened them again later they were all screwed up. And nobody tell me how to fix that, ok? I have already fixed it by installing Word, which I at least know how to use. I knew all the ins and outs of WordPerfect 10 years ago, and I don't really want to go back.) Anyway, Word is installed and the postcards are created and I did eventually manage to go to sleep, and aside from being a bit cranky now, all is well.

I spent most of yesterday dealing with Comcast idiocy. AT&T's customer service looks sterling by contrast, which makes me very tempted to try out that high-speed DSL they tried so hard to sell me. But I'm not convinced it's as fast as they're trying to make me think.
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On Wednesday, I will be getting high-speed internet at home. Woo-hoo! Of course that did not help me today, when there was a HUGE game update and it took me THREE HOURS - yes you heard that right - to download the whole thing. In all fairness, though, it was a monster. I'm amazed that you could even do it in three hours when I remember how long it used to take me to download anything at all a few years ago. (Remember the Napster craze? Practically everybody was still on dialup back then, and boy was it a pain to download a 4mb song. Took forever and often didn't even finish. The good ol' days.

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Oh, I have never remembered to say that the thing that cost so much on my car repairs was a new motor for the condenser, or something to that effect. That was $500 or so. Then a new thermostat, at $200 and change. By the time we added the state inspection, which is no longer cheap, and tax, we were at nearly $850. Apparently if these things had stayed as they were it would have been Very Bad. I suspect that means as in might-have-burned-up-another-engine type of bad. (And please don't tell me about how I should have just bought a new car instead. We only have one car right now, and it needs to keep running. Even after we get another one, I would really like for this one to keep running. We certainly can't afford two new cars right now. Even if they're used.)

(GuildWars babbling behind the cut...)


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