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Jade's new armor
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This is Jade the Mesmer in her Ascalon City armor, which is called Rogue's Armor. It breaks one of the hard-and-fast rules - or what I thought until now was a hard-and-fast rule, anyway - about armor in GW, and that's that each class's armor has a default color, and sticks to it. Necros are red, elementalists are purple (or actually sort of a lavender), monks are sackcloth-tan. And mesmers are green, except for this outfit. I like the blue, but it bothers me a little that this outfit breaks that rule. Usually I end up dyeing my new outfits almost immediately, either because I don't like the color much (as with the monks) or because too many people have the default, as with Lily's burgundy-red necro armor. I dyed Lily's armor green, and it came out a lovely poison-green, which seems appropriate for a necromancer, and is a nice color to boot, and so far I haven't really seen anybody wearing that same outfit.

Anyway, so far Jade's armor has stayed blue. I never really intended to keep Jade's armor the default (or mostly-default) green, anyway - it seemed like a little too much for somebody named Jade to have green armor. Oh, and she is masked because all mesmers are - I guess it has to do with illusion and misdirection and the things like that that mesmers do. I still don't understand mesmers very well, really, but I like playing her.

Below is an e-mail I sent Col earlier today; it already needs updating. I haven't been keeping these lists for a while, but with seven characters nowadays I really need to start again. It's getting very complicated.


For your entertainment, here is where all my characters are now.
Notable things about this (at least to my mind) are that Jade actually
is further behind Lily than I was thinking she was, and that Mel
hasn't really even gotten started in Cantha. (Tamaya is at least TO
Vizunah Square; Mel is not.) (Also, all this is from my paper list,
which is sometimes not perfectly up to date. But it ought to be

Jade (level 9):
quests: Counting the Fallen, Mesmerizing the Enemy, The Ambassador's
Quandary, Trying Times, Fires in the North, The Duke's Daughter, The
Red-Cloaked Deserter, Casualty Report, Hammer & Anvil, Garfazz
Bloodfang, Regent Valley Defense
next mission: Fort Ranik

Lily (level 11):
quests: Cities of Ascalon, Fires in the North, The Duke's Daughter,
Garfazz Bloodfang
next mission: Ruins of Surmia Nolani Academy
last town reached: Serenity Temple

Gia (level 20):
Canthan quests: To Tahnnakai Temple, Eliminate the Jade Brotherhood, Eliminate the Am Fah
Tyrian quests: Villainy of Galraith, Report to the White Mantle
next mission: Tahnnakai Temple
last town (area) reached: Senji's Corner

Tamaya (level 20):
Tyrian quests: Ancient Secrets, Ghostly Vengeange, Forgotten Wisdom
Canthan quests: Emperor in Peril, Captured, Naga Oil, Seek Out Brother
Tosai, Going Home
next Tyrian mission: Dunes of Despair/Elona Reach/Thirsty River
next Canthan mission: Vizunah Square
bonuses needed: Riverside Province, Sanctum Cay
(missions skipped: Aurora Glade)
last town reached: ? (someplace in the desert)

Mel (level 20):
Tyrian quests: Ancient Secrets, A Belated Betrothal
Canthan quests: Welcome to Cantha, Emperor in Peril, Feed the Hungry,
Captured, Naga Oil, Seek Out Brother Tosai, Passing the Buck
next mission: Dunes of Despair/Elona Reach
(missions skipped: Bloodstone Fen, Aurora Glade)
bonuses needed: The Wilds, Riverside Province, Sanctum Cay
last town reached: Heroes' Audience

Alessa (level 20):
Tyrian quests: A Belated Betrothal, Misplaced Sword
Canthan quests: The Challenge, The Shadow Blades, The Missing Link
next Tyrian mission: Elona Reach/Thirsty River
next Canthan mission: Arborstone
bonuses needed: Sanctum Cay, Dunes of Despair

Rima (level 20):
no quests
next Tyrian mission: Dunes of Despair/Elona Reach/Thirsty River
next Canthan mission: Arborstone
bonuses needed: Sanctum Cay
has Tyrian Explorer title (60% of map) - would like to get to 70%


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