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I have already done several Terribly Important Things today - I got a flu shot and sent out revised phone lists and other such fun tasks, all before 10am - so can I go home now? I don't care that it's only 10:30, I don't care that I'm already off Friday and next Monday, I just wanna go home. This may have something to do with the fact that I couldn't sleep and I got up at midnight and installed Word on my computer just so I could make a template for new-address postcards. (My Dell came with WordPerfect installed, and either I just completely don't understand WordPerfect any more, or it's gotten very wonky. Or possibly a bit of both. I made labels the other day and saved them, and when I opened them again later they were all screwed up. And nobody tell me how to fix that, ok? I have already fixed it by installing Word, which I at least know how to use. I knew all the ins and outs of WordPerfect 10 years ago, and I don't really want to go back.) Anyway, Word is installed and the postcards are created and I did eventually manage to go to sleep, and aside from being a bit cranky now, all is well.

The packing is actually going pretty well. I have learned to take advantage of the adrenaline rush while it lasts, and I did. We're not nearly finished but a good bit is done, at least. We did go to the Container Store this weekend, and bought two of these shelves, which are nice-looking, and even better, don't have to be assembled. We also bought a bunch of boxes and some newsprint, and a couple more of these stacking drawers, which I already had five of (mine are blue) and which are what passes for a chest of drawers at my house. (I figured even at $15 each they were going to be cheaper in the end than buying real furniture.) With seven of them they are now almost as tall as I am. I think if I decide I need any more I am going to have to start a new stack. However, I don't think I am going to have to. With the furniture I am getting from my mom's house I think we are probably going to have plenty of storage.

We are not really bringing all that much furniture from Mom's. The two most comfortable chairs from her living room, and the sewing-room furnishings and the computer desk (and computer) are the main things. But there's one of those jewelry-armoire things that I think was my grandmother's, that I hate to get rid of and I think I will use, anyway, although it doesn't really match anything that I have. (Actually nothing I have matches, especially, but what does that matter anyhow?) And there are a couple of shelves that I guess I will bring, too, for good measure. We have two big bookshelves already, but at least one of them is already falling apart and is going in the trash. I wouldn't be surprised if another move did in the second one, too, but we'll see.

The reason nothing in my house matches is that we have hardly any big pieces of furniture that we bought ourselves. For a long time we couldn't afford it, and by the time we could we'd been given so much by various relatives that we didn't need to buy any more. I have my grandmother's dining table and china cabinet (and my other grandmother's china, which I have never used), and our bed used to be my grandmother's spare one, too. Rob sits in a swivel rocker that also came from my grandmother's house, but he has worn it out - it was once one of a pair and he wore out the other one before that - and so it is going in the trash too, and now he can start in on wearing out my mother's swivel rocker. (I will be very glad to see the last of my grandmother's pair; they are very ugly. I don't really love my mother's either, but it's an improvement.) I also have the same dresser that was in my bedroom for my entire childhood, but I am done with it now and it's going to craigslist or something, because it's too big and it's in the way. (It's still not bad-looking, though, so if you know anybody in the Houston area who might want it, let me know! Still has the original mirror and everything.) We did buy a couch from Cargo, years ago, that I still like, and am keeping in preference to my mother's green-striped one. We got new green sort of tapestry-like cushion covers a number of years ago for it, and they have held up fine. I think my mother's bed is too soft for me - my cranky back demands a really, really hard mattress - so when this one goes (which won't be too long) we are gonna have to buy something.

I spent most of yesterday dealing with Comcast idiocy. AT&T's customer service looks sterling by contrast, which makes me very tempted to try out that high-speed DSL they tried so hard to sell me. But I'm not convinced it's as fast as they're trying to make me think.


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