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I am back online, sorta. Or rather, I am back online, but not on the computer I would like to be online with. Luckily (I suppose) we had brought my mother's two-year-old Compaq home with us over the weekend, because the Dell refuses to reboot. At all. I have no idea why, other than the fact that I'm pretty sure that a magnet - a fairly weak one, I think - does seem to have come into contact with the computer during the move. That would be bad, I suppose, right? I was too busy today to worry about it, anyway. I would really like to just buy a new computer rather than trying to fix it, but I think my husband will divorce me if I do that without convincing him it is really, really necessary first. This means I have to at least pay some pretty serious lip service to trying to fix it first. (If you're wanting to be helpful, it's not actually that it won't REboot - it won't boot at all. Nada. The power comes on, and that's it. I tried hitting F8 - that's what gets it into safe mode, right? and still nothing.)

Other than that, the move went fine. I am not blaming the movers for whatever is wrong with the computer. So when the cable guy came this morning, rather than having him try to hook up the nonfunctional computer in the living room, I had him do the one in the bedroom that actually worked. Thus, actual high-speed internet, and (for[personal profile] columbina's info) I was able to get GW up and functioning, if slightly sluggishly and with many, many pauses for downloads, just now. (We went up to Mom's house today to retrieve her microwave, which got forgotten in the press of other things yesterday, and when we passed the brand-shiny-new Best Buy on the freeway, I thought, Y'know, I shoulda just dropped the computer off with them to see what they could've made of it. But I didn't think of it then.)

Yesterday I saw my first-ever female mover. Maybe we are backwards in this part of the country, as we are in many other ways, goodness knows, but I had never ever seen a girl on a moving crew before. She was not exactly burly (not a bit) but she had some muscle somewhere because she got it done. Although admittedly I didn't really see her holding up one end of any terribly heavy furniture - the two guys on the crew seemed to be handling most of that - still, she was slinging boxes around like a pro. We had the three-pronged move going on: old apartment to new apartment to Mom's and back to new apartment, and they got it done in a bit over 5 hours, I think, which was pretty good considering there was about an hour and a half of driving in there. Everything is a mess but I do have my sewing room! Yay!
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