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This entry - or maybe the next one - should get me "above the line" in Holidailies, meaning averaging one entry a day. Jette and Chip have the site set up where you can only post to the portal so often, and this year it seems like you can't get above that average of one a day. So currently it's day 23, and there are a couple of people who already have 23 entries, and quite a few more with 22, and then there is the dreaded line between 22 and 21. I am mostly joking about the "dreaded" part, but I know I'm not the only person who tries to stay above that line, because I've heard other people talk about it. I should probably value quality over quantity, but let's face it, I'm not ever going to be the next Joan Didion, so I mostly settle for quantity. It's not really that hard for me to write an entry a day - when I get a blank page, I usually can ramble along and find something to say fairly easily. If I tried to demand of myself that I write a really quality entry, I would probably freeze up and never get anything written at all. Low expectations apparently help keep you from getting writer's block.

I have pictures from Christmas but I'm still working on those. I took a lot of pictures of wiggly small children and I have to sort out the good ones from the blurry ones!

We saw two movies yesterday, although they weren't the same two. Rob apparently watched Burn After Reading (is that the right name?) before I got up; then we went to see the Sherlock Holmes movie, then after he went to bed I fired up On Demand again and watched Adventureland. Adventureland was better than SH, although I liked them both. I went through an entire viewing of Adventureland without realizing that the girl love interest was Kristin Stewart, of Twilight Fame. I did know she looked familiar, but I didn't snap to who she was. Good movie, anyway. Sherlock Holmes... I dunno, I liked a lot of it, but I felt like it lagged in the middle. Good comedy bits, though - in fact they both did.

I just watched another movie, actually, because I installed Windows 7 and I needed something to distract me while it was doing its thing - it took it the whole length of the movie to install, too. So I watched "Wimbledon" which I had picked up at Tuesday Morning or someplace for really really cheap. But it turned out not to be a bad movie. I'm sort of a sucker for romantic comedies, if they're reasonably smart ones, and this one was. (Reasonably so.) It's actually a romantic comedy/sports movie, which is sort of different. And I adore Paul Bettany.

Windows 7 is so far so good - I really can't tell that much difference from Vista. I need to try out LOTRO and see how it runs - rumor is that it runs faster. I've felt like my computer was dragging lately so I'm hoping maybe it'll fix that.
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Create a Connection is mostly way too touchy-feely for me, but they do have some good things once in a while, and I like this set of questions.

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wikicliki, sick-o-fancy, jerque-du-cercle of a networking and connection-based order

I am not a real writer, so I won't be participating, but I adore the idea of International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day.

(I imagine that some of you are sick of this whole topic by now, but in case you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, read here.)
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This got long so I'm going with a cut.

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Just a post to say that I probably won't be posting here much for the next month, since I'm doing Holidailies starting tomorrow, and like [ profile] superplin (and several other people, apparently, if you look at her comments) I have this idea that I should do Holidailies at my "real" journal, even though it isn't really my real journal any more since I hardly ever write there the other 11 months of the year. Go figure.

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I changed my default picture, incidentally. Brad and Rose were starting to bore me. (I'll be glad when [ profile] cleolinda gets her book done so she can get back to the important stuff like making icons.)

I wrote two journal entries this weekend. One is up now (look at the user info page if you want the link) and one will be up later. Neither one of them is incredibly long but still, that's more than I usually get done.

I really haven't done much else today. Had sex (which is SOP on Sundays), listened to the baseball game, read. I'm re-reading Wolves of the Calla and The Amber Spyglass sort of simultaneously. I have things to read that I haven't read before but for some reason I seem to be unable to get interested in those.


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