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This got long so I'm going with a cut.

I'm writing this in one of the paper journals I keep by the bed. I say "journals" - plural - because I'm always losing them, so I keep more than one going at a time. The problem is that I don't really keep them by the bed; I take them and wander off someplace with them, and then can't find them later. Therefore, many journals, not just one.

Some LJ community is doing a thing where you promise to write in a paper journal every day for the whole year. (I'm not going to go hunt for the community because they closed membership on January 1, so if you don't already know about it you can't get in on it anyway.) I was tempted to sign up, but I didn't, and I've already been glad I didn't. It might've been good for me, though. I do like it when I write more regularly. I am incredibly undisciplined and it's really difficult to get me to do anything for a long period of time.

I am not a creature of habit. (Some of you may have figured this out by now.) How long do they say you have to do something for it to become a habit? 21 days, isn't it? Well, it never works for me - or rather, it will work for a while, and then gradually fade away. It's just how I am. I'll have one "habit" for a while, and then I'll develop a new set and gradually forget the old ones ever existed. It's very odd, but I've learned to live with it. I don't seem to have much choice.


I'm rereading The Golden Compass. This book has been another casualty of my disorganization; I haven't seen it or The Subtle Knife in several years. (I have, however, seen - and read - the third book, The Amber Spyglass, several times in the interim.) I'm catching some things I didn't before - for example, I remembered Iorek saying he made his armor of "sky iron" but I didn't know what that meant. But it says somewhere earlier in the book that the bears use iron from meteorites for their armor. Makes sense. (Well, it does in the context of the book, anyway.)

We are getting ready for the marathon, in our house - at least, one of us is. My contribution consists of checking the weather reports and suggesting places to eat Sunday after the marathon. It's supposed to be around 50 at the start and near 70 by the end. Even 70 is somewhat cooler than it's been several days lately, so that's not too bad. We have a whole marathon eating program of sorts - Spaghetti Warehouse on Saturday night, pizza on Sunday. So the only thing up for negotiation is where the pizza comes from. (I think it's going to be Angelo's, in Clear Lake, if that means anything to anybody.) We are spending the night at the convention center Hilton for the first time, and it's right at the finish line. That is going to be so, so nice.

I bought something today that I saw on Mighty Goods, which is a first for me, I think. It was this, although that is not the price I paid for it. However, I more than cancelled the savings out by buying several other things, once I got started. (Including Valentines!)

We got a new phone at Christmas - or set of phones; one base, two handsets - and it has caller ID. We have had a phone package that includes caller ID for a couple of years, but we never bothered to get a phone that used it. I can't say there's any indication so far that we've missed much by not using it; the biggest surprise so far has been how often Southwestern Bell calls. We never answer the phone anyway but now we know we're not missing real calls, at least. Seriously, they call a couple of times every day. Every goddamn day.

On automatic pilots

Date: 2006-01-11 04:07 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
On the upside you do not have to reap results of doing things accidentally on autopilot.

I even find myself in warm bath, unhappy and wondering : "I am not able to enjoy a bath, why did I do that now? If I had taken a shower I would have done by now."

On the lighter note, a woman confessed me once how she fell in love with a man because she considered him to be a really sharp engineer. Because the man had complained : "I took a wrong turn! I must have had my autopilot switched in!" The woman had been impressed: "Such an old beaten down car and the guy has managed to design a functioning automatic pilot for it! Wow!"



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