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I was dreaming, just before I woke up, about being at a conference - actually most of it was at somebody's house, but it was supposed to be a conference, you know how dreams are - and being left out of everything. (Or maybe just feeling left out of everything.) That's one of my very deep insecurities, and it keeps on rearing its ugly head from time to time. There was this very odd mix of work people and online people in the dream. It was weird - but then it was a dream, so I don't know why I should be surprised about that.

Anybody else notice that the two big news items of the day yesterday were that (1) Anna Nicole Smith did drugs (and died from them) and (2) Pat Tillman was killed by his own men? Neither of which is exactly a big shock. Now I have to admit that the complexity of Anna Nicole's drug cocktail fascinated me a bit - nine different prescription drugs? Man oh man. I think that's a person with some serious enablers around her.

My personal drug cocktail was apparently not quite up to par yesterday - or maybe it was just forgetting to take my drugs on time, or maybe it was just that I was tired - but when I left work yesterday, that walk to the car was a very painful thing. Very painful. I was shuffling along like a little old lady by the time I got out to the street. But I went home and got in bed and rested for a while and felt better.

Rob watched Flyboys last night - luckily, since I didn't really want to get interested in it, it turned out not to be a very good movie. One big bundle of cliches, was what it was. I was only half paying attention and I was still telling Rob what was going to happen before it happened. (Last week's Monday rental, Invincible, was much better. I liked that one quite a lot. I am not usually a huge fan of football movies, but I still liked it. It was sort of a football version of The Rookie - made by the same people, actually, I think.)


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