Jan. 9th, 2007

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I love Livejournal. I really do. I mean, how else would I ever keep up with you people? But Livejournal does not always make itself easy to love. Like, when you actually want to use some of their features? Well, it's not exactly intuitive, and the Help is not always so helpful. I spent a good little chunk of the morning trying to figure out how to filter my friendslist. All I wanted to be able to do was filter out all of the newsgroups and things when I'm in a hurry. And now I have it done, and yay! but my god, getting there was not easy. (I finally found this page after I got done - if you click on "read more" and scroll down some, it pretty much tells you what I wanted to know. But like I said, I only found that after I did it.)

(I started to just ask you guys instead. It might've been easier. But no, I had to go & try to figure it out myself.)


Isn't it interesting how conservatives are all hot to limit awards on lawsuits until it's their house we're talking about?

This piece goes on for way too long about how all Buddhists aren't really so peaceable, but otherwise makes some good points. Did you know that there were two Buddhists in this Congress? I never heard a word about that, myself. No, all you heard about was Keith Ellison and his Koran. (I thought using Thomas Jefferson's Koran was very clever politically, though, as well as just being cool. It sure shut some people up, didn't it?)


My cough is finally mostly gone, but my boss is sitting behind me coughing away. (This stuff has just been going round and round at work.) It makes my throat tickle just to listen to her.

(Livejournal does seem to have its Autosave feature back, at least. It's the small things.)


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