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I keep forgetting to mention the gummy handcuffs (more or less full-size) that Wal-Mart has for sale in the Valentine aisle. Isn't that unusually kinky for Wal-Mart?

Chrysler's chief economist thinks there's too much fuss about global warming. Well, of course accountant-types tend to shy away from anything expensive, and god knows dealing with this is going to be expensive, but I still think this is a pretty blatant example of sticking your head in the sand. And bad publicity to boot. (Not that I intend to ever buy a Chrysler car again anyway, but still...)

This is old news but I hadn't ever looked at the Golden Globe Nominations, and I suppose the awards are pretty soon now. (I just checked - they're Monday.) Anyway, I'm rather pleased to see that Ben Affleck got nominated for Hollywoodland. That was a pretty good movie that mostly got ignored, and he was really good in it.

(Incidentally, Rob seems to be of the opinion that the best movie he saw last year was United 93, which I still haven't seen.)
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I found an HEB receipt in my Franklin Planner today that I feel like I ought to keep as a historical document, or something. It's from the HEB in Bryan, pre-hurricane Rita. We bought gourmet bread because it was the only kind of bread in the whole store, and organic milk for the same reason. We bought carrots and lettuce (green leaf) and coffee because my aunt wanted them, and we bought blackberries - even though they were more expensive than gas - because I love them, and we bought spring water because they did have that and we were surprised, and we thought it might be a good idea to have some more just in case. (I think there's still a few bottles out of that case in the refrigerator.) People were a little crazy in HEB that day, but the cashier (whose name is Nellie, according to the receipt) thought we were the crazy ones when we said we thought everybody was getting hysterical for nothing, because the hurricane was going to turn and not hit us. We weren't psychic, we just had been watching way too much TV, and it had already started turning by that time. (We had that gourmet bread for dinner Sunday night before we left for home, though. It was yummy.)

I get a lot of catalogs this time of year, because I order a lot of stuff online, but the last couple of days I have gotten a couple of the stupidest catalogs ever. I've been trying to figure out why I got these catalogs - is there a "tacky catalog" mailing list I got on by accident? Now I admit, I have a soft spot for certain kinds of kitsch, but a fiber-optic Irish angel is not one of them. Neither is a comical moose print.

Oh, and goooooo Astros! (I am skipping quilt guild to watch baseball, that's how big this game is.)


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