Dec. 21st, 2006

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Not that it's anything all that wonderful that you're missing, but my entry from yesterday is being wacky and not showing up in friendslists, I think (or not mine, anyway!) - so in case you're interested, it's here.
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From Jon Stewart, of course:

If we're not winning OR losing in Iraq, are we at least covering the spread?

(see [profile] teh_daily_show for more)
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I may not be a christian, but I am not much of a pagan, either. I like the idea of celebrating winter solstice, but as far as actually doing that? It just doesn't feel right. Christmas may technically be a christian holiday, but somehow it's my holiday just the same. I don't really understand why I'm that way about it, but I am. I guess it just has to do with family and tradition and all that good stuff, except that I tend to blithely ignore tradition the rest of the year. What makes it different from, say, Easter, which I am massively ambivalent about? However, I loved Christmas growing up in a way that Easter could never approach, and I associate it with a whole lot of good family memories and very few bad ones (at least until recent years) so maybe it's not all that surprising after all.

It is cooler here today, which is good because it means we shouldn't have any more fog for a while, and also, it does make it feel more like winter. Although we only have the fog in the winter, usually, so I guess that means it's winter weather too. In fact our winter weather varies wildly - probably more than the rest of the year, which is just mostly hot. My version of seasons, Gulf Coast style, is: hot (spring), really fucking hot (summer, of course), hot again (fall), and then cooler (winter). Winter is not cold here, or not very much. It's just not-hot.

We had a nice holiday lunch today, and exchanged gifts, and now we are off work for 10 whole days, til January 2nd. Woo. I know it will go by before we know it, though.

Holidailies gold
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Via [community profile] craftgrrl: the Star Wars Action figure wreath. I'm not even that big of a Star Wars fan, but I really want one of these.


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