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When I said in chat the other night that President Ford was dead, somebody said, "That's two" - presumably meaning James Brown was the first one. What I want to know is, does Saddam count as #3? Or do the deaths have to be by a more natural means than execution? I don't understand the rules of that business, I guess.

(I may have more to say about President Ford later. I started writing a massive brain dump about presidents, but that's the kind of thing that I may or may not ever finish. We'll see.)

In other current-events-related things, I am inclined to want to rant about Donald Trump, mostly because, in my interpretation of what he's said, his objections to Rosie O'Donnell are primarily that she's fat and she has a hot girlfriend. (I do not buy for a minute that Rosie O'Donnell is ugly. She's not. Donald Trump is, though, which may be why he's so damn sensitive on the topic.)

Also, I loathe people who call other people "losers" - ugh. I didn't like the man to begin with but I've just gotten a lot more vehement about it.

So, I've been meaning to write an entry all week that was about what I've actually been doing this week, and I keep getting off on other topics.

Tuesday I mostly hung around home, except that we went to see The Good Shepherd, which was very good, but also rather depressing, and quite long. Rob claims it was only 2 hours and 40 minutes, but it seemed longer. Not that it was boring, but it was sort of slow-moving, so that might be why.

Wednesday, I finally took my car to get the muffler fixed, and then we drove up to the mainland and went to see my mom. We stopped and ate at Red River BBQ on the way. (Rob had a barbeque baked potato. I had chicken fried steak, for which I am evidently in withdrawal, because I've been wanting to go back and get some more ever since.) I also dropped Rob off at the huge new Academy in League City so he could buy new running shoes with his Christmas money. I just did not have the stamina to face the giant sporting goods store in the after-Christmas rush. Yuck. I went to the post office and got gas while he was shoe-shopping.

Let's see, yesterday I picked up my car - the car was actually ready in about an hour or so, on Wednesday, but the guy wanted to close early, and since we were nearly an hour away at the time, I told him that I didn't mind waiting overnight to pick it up. I wasn't planning on using it for anything in particular, god knows. (I haven't driven it much since we got the new car, which is why it took me so long to get around to getting the muffler fixed.) Then I figured as long as I was out & about, I ought to do a little shopping. Somehow I ended up all the way up at Baybrook, which was really further than I intended to go, but since I was there I stopped and got a calzone at Angelo's, because they have the world's best ones. Then I braved Macy's, which was a zoo but had some really good bargains. I spent $60, and $20 of that was a gift card, and I got two shirts and two boxes of Christmas cards besides. (I said I wasn't buying any Christmas cards on sale this year, but predictably, I couldn't resist.) The shirts were marked $40 and $48, I think, so they were definitely bargains.

I felt so sorry for the (apparently) lone woman working in the plus-size department at Macy's. The Baybrook store is a big store, and it's a pretty big department and they were having a really good sale, and people were trying on clothes much faster than she could put them away again. Clothes were piled up everywhere. I wanted to give her a tip or something, because I felt so bad, but I didn't know how that would go over.

Then I went to Sam's Club, which was the ostensible reason for going shopping in the first place. I needed to get my dad's gift, which I blew off getting last week because I knew we weren't seeing him till this week. (We are seeing him tomorrow, to be specific.) He told me this past summer that he had never seen Band of Brothers, and since I love that show as much as I can possibly love something that violent, and also since it's something very much up his alley and also since the price has gone down this year from $100+ to more like $55, I told him I would get it for him for Christmas. Of course while I was there, I also bought The Descent for Rob for his birthday (which is now in 3 weeks or so), and Buffy season six just because it was cheap, and a bunch of other things like rechargeable batteries and vitamins and naproxen, and I ended up spending over $200. Things like that are why I don't go in Sam's very often. But oh well. We have been watching Buffy episodes ever since and I am remembering how much I miss it. Most of those episodes I haven't seen more than once or twice.

So I didn't do too much today. The only time I went outside was to go to the grocery store. Mostly I played GuildWars and watched "Once More With Feeling" - at the same time, prompting Col to mistake my distractedness for depression and ask me more than once what was wrong. (Sorry about that, Col!)

(We also watched "Life Serial" - thus the icon, which is one I may have never used before.)


Read this: the slackers of bedford falls. Somebody else doesn't like that movie! yay!

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