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OK, well, the first thing I have to say in my first Holidailies post for the year is a link. Most of you have probably seen it by now but if you haven't, go read it, it's funny and it's not very long. There are 9 entries, currently, and I'm linking to the first one. (Warning: cat-related. If you hate cats you will possibly not be amused.)
(Also, if you're like me, and you've seen people saying, "CAPS LOCK IS HOW I FEEL INSIDE" all week, this is evidently where it came from.)

I'm not doing an introductory-update thing, at least not today. We'll be doing good for me to get any entry at all up right now, even if it's links and stuff about games. I suppose I could post the link and the paragraph above it and call it an entry, but I'm not going to. Instead I'll keep writing whatever it is that comes into my head next, which tends to be my M.O. in any case. (This is probably not any surprise to most of the Holidailies regulars by now.)

I am pleased that the new guys* managed to get Holidailies up and running in the old format. Reddit just did not cut it for me. Actually the current front page format is still missing my main motivator: the list of who's "above the line" (i.e., actually posting an entry a day) and who's not. If you look back over the years, I am right under the line, if not above it, pretty consistently. I don't know why that works to get me to post, but it does. But anyway, I missed the regular format last year and I'm glad to see it back. So thanks, Richard and Jennifer!! (And thanks to Jette and Chip, too, for finding somebody to hand it over to! as well as for running it all these years.)

* "New guys" who I've known in an online way for years and even sent cards to and such, but still, they're new in this role. Not to mention that one of them is a girl., games. Let's talk about games. We are currently in sort of a transition between games, that's the thing. We are waiting for SWTOR (that's Star Wars: The Old Republic) to start - I started to write about that the other day (here: and I got to talking about Star Wars the movies and never really got around to talking about the game, much. [ profile] columbina and I are both still sort of playing Rift, and sort of playing Glitch, but we aren't synching up very well with either of those. Occasionally we do sync up in Rift, and once in a while we chat while we both play Glitch, but that's it. We probably are managing sort of 2 nights a week in Rift, for a couple of hours, and once in a while on the weekend. He plays some on the weekends without me and I play some late at night without him. This is probably not going to particularly improve when we start playing SWTOR (which possibly will be as soon as Tuesday, although more likely it will be later in the week).

The schedule problem is because I am neither (a) working 8-5 M-F like I used to nor (b) unemployed, like I was more recently. Nowadays I work two out of three weekends and unless something happens to change that, the game scheduling is going to continue to be an issue. I don't like that part but quite honestly, I don't miss the aforesaid days of working 8-5 M-F, either. I miss the money and it'd be nice to have the bennies back, but really, unless something happens to force my hand, that's not about to happen. So that's that.

Columbine bought SWTOR months ago. I bought it - or so I thought - around Halloween, and then figured out only this past week (I wasn't paying near enough attention, obviously) that the transaction didn't go through the first time and so I repurchased it again. (EA/Origin has it set up really stupidly - you put in your credit card and hit submit, and it gives you a confirmation number, but after that there's a box you have to check and it's down at the bottom of the screen where you can't see it unless you scroll down, and apparently it's not REALLY confirmed until you check the box and hit submit again. So that appears to be what I failed to do the first time.)

We played in the SWTOR beta Thanksgiving weekend, thanks to Col, and then we both got invited to the last, smaller beta last weekend - we figured that was a thank-you present for giving lots of feedback. Col filed lots of bug reports and I did fill out all the surveys and stuff, but I also did a lot of complaining about lag, which presumably they also like to know about, and then I wrote another long note when I figured out how to fix the lag problem, telling them what I changed - and it was much improved last weekend and the graphics choices had been changed, too, so I like to think I helped a tiny bit with that! We both played several different characters and classes at one time or another, including playing on both sides - Republic and Empire. Playing the "dark side" is very entertaining, but it turned out that we both liked playing the classes that use a blaster more than the lightsaber ones - those classes are called trooper and smuggler on the Republic side, and Bounty Hunter and Stormtrooper, I guess, on the Imperial side. With lightsabers you are of course a Jedi or a Sith, and there are a couple of classes for them also - something like a "knight" (of the light or dark persuasion, respectively) and a mage for each side. They have obviously put a lot of thought into the quests and the respective storylines, and also you get Light or Dark points for various choices you make, and that affects what choices you are offered later on, although we didn't really get far enough to see too much of that. So anyway, we liked it and we are looking forward to more, that's what it comes down to. If MMOs and Star Wars are your kind of thing, then this one comes highly recommended.

Etsy fame

Feb. 19th, 2010 12:52 am
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I mostly have been neglecting my little Etsy store terribly - but look, somebody put me into a Treasury! This is way cool.


(Mine is at the bottom left.)

Hmm, I had some other random things I was going to say, but then I saw this and got excited and forgot what the other things were, except for the little bit of linkage below. Maybe I'll remember later.

I am amused by this slideshow of Obama Feigning Interest in Mundane Things - but actually, my personal view of Obama is that he is such a geek, he probably really was interested.

One more, and it's a meme, but it's a really cool one, unlike any other meme I've ever seen. (I bet some of you have seen it already) - What Type Are You? (and that's "type" as in "font")  Me? I'm Universal.
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Inevitably, conservatives are pissed off at the political/religious messages in Avatar. I'm still pissed off at the bad plot, myself. (It sure is making a godawful amount of money, though. You can't help but be impressed.)

Holidailies is over, and as always, I forgot to say thanks to Jette and Chip for doing it. Thanks guys, if you're reading! (Also, I posted at 11-something last night, and the only person who posted after me was [ profile] kymmz , meaning (I guess) that our posts will be sitting at the top of the main Holidailies page for the next 11 months. Which is sort of cool. Procrastinators unite!)

Ooh, Rachel Maddow is on Letterman tonight. I totally have a girl-crush on her, have you noticed?

Rob reported that there were people out buying groceries in a panic yesterday. I never even went outside yesterday because my back was hurting and also because I decided to take my respiratory system test right at the time I normally go out, but the Weather Channel reports that it is 43 degrees outside right now. Which is pretty cold by our standards for the middle of the day. As [ profile] cleolinda discussed yesterday, cold snap panics in the south are usually less about snow, really, and more about ice and falling branches/trees and associated power outages. Now I'm wondering a bit if there's anything I ought to stock up on, just in case.

Alright, I have to go study - I have sworn to set myself daily goals and if I don't meet them (or well, at least come reasonably close) then no LOTRO. [ profile] columbina has even volunteered to nag me about it. (Oh, and I made an 88 on my test.)

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I have said before that I usually get asked to bring the rolls (store-bought) to Christmas dinner, or fruit for a fruit salad. My aunt has told me before that this is because we live out of town, but my mom lived out of town too, and that didn't get her out of being asked to bring her famous gumbo to everything. (Which meant if you rode with her, you got to smell it for two or three hours, and half the time some of it would end up on the floorboard of the car. Ew.) So clearly, the real reason is not that I live out of town, but that I am famously not much of a cook. Somebody on some blog I was reading said lately that everybody bakes something at Christmas. Um, no. Maybe every five years I will get on a roll and bake cookies or something - and there was that time my mother guilted me into making fudge. (Actually I think she guilted me into making fudge twice. But it's no-bake fudge, anyway - the recipe is in that entry, if you're interested - so that's still not baking, technically.)

All that said, I am sort of baking something - or rather taking something that will be baked - to the family Christmas. But it's lasagna, of all things, rather than anything sweet. It's not actually for the big Christmas dinner; it will be eaten either Thursday night or Friday night. And I'm taking it assembled but unbaked, and we will bake it later. I've done that before, a number of years ago, and it worked out well. It's not actually that I can't cook, but that I don't usually bother. Rob and I don't really eat the same food (he lives on spaghetti and fish, generally) and we each cook our own, but for me that usually ends up being something frozen. I just don't care much about cooking, but when I bother to cook, I do pretty well at it. (As long as I set timers. I can burn anything.)

Possibly the funniest LJ thread I've ever read. I can't say I ever thought a whole lot about the lyrics to "Do You Hear What I Hear?" but I will now.

I thought everybody knew about the GOP military-funding filibuster, but TPM is treating it as news and TPM knows everything (politically speaking), so I guess not. Politically speaking, here's the question I want answered: what made Lieberman change his mind on the healthcare bill? It's very clear what made Ben Nelson change his mind, but I haven't heard a word about Lieberman. If I find out the answer to this, I'll report back.

I did find out the answer to why Al Franken has been presiding so much - he's the low man on the totem pole, so he gets the duty at fun times like the all-night sessions. (I knew he was the low man, of course, I just hadn't made the connection.)

Wow. I'm suddenly much happier that I've never been much of a Prairie Home Companion fan.
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Note: I am signed up for Holidailies, so you'll see regular updates from me starting Monday. (Hmm, I'm actually going to Dallas Monday - guess I'll just have to get it done before I leave!)

I just noticed that the Wall Street Journal is still keeping up their Holiday Sales Blog - which should be public, I don't think you need a log-in for their blogs. I just got a notice the other day that my WSJ subscription is expiring soon, and I don't think I'll be renewing unless they lower the price ridiculously again like they've done in the past. I think I saw somewhere that Murdoch is saying none of his online content needs to be free. In which case, bye-bye WSJ. They have the occasional really great article but I think I can live without it easily, on the whole.

So... if you read Twitter, you already know that it snowed in Houston today! Hey, it's big news for us. This actually makes 3 times in the last 5 years that it's snowed - it snowed about this time last year, and then there was that time it snowed at Christmas - which I think was in 2004, actually, so that was almost five years ago now. Anyway, today it snowed almost all day, on and off. It was trying to stick to the ground in the morning, but then it switched over and rained for a while and that ended that. But I could watch it come down for a long time before I got tired of it. I've lived in Texas all my life, remember - I haven't seen all that much snow. Even counting skiing and visits up north and such, it's still not enough to get me over that. I realize that if I moved up north I would probably get over it really fast, but well, I'm not. It's a lot more fun when it's a rarity!

(Ooh, look! Matching icon! I forgot I had that one.)
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protrusion of the eyeballs, as seen in Graves disease

Did you know there was a fancy medical name for this? I didn't. (Not that I'm surprised, really, but still....)

I finished going through the chapter on the endocrine system yesterday and now I'm starting the nervous system - they're both on the same test and I noticed that the average grade on this test is lower than most. Now that I've read the endocrine chapter I'm not surprised - there's a lot to remember. Lots of endocrine glands, a couple of which I've never even heard of (parathyroid? really?) and some of the glands secrete six or seven different hormones. I'm sure they won't really expect us to have all of that memorized, but I'd like to at least have some clue about it!

A couple of links, one medical and one not:

Really fascinating article about how Apgar scores for babies came to be. (I'm never 100% sure about whether you can see some of these without a login - tell me if you have trouble!)

Tangential to the Sotomayor nomination, here's [ profile] drdenny about the "mainstream" and how the political parties are fighting for possession of that rhetorical territory.
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I knew about the upcoming Hutchinson-vs-Perry governor's race in Texas, but I didn't know that Hutchison is apparently going to resign from the Senate soon. (I would say something about rats and sinking ships, except it doesn't sound like that's really much of a factor.)

Poppy Brite weighs in (so to speak) on Kirstie Alley.

I don't think you have to have a WSJ subscription to read this interesting piece about the difficulty of counting flu deaths. (Actually, Bialek's statistics-related columns are almost always worth reading.)
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Well, we did finish watching the old "Lost" in time for the new "Lost" and I was pretty glad we did. It appears that we stopped watching right about the time the show started improving. And god knows there's not much else to watch right now, anyway!

Partly in service of improving the "nothing to watch" problem, I finally went onto and reported the "House" disk that disappeared while we were moving as lost. (Heh, maybe it'll turn up on the island!!) It gave me a message when it went through that you can return the lost disk for a refund if it turns up within a year, which is nice - especially since I keep expecting it to turn up any day now. I know I saw it when we were packing, so unless we accidentally gave it to Goodwill, it ought to be here someplace! The problem is the boxes full of papers - mostly my mom's stuff - that we haven't gotten around to scanning/shredding yet. If it's in there, no telling how long it will be! The next thing we need to do, Netflix-wise, is either watch or return the two X-Files disks we have had out for ages.

This weekend is Mardi Gras (that is, the Galveston version, which is largely confined to the two weekends prior to Fat Tuesday), and the weather is supposed to be pretty nice for the Momus parade, which in turn means the traffic in Galveston, and especially getting in and out of town, will be horrific. We don't ever go to the parades, mostly because neither of us is big on crowds. One of these years I need to buy us grandstand tickets so that we will obliged to go to the big parade. It's supposed to be pretty nice, and I know that a good many people I know are probably actually in the parade, since it's a big deal in certain circles here. (Mostly the kind of circles that have money. Krewe membership is expensive.)

My sinuses are still making me crazy. It probably has to do with the ever-changing weather we get this time of year - one day cold, the next day warm. Quite literally. Yesterday morning it was pouring down rain; yesterday afternoon I got out on the porch and watered the plants barefoot. But this morning it was cold again.

I got my hair colored again yesterday even though it'd only been about six weeks, I think. But my bangs were way the hell down in my eyes and the gray was already visible in my roots, and I thought, well, if I'm going to go get my bangs trimmed I might as well do the whole shebang and get it over with. But I can't make a habit of doing it that often, it costs too much. I did make sure the guy trimmed the front shorter this time. Last time we were chatting madly about something-or-other and I forgot to pay sufficient attention to the haircut. I need to watch that. The haircut as a whole looks good, anyway, and so does the color. I look about 10 years younger with my hair colored and cut right, I really do.

I have to quote[personal profile] ursulahitler because this cracked me up - from a political discussion the other day: 'Look at this way: whoever wins, we'll be trading way, way up. The mayor from "Buffy" would be an improvement! Pre or post ascension, either way, he'd be better than W!'

Other linkiness:
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Stay Tuned yesterday was about flying, among other things - and coincidentally, there's an article in today's Wall Street Journal about the way flying first class is taking off (so to speak) in other parts of the world.

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This is mostly for[info]columbina, because Second Life seems to be a bit of an obsession with him.

(Eek! Giant font!! I'm leaving it, though, since it's mostly behind the cut and my experience is that when I try to fix these things, I usually just end up making it worse.)

From WSJ

May. 23rd, 2007 09:04 am
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I think this is interesting - I'd never even heard of this site.


May. 11th, 2007 09:55 am
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I am supposed to be leaving to go to Bryan at noon, and I have plenty of work to do, so what have I been doing this morning? Looking at Vegas hotel prices. I told Rob he owes me an anniversary trip, and Ohio doesn't count. (But I have no idea when we're going. What with the moving sometime this year and everything, it could be next winter before we get around to it.)

I also haven't packed. I was really tired last night and I just went to bed early - unusual for me. So I have to go home and pack when I get off work. This is no big deal as far as clothing and such for two nights, but we are also supposed to be quilting this weekend so I have to gather all that stuff up again.

The whole weekend is sort of an experiment, anyway - remember how I used to complain about my aunt all the time? (Some of you probably do, at least!) Well, so, a whole weekend alone with her, more or less - we have been getting along better lately but this could be straining the point. But at least we have something to do, and her kids will be around some, presumably, so it will probably be ok. I've just gotten a little nervous about it as the time has gotten closer.

From the WSJ:

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I'm sure some people have seen this, but since some of you guys apparently are personally acquainted with Mr. Three-Way Tie, I thought I would post this just in case. (Be sure to follow the blog link at the bottom because there's more on the same subject there.)

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(I wrote this about a week ago and never posted it; now seems as good a time as any.)

Did you know that you can look at a page like a friendslist, but it's actually the friends of your friends? I didn't.

Also, I've gotten interested in visual journals, so I need to remember this link. Partly I got interested in that because of moderngypsy's "Artscouts" (the journal piece of which is here) - but I also think I am going to need inspiration for the Day of the Dead quilt, which I am still blundering around in the dark about, to some extent. I have a vague idea about what I'm going to do but I still need the specifics. And I need to start making notes and collecting motifs, and so forth, and this sounds like a good way to do it.


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