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I am, once again, not getting any studying done and I am gonna have to attempt to go to sleep fairly soon since we are going to see That Movie (i.e., Avatar) fairly early. I'm watching - or mostly listening to - the commentary to Garden State, which I had never seen before tonight. (Actually I'm watching the commentary more than I might for some movies because there's some stuff I missed the first time through - my attention wandered and I didn't figure out the whole subplot about Peter Skaarsgard's character robbing graves until way at the end.) Five years in, Garden State is a parade of familiar faces - as a matter of fact, I'm going to have to make sure and show Rob the scene with Jim Parsons even if he doesn't watch the rest of the movie, because he loves Jim Parsons. I pretty much watched the whole movie with IMDb on the screen of the computer because I kept checking to see who the heck all these people were and why they looked so familiar. (This may be why I missed the grave-robbing business, actually.) I kind of love this movie - I think I identify with the fact that it's about recovering from depression, maybe. I don't know why I didn't see this before - I had heard from a lot of people that it was good. It's just one of those movies I never got around to seeing before. -- Oh, and if you're from Houston and you've had this movie in your Netflix queue and it said Long Wait, it may be because I've had it sitting here for about two months. Sorry about that. I'll send it back on Monday, really I will.

I put Garden State on in the first place because the Dr. Who thing - "The Waters of Mars" that is - was coming on again (if you watch BBC America on Saturday nights, you probably know the drill as well as I do - old Dr Who/new Dr Who/Graham Norton and repeat) and I found it so depressing I didn't want to watch it again. I'm not sure if this had to do with the ending or with the Martian zombies, because I totally rolled my eyes when the guy turned into a zombie-Martian at the beginning. I know it's not actually supposed to be a zombie but it sure seemed like one. I'm so over zombies.

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(Written during the wee hours last night.)

I have a cold so I am an unhappy camper. I am sneezing and sniffling and hoping I don't have the flu - although I'm not all achy and stuff so probably not.

I am still not getting much studying done, but at least being sick gives me a bit of an excuse. I watched the last episodes of "The Vicar of Dibley" last night, which I got it from Netflix and I had never seen before. I think the disk was called "Holy Wholly Happy Ending" (or was it "Wholly Holy"? I dunno) and it had the last two episodes on it - although according to IMDb, there was also apparently a Comic Relief special which aired after these, so they weren't technically the last. Anyway, I have watched scattered episodes of this show over the years but I hadn't seen these. And actually, apparently scattered episodes is all there are, really - I didn't realize it but they only ever made 24 episodes (in over 10 years) including the various specials. Actually it looked like it got to be like Dr. Who has been lately - all specials. British TV is weird sometimes.

I knew I recognized the guy who played the Vicar's love interest but I had to look it up to figure out why he looked so familiar. His name is Richard Armitage, and he plays Guy of Gisbourne on the BBC version of "Robin Hood" - which I have been watching again lately, somewhat to my shame. I decided the reason I didn't recognize him even though I saw him on the (very) last episode just last week was because Guy of Gisbourne never smiles. Seriously, I really honestly think that character never smiled once in the whole series. Very angsty - so when I saw him smiling and acting like a normal guy I couldn't make the connection.

I have also watched Wall-E several times in the last few days. And the commentary. And also Enchanted. I think I want happy endings at the moment, or something.

I have done some more cards but I still haven't put the tree up. I did sort of clear a space for it just now. (I am having a fit of semi-productivity. I also changed the toilet paper and plugged Rob's cell phone into the charger for him, because it's one of those things he never does himself.)

On the cold front (so to speak), I keep taking more and more pills:
Besides the antidepressants and sleep aids I take all the time, I have had:
a Zyrtec 24 hour
generic Sudafed (2)
a baby aspirin
an Aleve
a Mucinex

(OK, most of that is stuff I take all the time, really. I guess it's the Mucinex, and the way I keep adding more, that makes it feel over the top.)

I have also been attempting to study, but I'm reading the section about the nose, which is just making me more aware of how itchy/runny/miserable my nose currently feels. Ugh.

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Rather baffling exchange on tonight's "Hardball":
Matthews is interviewing Haley Barbour, who is the Republican governor of... some state. I'm resisting the urge to go look it up, because I don't much care. Maybe Michigan, maybe Mississippi. (I think maybe it's the latter, actually.)

Matthews: Is Sarah Palin qualified to be president?
Barbour: Well.... she's certainly constitutionally qualified.
Matthews: You're not answering my question. Is Sarah Palin qualified to be president?
Barbour (without too much enthusiasm): Sure, she's qualified. Why not?
Matthews: Why won't you answer my question?

The thing that I find baffling is that Matthews considers that to be a non-answer (or maybe he was really trying to get Barbour to say something bad about her - that seems somewhat more plausible). To me that first answer is very very clear - it's practically the textbook definition of "damning with faint praise," isn't it? She's constitutionally qualified? Well, yeah. So is my dad, but I wouldn't vote for him for president, either.

(OK, I looked: it's Mississippi. And here's the video. My version above is a paraphrase, of course, but upon listening again, it's fairly accurate as a quick summary of that exchange.)

I think I've mentioned before that I watch a lot of MSNBC at night. I love Rachel Maddow unreservedly, and I love Keith Olbermann when he's not doing his "funny" voices. I love Chris Matthews some of the time. I like "The Ed Show" on the rare occasions when Ed quits yelling. But mostly I'm watching for Rachel and Keith. Luckily MSNBC knows where their bread is buttered, and during the overnight hours they rerun Keith three times, Rachel twice, and Chris and Ed once each. (I noticed a similar pattern on CNN a while back: Anderson Cooper was getting rerun a whopping four times, Larry King twice, and Lou Dobbs once. At 3am. I was pretty sure even then that Lou's days on CNN were numbered.) I usually watch my two favorites all the way through at least once, and I will go back and find them on iTunes' podcasts if I somehow manage to miss them completely. I don't ever bother with podcasts for the others. I often don't make it through Ed even once if he's really in shouty mode. And at 4am my time, when they go to live news, I more often turn it off, if I've made it that far. I usually feel like I'm caught up enough on the news by that point - not that much generally happens in the overnight hours, anyway. (And after the 4am news, they go into their more conservative mode with "Morning Joe" and such and I can't usually tolerate that for long.)
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Somebody just posted a bit on efw about the 80s show where the guy lived with his long-lost Mediterranean cousin, and y'know, I can see the faces of both lead actors in my head and I think I even remember the cousin's name (Balki, or something to that effect) but I can't remember the name of the show or the actors or, thank god, the theme song, nor am I sure I really want to remember any of these things - particularly the theme song - although I'm sure it will all come to me sooner or later whether I want it to or not, anyway. All I can think of is The Facts of Life, which of course is an entirely different obnoxious 80s show, although I know a lot of people remember it, or maybe both of them, amazingly fondly. Part of the problem, I think, is that many of the TV comedies of that period had totally unmemorable and conceivably interchangeable names - Family Ties? Different Strokes? Good Times? And it probably makes a difference that I was not a kid of the 80s, either. Alex P. Keaton was not one of my cultural touchstones, y'know? Anyway, I feel like the answers to this are right on the tip of my tongue, but I suspect I'd be happier in the end if I failed to remember. Not a chance of that happening, I know.
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I forgot to say that last night in the wee hours I watched season one of Mythbusters (which is only three episodes) in order to get away from the endless talk about you-know-who on the TV. It was very entertaining - rocket cars and exploding biscuit cans and whatshisname painted gold, like in Goldfinger. I was particularly interested in that last one because I remember a friend explaining to me about the girl (allegedly) dying from the gold paint and I was fascinated - I must have been seven or eight at the time.

OK, I really ought to go study now. Tomorrow we are going to the Astros game so now much studying is likely to occur then, either.

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James Baker is on CNN (it's a repeat from earlier, I'm sure) saying he agrees with a lot of what Obama is doing about foreign policy. I always have thought - or, well, I've thought for a number of years, anyway - that Baker is generally a pretty reasonable guy, which probably makes him one of those moderates that the Republicans have famously been trying to drive out of the party, doesn't it? Bill Bennett was also on; he did not have as many nice things to say, unsurprisingly. I am almost to the point of having to turn the channel when Bennett comes on, because he's so smug it makes me want to scream. And it seems like he's always on, on one news channel or another.

I know "Bill Bennett is smug" is not exactly news. I think the point may be more that I'm in news overload, really. Except that I'm enjoying a lot of it. I am on an MSNBC tear lately, and am watching less CNN, generally. Politics interests me more than murders and much, much more than celebrity news, which makes MSNBC a much better fit for me. Especially at this moment in history, with the Republican Party pretty much in free-fall, MSNBC is a lot of fun to watch, since they are not at all shy about the mocking - in fact they tend sometimes to go overboard with the mockery, even for my taste. At least Keith Olbermann has recently given up doing his "funny" Sean Hannity voice, which was a relief, since I really like the guy otherwise. (Olbermann, I mean, not Hannity.)

I do most of my news-watching after Rob goes to bed. Before that we mostly watch baseball, this time of year. I've been watching Anderson Cooper for a while and then switching over to MSNBC when I get tired of that. Both networks fill most of the night on weeknights by repeating their prime-time shows. At 4am my time MSNBC switches back over to live news, and I think CNN does so around that same time, too - 5am Eastern is when people start getting up again, I guess. (CNN finally repeats Lou Dobbs' show at 3am, which I can't watch, thus I am unsure about what comes on after it!) I really haven't been going to bed before 4 at all lately, and often it's later than that. Everybody keeps telling me that I'm going to have trouble going back to a "normal" schedule when I get a job again, but my past history is that I slide right back to it pretty easily when I have to. But I am absolutely a natural night person, as you can tell!

I am watching CNN right now instead of MSNBC because the latter changes their late-night programming on the weekends and runs things like "Lockup" and various shows about murders. I can watch a certain amount of that but I definitely don't have the almost-endless taste for it that I do for politics. (One weekend I did get really interested in a series where they were following real-life forensic pathologists around, though.)

Bill Bennett is back on, and I just turned the TV off. I think I have a podcast of last night's "Countdown" I can watch.
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Well, we did finish watching the old "Lost" in time for the new "Lost" and I was pretty glad we did. It appears that we stopped watching right about the time the show started improving. And god knows there's not much else to watch right now, anyway!

Partly in service of improving the "nothing to watch" problem, I finally went onto and reported the "House" disk that disappeared while we were moving as lost. (Heh, maybe it'll turn up on the island!!) It gave me a message when it went through that you can return the lost disk for a refund if it turns up within a year, which is nice - especially since I keep expecting it to turn up any day now. I know I saw it when we were packing, so unless we accidentally gave it to Goodwill, it ought to be here someplace! The problem is the boxes full of papers - mostly my mom's stuff - that we haven't gotten around to scanning/shredding yet. If it's in there, no telling how long it will be! The next thing we need to do, Netflix-wise, is either watch or return the two X-Files disks we have had out for ages.

This weekend is Mardi Gras (that is, the Galveston version, which is largely confined to the two weekends prior to Fat Tuesday), and the weather is supposed to be pretty nice for the Momus parade, which in turn means the traffic in Galveston, and especially getting in and out of town, will be horrific. We don't ever go to the parades, mostly because neither of us is big on crowds. One of these years I need to buy us grandstand tickets so that we will obliged to go to the big parade. It's supposed to be pretty nice, and I know that a good many people I know are probably actually in the parade, since it's a big deal in certain circles here. (Mostly the kind of circles that have money. Krewe membership is expensive.)

My sinuses are still making me crazy. It probably has to do with the ever-changing weather we get this time of year - one day cold, the next day warm. Quite literally. Yesterday morning it was pouring down rain; yesterday afternoon I got out on the porch and watered the plants barefoot. But this morning it was cold again.

I got my hair colored again yesterday even though it'd only been about six weeks, I think. But my bangs were way the hell down in my eyes and the gray was already visible in my roots, and I thought, well, if I'm going to go get my bangs trimmed I might as well do the whole shebang and get it over with. But I can't make a habit of doing it that often, it costs too much. I did make sure the guy trimmed the front shorter this time. Last time we were chatting madly about something-or-other and I forgot to pay sufficient attention to the haircut. I need to watch that. The haircut as a whole looks good, anyway, and so does the color. I look about 10 years younger with my hair colored and cut right, I really do.

I have to quote[personal profile] ursulahitler because this cracked me up - from a political discussion the other day: 'Look at this way: whoever wins, we'll be trading way, way up. The mayor from "Buffy" would be an improvement! Pre or post ascension, either way, he'd be better than W!'

Other linkiness:
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(I have nothing to say about WW except that I need to stay away from Pizza Hut.)

Three "Lost" episodes to go. We got to the point where
right about the time Rob was ready to go to bed last night, and I was so interested I really didn't want to stop. But I did. We would have gotten further, but I made the mistake of reminding Rob that "American Idol" was on. And then there turned out to be a new "House" episode on too. Aren't all the scripted shows supposed to be running out of episodes, already?

Mostly for[personal profile] columbina's benefit: at least two of the guild members who stomped off in a huff last week have already come back. Which made me happy - it got a bit quiet there for a while. (For everybody else: we've had pointless internet drama going on in our GuildWars group. Nobody even seems to know the whole story - I certainly don't - but a good proportion of the guild got mad at the current officers over something-or-other and quit. So silly.)


Mmm, fudge

Dec. 23rd, 2006 01:45 am
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It is late and I am tired, and I am thinking about making fudge. Am I crazy? Well, maybe so, but I may do it anyway.

I'm not really sure why, but Armed and Famous sounds like the funniest thing ever. I can't help it. Celebrities with guns! Honestly, how can you beat that? (Maybe that is more proof that I'm really tired, but no, I've been thinking that for days, ever since I found out they were actual cops, all legal and everything. It just sounds like comedy gold, that's all I can say.)

There is fudge. Usually, every time I cook, I end up thinking about the reasons why I don't cook more; one of the major ones is that it's a serious minepit for somebody with attention-deficit disorder. There's a million ways to screw things up - not only burning the food and the obvious things like that, but also the truly dangerous stuff - burning me, or somebody else, waving a knife the wrong way at the wrong time. (I have come close to doing that one before.) Anyway, the good thing about this fudge recipe is that you don't step away from it for even ten seconds while it's cooking, so there's no danger of even somebody as spacy as me forgetting about it. It seems to be fine, and I will probably make another batch tomorrow. But not tonight.

(This was the fudge recipe I wrote about the other day - it's also here. I did double the pecans, more or less - I put half of a one-pound bag of pecan pieces in there. This is going to be some seriously nutty fudge.)

I didn't really do much today. I played GuildWars a lot - the Wintersday celebration is in full swing so that gave everybody new things to do - and I wrapped presents, and we went to the grocery store. Then I played GuildWars some more, and goofed around... and then I made fudge at 1 in the morning. That's about it.

Rima in Lion's Arch
A screenshot from GW: my elementalist Rima in Lion's Arch.

Holidailies gold


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