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Well, we did finish watching the old "Lost" in time for the new "Lost" and I was pretty glad we did. It appears that we stopped watching right about the time the show started improving. And god knows there's not much else to watch right now, anyway!

Partly in service of improving the "nothing to watch" problem, I finally went onto and reported the "House" disk that disappeared while we were moving as lost. (Heh, maybe it'll turn up on the island!!) It gave me a message when it went through that you can return the lost disk for a refund if it turns up within a year, which is nice - especially since I keep expecting it to turn up any day now. I know I saw it when we were packing, so unless we accidentally gave it to Goodwill, it ought to be here someplace! The problem is the boxes full of papers - mostly my mom's stuff - that we haven't gotten around to scanning/shredding yet. If it's in there, no telling how long it will be! The next thing we need to do, Netflix-wise, is either watch or return the two X-Files disks we have had out for ages.

This weekend is Mardi Gras (that is, the Galveston version, which is largely confined to the two weekends prior to Fat Tuesday), and the weather is supposed to be pretty nice for the Momus parade, which in turn means the traffic in Galveston, and especially getting in and out of town, will be horrific. We don't ever go to the parades, mostly because neither of us is big on crowds. One of these years I need to buy us grandstand tickets so that we will obliged to go to the big parade. It's supposed to be pretty nice, and I know that a good many people I know are probably actually in the parade, since it's a big deal in certain circles here. (Mostly the kind of circles that have money. Krewe membership is expensive.)

My sinuses are still making me crazy. It probably has to do with the ever-changing weather we get this time of year - one day cold, the next day warm. Quite literally. Yesterday morning it was pouring down rain; yesterday afternoon I got out on the porch and watered the plants barefoot. But this morning it was cold again.

I got my hair colored again yesterday even though it'd only been about six weeks, I think. But my bangs were way the hell down in my eyes and the gray was already visible in my roots, and I thought, well, if I'm going to go get my bangs trimmed I might as well do the whole shebang and get it over with. But I can't make a habit of doing it that often, it costs too much. I did make sure the guy trimmed the front shorter this time. Last time we were chatting madly about something-or-other and I forgot to pay sufficient attention to the haircut. I need to watch that. The haircut as a whole looks good, anyway, and so does the color. I look about 10 years younger with my hair colored and cut right, I really do.

I have to quote[personal profile] ursulahitler because this cracked me up - from a political discussion the other day: 'Look at this way: whoever wins, we'll be trading way, way up. The mayor from "Buffy" would be an improvement! Pre or post ascension, either way, he'd be better than W!'

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Huh. Some of the spammers that love me so much seem to have gotten a new technique. The sender's name has a name and then "News Service" and the subject is a real news headline from the past couple of days - "Senator's condition upgraded" was one - but after that it goes off into trying to sell stock. It did at least catch my attention, which puts it ahead of most spam, I guess.

The real Father of Lies?

I'm off this afternoon. I'm going to get my hair colored after lunch.[info]columbina always asks me if it's going to be pink, or chartreuse, but no, it should be the same color it has been - a relatively sedate violet-tinged red-brown. My natural color is a very neutral dark brown, but since I've been coloring it I keep leaning more towards plummy-red tones.
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There is more seaweed on the beach today than I've ever seen, and I've seen an awful lot of seaweed this year already. It looks like a carpet over the sand - 15 or 20 feet wide in some places. I noticed yesterday on the way home that you could see a ton of it floating out in the water, so I wasn't terribly surprised this morning when it was everywhere, but the sheer volume of it was still amazing. There wasn't much left in the water this morning that I could see, though, so maybe this round of it is mostly over with for now. The funny thing is that I haven't noticed it smelling as bad as it has in past years, and I drive with the windows open in the afternoons fairly often. I keep wanting to invent some ominous global-warming-related explanation for all this, but it could just as easily just be some normal cyclical sort of thing. Anyway, the earth-moving equipment was already out there moving it around. And - somewhat strangely, to my mind - the tourists don't seem to be all that put off by it that I can tell, in any case. At least, they're still always out there every day. (I suppose seaweed-covered beach is better than no beach at all.)

There's a lot of nattering about the All-Star Game starting here, if you're interested in such things. Now I'm just happy to have two days with no baseball, so I can catch up on Netflix.


I am off work this afternoon and I am getting my hair done. I am very, very happy about that. It's at that length right now where it's down in my eyes all the time, driving me crazy.


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