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There is more seaweed on the beach today than I've ever seen, and I've seen an awful lot of seaweed this year already. It looks like a carpet over the sand - 15 or 20 feet wide in some places. I noticed yesterday on the way home that you could see a ton of it floating out in the water, so I wasn't terribly surprised this morning when it was everywhere, but the sheer volume of it was still amazing. There wasn't much left in the water this morning that I could see, though, so maybe this round of it is mostly over with for now. The funny thing is that I haven't noticed it smelling as bad as it has in past years, and I drive with the windows open in the afternoons fairly often. I keep wanting to invent some ominous global-warming-related explanation for all this, but it could just as easily just be some normal cyclical sort of thing. Anyway, the earth-moving equipment was already out there moving it around. And - somewhat strangely, to my mind - the tourists don't seem to be all that put off by it that I can tell, in any case. At least, they're still always out there every day. (I suppose seaweed-covered beach is better than no beach at all.)

There's a lot of nattering about the All-Star Game starting here, if you're interested in such things. Now I'm just happy to have two days with no baseball, so I can catch up on Netflix.


I am off work this afternoon and I am getting my hair done. I am very, very happy about that. It's at that length right now where it's down in my eyes all the time, driving me crazy.
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Yesterday morning the water was almost slick and it was the color of ice, silvery-blue. It was beautiful. After the front came in it changed, and it's dark gray and the water's choppy. The surfers are out again. So are the pelicans. (I never quite figure out the patterns with the pelicans - they've been gone for a few days. They nest on an island in East Bay, behind Galveston Island, though, so maybe they stay back there for some reason.)

I listened to baseball all afternoon but I watched the VP debate tonight. Sounds like the game I missed was the best one.

Do you think I can sneak out of work early tomorrow to watch the Astros game?
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I explained my theory of weather forecasting by TV trucks last week (see September 15), so I will tell you that there was one out there today, only I really haven't figured out why. There was something weird going on today, though; I got an e-mail with a Coastal Flood Warning. Apparently, for reasons I don't quite understand, the tides are a couple of feet higher than normal. But would they really send a truck down from Houston for high tides?

The whole problem with my theory, of course, is that there are reasons other than the weather for TV trucks to be on the Seawall. Like, well, shark bites. The day after that girl got bitten this summer, there was a traffic jam apparently caused entirely by TV trucks. (Incidentally, somebody told me that that girl is recording an album. I guess she's taking advantage of her 15 minutes.)


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