Jul. 13th, 2005

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There is more seaweed on the beach today than I've ever seen, and I've seen an awful lot of seaweed this year already. It looks like a carpet over the sand - 15 or 20 feet wide in some places. I noticed yesterday on the way home that you could see a ton of it floating out in the water, so I wasn't terribly surprised this morning when it was everywhere, but the sheer volume of it was still amazing. There wasn't much left in the water this morning that I could see, though, so maybe this round of it is mostly over with for now. The funny thing is that I haven't noticed it smelling as bad as it has in past years, and I drive with the windows open in the afternoons fairly often. I keep wanting to invent some ominous global-warming-related explanation for all this, but it could just as easily just be some normal cyclical sort of thing. Anyway, the earth-moving equipment was already out there moving it around. And - somewhat strangely, to my mind - the tourists don't seem to be all that put off by it that I can tell, in any case. At least, they're still always out there every day. (I suppose seaweed-covered beach is better than no beach at all.)

There's a lot of nattering about the All-Star Game starting here, if you're interested in such things. Now I'm just happy to have two days with no baseball, so I can catch up on Netflix.


I am off work this afternoon and I am getting my hair done. I am very, very happy about that. It's at that length right now where it's down in my eyes all the time, driving me crazy.


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