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(Written during the wee hours last night.)

I have a cold so I am an unhappy camper. I am sneezing and sniffling and hoping I don't have the flu - although I'm not all achy and stuff so probably not.

I am still not getting much studying done, but at least being sick gives me a bit of an excuse. I watched the last episodes of "The Vicar of Dibley" last night, which I got it from Netflix and I had never seen before. I think the disk was called "Holy Wholly Happy Ending" (or was it "Wholly Holy"? I dunno) and it had the last two episodes on it - although according to IMDb, there was also apparently a Comic Relief special which aired after these, so they weren't technically the last. Anyway, I have watched scattered episodes of this show over the years but I hadn't seen these. And actually, apparently scattered episodes is all there are, really - I didn't realize it but they only ever made 24 episodes (in over 10 years) including the various specials. Actually it looked like it got to be like Dr. Who has been lately - all specials. British TV is weird sometimes.

I knew I recognized the guy who played the Vicar's love interest but I had to look it up to figure out why he looked so familiar. His name is Richard Armitage, and he plays Guy of Gisbourne on the BBC version of "Robin Hood" - which I have been watching again lately, somewhat to my shame. I decided the reason I didn't recognize him even though I saw him on the (very) last episode just last week was because Guy of Gisbourne never smiles. Seriously, I really honestly think that character never smiled once in the whole series. Very angsty - so when I saw him smiling and acting like a normal guy I couldn't make the connection.

I have also watched Wall-E several times in the last few days. And the commentary. And also Enchanted. I think I want happy endings at the moment, or something.

I have done some more cards but I still haven't put the tree up. I did sort of clear a space for it just now. (I am having a fit of semi-productivity. I also changed the toilet paper and plugged Rob's cell phone into the charger for him, because it's one of those things he never does himself.)

On the cold front (so to speak), I keep taking more and more pills:
Besides the antidepressants and sleep aids I take all the time, I have had:
a Zyrtec 24 hour
generic Sudafed (2)
a baby aspirin
an Aleve
a Mucinex

(OK, most of that is stuff I take all the time, really. I guess it's the Mucinex, and the way I keep adding more, that makes it feel over the top.)

I have also been attempting to study, but I'm reading the section about the nose, which is just making me more aware of how itchy/runny/miserable my nose currently feels. Ugh.

Date: 2009-12-15 04:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Mmmm, Richard Armitage.

Sorry you're sick and hope you feel better soon.


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