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Inevitably, conservatives are pissed off at the political/religious messages in Avatar. I'm still pissed off at the bad plot, myself. (It sure is making a godawful amount of money, though. You can't help but be impressed.)

Holidailies is over, and as always, I forgot to say thanks to Jette and Chip for doing it. Thanks guys, if you're reading! (Also, I posted at 11-something last night, and the only person who posted after me was [ profile] kymmz , meaning (I guess) that our posts will be sitting at the top of the main Holidailies page for the next 11 months. Which is sort of cool. Procrastinators unite!)

Ooh, Rachel Maddow is on Letterman tonight. I totally have a girl-crush on her, have you noticed?

Rob reported that there were people out buying groceries in a panic yesterday. I never even went outside yesterday because my back was hurting and also because I decided to take my respiratory system test right at the time I normally go out, but the Weather Channel reports that it is 43 degrees outside right now. Which is pretty cold by our standards for the middle of the day. As [ profile] cleolinda discussed yesterday, cold snap panics in the south are usually less about snow, really, and more about ice and falling branches/trees and associated power outages. Now I'm wondering a bit if there's anything I ought to stock up on, just in case.

Alright, I have to go study - I have sworn to set myself daily goals and if I don't meet them (or well, at least come reasonably close) then no LOTRO. [ profile] columbina has even volunteered to nag me about it. (Oh, and I made an 88 on my test.)


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