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(I wrote this about a week ago and never posted it; now seems as good a time as any.)

Did you know that you can look at a page like a friendslist, but it's actually the friends of your friends? I didn't.

Friends of my friends:
One assumes, looking at the way that URL is set up, that you can do this for yourself or anybody else by inserting a screenname, as in "".  I think that this has great potential as a timewaster - uh, not to imply that reading anybody's friendslist is a waste of time, you know, but I have some people on my friendslist (like [personal profile] cleolinda) who have truly enormous numbers of friends, so the upshot is that my "friends of friends" page gets updated a LOT.

So that's something to remember for those times when Slashdot/Fark/TUS/MATH+1/(name-your-normal-obsession) is having an off day.

One thing I found while perusing that was the Pirates of the Carribean community (entertainingly named "arrrrr"), and from that I got to this- it's somebody's ungodly huge collection of POTC merchandise, which for some reason unduly fascinates me.

Related to that, sort of:
What kind of pirate are you?

and in another fandom entirely, the Veronica Mars community.

(I know, I know, everybody but me who's interested has probably seen these already. But I hadn't, and who knows, maybe somebody else hadn't either.)

I won't be joining the VM one because it seems to be very active, and I'm not quite into it enough to want it cluttering up my friendslist. (And this is summer. Imagine how many it must have when there are actually new episodes to talk about.) Besides, I haven't seen season 2 yet and even though I gather the consensus is that it's not anywhere near as good as the first season, I still intend to watch it and don't want to be spoiled. (I put it in my Netflix queue yesterday. I believe the release date is 8/22.)

(Livejournal needs a list for that: communities that you don't want on your friendslist but you do want to remember they exist. OK, I suppose that's a little pointless. Except it's not!)

(Yeah, I'm in THAT kind of mood today. So sue me.)

Also, I've gotten interested in visual journals, so I need to remember this link. Partly I got interested in that because of moderngypsy's "Artscouts" (the journal piece of which is here) - but I also think I am going to need inspiration for the Day of the Dead quilt, which I am still blundering around in the dark about, to some extent. I have a vague idea about what I'm going to do but I still need the specifics. And I need to start making notes and collecting motifs, and so forth, and this sounds like a good way to do it.


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