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protrusion of the eyeballs, as seen in Graves disease

Did you know there was a fancy medical name for this? I didn't. (Not that I'm surprised, really, but still....)

I finished going through the chapter on the endocrine system yesterday and now I'm starting the nervous system - they're both on the same test and I noticed that the average grade on this test is lower than most. Now that I've read the endocrine chapter I'm not surprised - there's a lot to remember. Lots of endocrine glands, a couple of which I've never even heard of (parathyroid? really?) and some of the glands secrete six or seven different hormones. I'm sure they won't really expect us to have all of that memorized, but I'd like to at least have some clue about it!

A couple of links, one medical and one not:

Really fascinating article about how Apgar scores for babies came to be. (I'm never 100% sure about whether you can see some of these without a login - tell me if you have trouble!)

Tangential to the Sotomayor nomination, here's [ profile] drdenny about the "mainstream" and how the political parties are fighting for possession of that rhetorical territory.

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I did - again thanks to the craniofacial class in school. This is seen in several genetic/congenital disorders as well, such as in Crouzon syndrome.

You Mean "Bug-Eyed"

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That's a great story about Virginia Apgar. My son was 9 and 9, and his Apgar scores was one of the the first things I asked the nurses. (The first was, "Is he ok?" Happily the answer was, "Yes.")


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