Feb. 3rd, 2007

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I really think there must be something in the water. Not only is Texas requiring the HPV vaccine (and even more surprisingly, offering to pay for those who can't afford it), but now Florida is abandoning paperless voting.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but my mother's first round of cancer (diagnosed about 5 years ago, well before the whole brain tumor business) was apparently related to the HPV which my father gave her. So I take this whole vaccine thing a little more personally than I might otherwise.

I sat and held my mother's hand for a couple of hours this afternoon. She's pretty much completely nonresponsive, but they apparently have been getting a small amount of food into her, which is good. I am feeling really guilty about not being over there more, but the fact is that Art probably doesn't want me hanging around all the time, and I don't really want to be there all the time, so I really need to cut it out with the excessive guilt. At least I keep telling myself that. It's not doing too much good, though.

(Let me modify the above by saying that I already *am* planning on going to see my mother more in the time that she has left. What I am not currently planning on doing is, well, holding vigil, if you know what I mean. I don't think I could stand it. Although I don't know, I may change my mind when the time comes.)


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