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Dec. 1st, 2018 01:11 am
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Hi, I'm Mel and I'm a nail junkie.
Wanna know what I have on my nails right now? It has many layers - base coat, a couple of layers of KL Polish Cozy In There? and then top-coat - that's the first stage. I wore that for a couple of days and it was chipping so I patched up the chips a bit and then I added a new polish: KL Polish Pisces. Cozy In There (yes, it's a Walking Dead reference) is a blue-gray creme; Pisces is a blue-green shimmer (water-colors, see) so they played very nicely with each other. And I had another new polish I wanted to play with, so one thumbnail also has a coat of a top-coat called Rustling Leaves. It's coppery-looking flakes, and it's very pretty. I'm currently contemplating whether to start over or to just slap Rustling Leaves on top of it all for the weekend.
(I own a polish called Nail Junkie. It's a Sinful Colors polish, which means you used to could buy it at Walgreen's etc. for $1.99, but they don't make it any more so now you can't.)
Anyway, this isn't actually what I was intending to talk about. I was thinking about it on the way home from work and I was thinking about, among other things, the reason I buy polishes instead of getting manicures. (A guy at work asked me once - in the hearing of his girlfriend, presumably because he expected a different answer - if I saved a lot of money doing my own nails, and I said, "Not the way I do it." That's because I own many, many bottles of nail polish, and while I'm partial to buying stuff on sale, I'm pretty sure the average price is considerably above $1.99.)

You could say I have issues with what I let people do to my body. Nails, hair, massages, all of that kind of thing - it's not actually that I'm averse to being touched, so much as that I'm, well, a little bit of a control freak, I guess? I want to control the way I'm touched and whether you buff my nails and what you do to my hair and my eyebrows (do you know how badly some people have wanted to play with my eyebrows? and they didn't seem to realize that that was at all strange). Yeah, I guess it comes down to control, now that I think about it. I'm sure we could tie that back to my childhood and blah blah blah but let's not go there.
Hmm, okay, that's not quite where I meant this to go either. But most of the people that are reading this are probably the same people that have been doing (or just reading) Holidailies for years and it's probably not news to most of you that I'm a little wacky. I was tempted to backspace over part of the parargraph above but I think I'll let it sit.
So hi, I'm Mel. Don't try to buff my nails.

 (Some links: KL Polish, Rustling Leaves, somebody else's pictures of Nail Junkie, my own nail blog)
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 I've spent the last couple of hours trying to come up with a favorite nail polish of 2017. I think I figured it out but I still need to take some pictures for it. (Or maybe I don't, really, but I have to look at what I already have, at least.) The result will be up on the nail blog, but probably not until Tuesday. Today I have a list of every polish that I could come up with that I wore for the first time this year, which is the list that I used to pick my favorites from. Tomorrow I have a top 10. I'm saving the big reveal for Tuesday, when I figure more people will be back at work and wanting to read frivolous blog posts.

I talk about it every time I have to come up with a favorite movie or even a favorite color. I just don't seem to think of things that way. With movies and with books, I have more of a shortlist of things I love. (Music is even worse, I have long list of things instead.) With color, I used to say it was red, years ago, and then I started quilting and I realized I basically love all colors. Red is great and it's the one I look really good in, but I don't wear it on my nails much at all. (It's especially prone to chipping, for some reason, and I hate polishes that chip. And red lipstick smears - there seems to be something about red pigment.) I managed to come up with a favorite polish by process of elimination - get it down to a smallish list (15 or 20) then narrow it down again and again. When I got down to three I went and pulled the bottles out and looked at them, and I could see which one was the winner in my eyes almost immediately. But if I try to pick from too many it's overwhelming.

In other news, we've been watching Mindhunter, and even though we're still on episodes I've already seen before (because I watched them at my sister's house two weeks ago) I am still thoroughly creeped out. Actually I think it was even creepier the second time through.

We went to see Jumanji a couple of days ago, and I really liked it. I was a bit surprised. I know I saw the old one once, years ago (I think on TV or video, probably, not in a theater) but all I remembered was that the game came alive or something and that there were a lot of stampeding animals. I think I liked this new one more because a lot of the plot takes off from videogames. I think mostly the games sounded more like the ones I never played (like Tomb Raider, etc.), but still, I get it. I sat there the whole time calculating how many lives people had left. Anyway, tomorrow we may go see The Last Jedi again. There's some more things we would like to see but they would all require going to the Cinemark and both of us tend to avoid that (it's always so crowded!) unless there's something we really want to see. We'll have to see if anything manages to get us there in the next few weeks.

Well, 2017 is basically over (there's another hour, here) - I can hear fireworks popping outside. We're supposed to have a hard freeze tomorrow night, which is cold by our standards, and I feel for  you guys where it's way worse. (I saw on Twitter something about the daytime temperature in Canada being lower than on Mars - that's pretty trippy. Really I can't even imagine.)
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 I've just washed my hair, and I've got bare nails and I think I've decided what polish is going on. Tuesday is the start of my work-week, or at least this week it is. And I have to go in relatively early, too, so there's no question of me being able to do some of this when I get up. So expect a rambly entry here, between coats of nail polish.

I know some of you guys know already, and I'm sure others don't, that I have a nail blog. (It's called "Delicious Color" which was a play on mellicious/delicious, see, although "mellicious" itself was just a silly pun in the first place. I increasingly wish I'd thought up a better name, but eh.) I started out just putting up the occasional entry, but for the last year or more I've been posting really regularly, practically every day. Most posts are just a picture of a polish and a swatch, and I talk a little (or occasionally a lot) about the polish in question. I have a really large number of nail polishes - like, many hundreds - so basically the blog has just become my personal reference work so I can remember what's what. I do have some readers but I've never particularly sought them out, and I don't do fancy swatches or try to get PR merchandise or anything. Sometimes I talk about makeup and stuff like that - the last post yesterday was about eyeshadow, which is probably a first.

I've been gradually slowing down on nail polish purchases, since I already have more than I can possibly wear, but I've made up for it by really being obsessed with (mostly expensive) moisturizers for the last couple of years. My latest obsession seems to be fancy (and also expensive) hair products. I bought some Bumble and Bumble stuff and then Sephora had $20 off a $50 purchase for VIBs (which is, like, their frequent buyer program - I hardly ever go into a Sephora store but I do buy far too much online) so I bought some Briogeo scalp stuff that Kathleen Lights was talking about. (That's here, and it's a sponsored post, for the record. I had used Briogeo products before so I didn't care, but I don't want to link to that without saying so!)

I don't remember Sephora doing that $20 off $50 thing before, but it's actually a really smart thing to do this time of year, now that I think about it, because you could use it on a gift or you could use it for a gift for yourself like I did! I don't think I would have bought what I bought at full price. Kathleen had a code, too, and I was looking at that but then I remembered the Sephora promo and I realized that that was going to end up being cheaper from Sephora, even though what I bought was less than $50. (I added a sale item to get it up to $50.)

I keep my nails cut pretty short these days but I still wear whatever crazy nail polish I want. My employer does not judge my choice of nail polish! I took a shoebox-sized box of nail polish with me when I went up to my aunt's a couple of weeks ago - I figured my cousins would be around, and they were - and got them to take most of it off my hands (figuratively speaking). I forget that a lot of the nail polish I have is what other people would consider "out there" - some of my cousins were like, "Oh, I would never wear blue" - or purple, for god's sake, I think of purple as being middle of the road. (I think I'm about to put Zoya Carter on, actually, which is purple and glittery and probably they would think is out there, too.)

I've just put base-coat on so far. I noticed as I did that that my nails are stained pretty badly - it probably has to do with all the orange polish I wore all during October while the playoffs were going on. (Or maybe it was something else - blue is usually the worst staining culprit.)

(If I get a decent picture of Carter, I'll put it up later.) (Later: that's here.)

P.S. I just realized that my fifth blogiversary went by on the nail blog without me thinking to say anything about it. Not that it's a big deal, but I have kept up with it for a pretty long time!
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It's Christmas, as far as I'm concerned. We're even having Chinese food afterwards.

(We work til 9:30 on Friday so that left a tight window to go to any movie then. We just got the tickets for 7:00 Saturday instead.)

I don't think I mentioned that I actually read the Rogue One "prequel" book that came out a month or so ago. It's called Catalyst. It's not a great book but it was pretty interesting. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody but rabid Star Wars fans, really. It's the backstory of Jyn's childhood and how her father - who wasn't at all interested in weapons design - got roped into the Death Star project. It has a lot of back and forth between Galen, her father, and Orson Krennic, who's trying to get a weapon built for the Death Star. Kind of the most interesting part was a lot of detail thrown in here and there about the building of the Death Star. It took them years and years to build it (which is logical but I've never heard anybody say so before) - they started out with a flat circle and built from there, and the early part all had to be done by robots since there was no air. That was honestly the part I liked the best, not all the bickering and politics between Galen and Lyra (Jyn's mother) and Krennic and Tarkin. I'll be interested to see how much of that backstory made it into the movie.

Added after seeing the movie: having read the book did help me understand why Krennic pretty clearly went into the confrontation at the beginning of the movie planning to shoot Lyra unless she shut up and came quietly. He blamed her for - well, basically he was trying to pull the wool over Galen's eyes about what he (Krennic) was trying to do with Galen's research, and she kept making Galen wake up and see. And she masterminded the getaway scheme that resulted in them escaping the Empire (temporarily) and taking up farming.

I went and looked and Rogue One made $29 million on Thursday night previews, which is not surprising, really.

I watched "The Force Awakens" just now, since I am so firmly in Star Wars mode. Oh, and also I put on my Star Wars nail polish - which I actually forgot about last year. It's called These Are Not The Droids You're Looking For. I was already wearing dark-blue polish so it goes really well over that.

Holidailies - blue
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I said last night that I didn't have any nail polish icons, and so after I posted, I went and poked around in the icon communities, and to my amazement, among all the fandom icons I actually found a nail polish one. So don't think this is my nails or anything (my nails haven't been as long as the ones in that icon for some time now!) but hey, I have a nail icon! (And this is my 200th icon, for the record. I've been on LJ for a long time and I was a paid member and then a permanent one, so because of all that I have a lot of space for icons. I think it said I can have up to 235, now.)

That said, I'm not planning to write a whole entry about nail polish again, I'm not saying that might not happen before the end of Holidailies, if I can't think of anything else to write about, but definitely not today, anyway. Instead - as I usually have regularly for the past several years - I'm going to write about Music Advent. (Although there is a nail polish connection down here somewhere.)

I think this is the fourth year they've had Music Advent, where you pick out a music video daily from Dec.1-25. (This mostly takes place on Twitter using the hashtag #musicadvent, but has also expanded to other social media platforms to some extent, I think.) They've had other themes in other years, but this year it's modeled on something called The Chain, which is a BBC Radio thing. You just have to come up with a connection between one song and the next - any connection. I sat in the car one night on the commute home and came up with most of the ones I've used so far, but now (after the four in this entry) I'm just winging it. I figure if I get stuck I can just google the song and figure out some sort of connection to some other song - same producer, maybe, or same year - the possibilities are pretty endless.

So I started out with a connection in mind that I didn't actually use, but I figure if I get organized enough to be clever, I can work back around to it at the end and make it a circle. The one I didn't use was that this first song was on the mixtape that we used at our wedding reception. So if I end with another song from that tape, then I'll have a circle. (I don't think I remember what all the songs were on the tape, but we spent quite a lot of time on that tape and I remember quite a few of them, even after nearly 30 years.)

This song, was, in fact, the first song played at our wedding reception - "Chapel of Love" by the Dixie Cups:

Rob came up with some stuff that I wouldn't have thought of, and some of my friends from Austin helped, too. I was never a really huge fan of all the 60s girl-group stuff, so on my own I would never have thought of this song. (If you followed all my many Music Advent posts from past years, you may already know that I'm a much bigger fan of the oldies of the 80s - although we got married in 1987, so they weren't even oldies at the time - than the 60s.)

For Day 2, my connection was "from the chapel to the wedding" - which maybe wasn't the most glib phrasing I could have come up with, but anyway, it works as a connection.

This is definitely one of my 80s songs. I remember watching this one on MTV, back when MTV was relatively new and people actually sat and watched it.

So this second song was actually the first connection I thought of, because I had some Pandora 80s channel on in the car that night. It's not highly original but oh well. It's Billy Idol/American Idol. Rob and I watched American Idol for years so it was a pretty obvious one to me. And then I picked this particular song because it fit into the next connection, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Once I got to American Idol, I figured I could use anybody who was ever on Idol, really, but the most obvious people to use were Kelly and Carrie, because they were the biggest stars to come out of Idol in the US. Then once my brain got to that point, I thought, "Ooh, nail polish." Because Deborah Lippmann nail polishes all have names that are song titles, and I knew for sure that there was at least one that was a Kelly Clarkson song. I actually got on the website and made a list of songs I might want to use. The song I originally thought of which I knew was a polish was Stronger, but in fact I found at least four songs that I could have used: Miss Independent, Stronger, Before He Cheats, and Superstar. (I don't know which "Superstar" Ms Lippmann actually had in mind, but I knew that Clay Aiken sang it on Idol at some point.) I did get as far as looking for a video of Clay singing "Superstar" but I wasn't blown away by that video, so I went with Miss Independent instead. I do like the "Stronger" video but it's not my favorite of her songs. And I'm not a huge country fan (although I do like Carrie Underwood alright) so that's why I thought the older, more rock-inflected Kelly video reflected my taste the most, of those choices.

And then the other video I used the next day, which is also a Lippmann nail polish, is another 80s song, Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game":

This video feels familiar to me, but I doubt that this is the exact video MTV used back in the 80s because it's a bit risque for back then. (I mean, it's really not, because you can't actually see anything much, but just the fact that the girl in this video doesn't seem to have a top on for a good portion of the video probably was too much, in the 80s, even if it was cable.)

(and four videos is plenty for one entry so I'll continue this later)

Holidailies - blue

Nail candy

Dec. 4th, 2016 01:46 am
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I didn't get around to writing an entry on the 3rd, mostly because I spent way too long playing with the new nail polish that showed up from a Black Friday sale and then writing an entry in my nail blog about it. (That's here.) I've resisted the impulse to use my nail polish blog for Holidailies - somehow it doesn't feel right - but I have been really, really steadily posting there for most of this year. I started this project where I talk about my polishes a couple at a time. I went all the way around the nail wheel by color, posting once or often twice a day, and now I'm working on the things I missed the first time and re-doing pictures I wasn't happy with and things like that. There were a lot of pictures I wasn't happy with so that may occupy me for a good while longer at this rate.

I got a new iPhone for my birthday, back in April. It's my second one and I had the first one for five years - man, that's forever in internet time. It was an iPhone 4 and it was seriously getting unusable by the end - like, most of the apps were refusing to update and stuff like that. I justified the new one (mostly to myself, although of course theoretically since it was a gift it came from Rob) because I also had an even older camera that had also crapped out. It was a 10-year-old Canon and I figured by getting the iPhone it was killing two birds with one stone, since I'd heard how much better the cameras are in the new generation. It was effectively a new phone and a new camera in one.

What I got was an iPhone SE, which in case you're not already aware is basically the guts of an iPhone 6 stuffed somehow into the case of an iPhone 5. I didn't really want the bigger footprint of the 6 so it seemed like a good compromise, and it was quite a lot cheaper. Of course now there's the 7 and all that is theoretically obsolete anyway, but I don't care. It's a helluva big upgrade from the 4 and the 10-year-old camera, let me tell you. And we've recently put daylight bulbs in our living room (they're so bright Rob doesn't even like to turn them on) and I discovered that if I turn all of those lights on and take my pictures in the living room, they come out really well - or well, much, much better than my old ones, anyway. I don't spend enough time futzing around with my pictures to get anything like professional-quality pictures, but at least I'm up to "decent amateur" status now.

(Hmm, I don't even have a nail polish icon. That seems like a significant oversight.)

Holidailies - blue
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It's December 1st. How is it December 1st already? I am so not ready for Christmas.

I have been playing Diablo 3 (and watching football out of the corner of my eye) for a big chunk of the day. It's not really what I meant to be doing today, but, well, I seem to be a tad obsessed, for some reason. It's funny, because I put off even trying this game until what, a couple of months ago? Anyway, I'm sure you guys will be hearing more about that later, but that's not really what I want to talk about right now.

I know you're supposed to introduce yourself on the first day of Holidailies, but I'm never very comfortable doing that. I never know what to say. So instead maybe I'll tell you about where else you can find me online. Except that I don't link to my Facebook from here, which means I can't tell you where my Pinterest is, either, since it's linked to my Facebook account. Sorry about that. The line between my real name and my other online identities gets thinner and thinner, and you might could find a thread to follow if you were determined to, but you'd have to be willing to work at it, at least, and I can't bring myself to let those links go back and forth openly. My Facebook is deliberately boring, anyway - really all I do there is talk to my cousins and wish people happy birthday and play games. The usual stuff. And you know, well, Pinterest is Pinterest. Either you love it or you don't, and I suspect most of you either go there already or wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Okay, so anyway, none of that is what I started out to say. My biggest online presence nowadays is my nail blog, I guess, which is Delicious Color. That name started out as sort of a pun on Mellicious, which is a silly pun to begin with, and is the name I use online when I don't use Mellificent (likewise, another pun) - actually I go more or less randomly back and forth between them, depending on which one is already taken on any given website. When I was making jewelry, I had the blog Delicious Beads (which is still out there on Blogspot, too, I'm just too lazy to link it) - and when I decided to make a blog to try to keep up with what I was wearing on my nails, I remembered that I had also made a blog called "Delicious Color" just in case I wanted a more sort of generic name some day, and it seemed fairly apropos to nails, so I've been using that to talk about my nails for the last year or so. Some of the same people who are likely to be reading here also read there, but it's never been my intent to go for a big readership. It just gives me an outlet for that little obsession.

Other places I can be found: Twitter, as @mellicious (which is full of talk about Diablo and my nails); Tumblr, as Mellificent (mostly fandom-related & other random crap); Instagram as Mallificent (not much there). I'm still Mellicious on Flickr, too, although I don't post much there any more. (The 10 zillion quilt pictures are still there, though.)

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I hear that Holidailies is a go for this year, so expect lots of chattering about nothing to resume here around the first of December. (I might shoot for some warm-up-posts before then.)

(Also, FYI, because I seem to have things to say about nail polish that I figure not everybody wants to hear about, I've been posting whatever I have to say about that to my long-unused Delicious Color blog.)
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I'm not doing NaBloPoMo this year, and I'm not even sure if Holidailies is going to happen this year at all, but I find I can't start thinking about the holidays without wanting to write stuff down in a journal-ish format. That habit seems to have gotten ingrained with me. So I'm going to try to start writing, and we'll see how it goes. I'm not going to try to write any kind of a coherent catch-up post or this will never happen at all - I know how I am about that. Maybe later, but not to start with. The best you're going to get for now is random-ish stuff.
We had dinner with Art last weekend, which I guess is why I was thinking about him earlier. Some of you may remember hearing about Art back when - he was my mother's boyfriend, and he just turned 89 years old last week. He lives in the same apartment complex we do nowadays, but we really don't see him often, which is why we periodically call and ask him out to dinner. (Usually we go to one Italian place that we all like - Angelo's. We tried to vary this up and took him to our favorite Chinese place last summer, but this time we were back to Angelo's.) Art is getting very deaf. I'm not sure if he has a hearing aid - actually I'm pretty sure he does, but he doesn't wear it. Every time we see him it seems to be a little worse. On the other hand, if you're 89 and that's the worst problem you have, I guess you're doing pretty well. He has assorted other aches and pains, too, that's probably not the worst problem he has, really, but on the whole he's holding up remarkably well.
One reason we don't see too much of him, apparently, is because he spends all his time at the Senior Citizens Center a couple of blocks away. (We are not far from being old enough to hang out there if we wanted to - I think the lower limit is 55 - but we are not quite there yet. Darn.) He works out, and then he stays for lunch, he told us. He has lunch there every weekday, he said. It costs $1 for lunch. We spent some time wondering who subsizes these lunches, because somebody must. I wonder if it's a federal program - although I'm sure the city picks part of it up too. Friendswood is a very affluent place, but apparently similar programs exist in less affluent places, too. (And I seriously doubt that Rick Perry's Texas is picking up the bill.)
Like (apparently) half the women in the world, I continue to be obsessed with my nails. I've been informed by such luminaries as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal that it's not just me (not to mention just by half the women I know, online and off). I have been trying to restrict the worst of my nail-related nattering to Google Plus, where I can keep it mostly to the circle of people I know are also similarly obsessed, plus a few crazy people who have at least expressed some degree of willingness to listen. But it will inevitably spill over here if I write here for any length of time, so be prepared! For example, at the moment I am involved in taking off what I had on - which was glittery and is rather involved just to get off - and deciding what to replace it with. Which may end up being something similar - it was coppery glitter over brown, and seems very seasonally appropriate to me. (What I do on G+ is usually a more involved explanation than that, delving into brand names and how many coats and such, but I will certainly refrain from going into that much detail here.)

I am so happy to have a job where the color of my nails is a non-issue - nobody cares if they're glittery or black or bright orange (all of which they have been at one time or another lately, what with Halloween and everything). I'm also happy to have a job where I don't have to hang around for 8 hours every day whether or not there's anything to do. Seriously, you have no idea how happy that makes me. I am finding that I very much do not want to go back to the world of the 40-hour week. Of course, the other side of that coin is that I need to go do some work so I'll get paid enough to pay for all the nail polish and other goodies I keep buying. So I think I'll post this and talk more later.

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Rob brought home a crumpled piece of newspaper last night containing the news that Tilman Fertitta, who owns about half of Galveston as well as the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, is giving anybody who lives in Galveston County (and can prove it) two free nights in Vegas. Rob pointed out that we do have a credit on Southwest from the trip to Ohio in October that we didn't take.... so what the heck, we're going to Las Vegas again next month. MLK weekend, to be exact. (I never thought that Rob would like Las Vegas as much as he did. People surprise you sometimes, no matter how well you know them.) I suspect that Fertitta's motives are not 100% charitable, since he's trying to get gambling legalized in Galveston and this can't really hurt his chances, but still. Free room, hey.

We could have gone next week (assuming we could get reservations) but I didn't think it would have worked out like it did last year - last year Christmas was on Tuesday, and so we left for the airport to head to LV after lunch on Christmas Day, stayed three days and got the heck out on Friday before (a) the big crowds got there and (b) the prices went up for the weekend and New Year's. This year, with Christmas on Thursday, I didn't see how that was going to work as well. First you have a holiday weekend, which would be, what, the 26th-28th, and then presumably by the 30th, if not before, you start getting people coming in for New Year's Eve. (And NYE was also the only day blacked out on the free-room deal.) I didn't go and research this but I just couldn't see a big gap in there like there was last year. AND Rob is off next week but has to work some days the week after (I think it's Monday, Tuesday and Friday, but I forget, now that I don't have the calendar sitting on my desk to look at all the time). He does have a three-day weekend for MLK so that was why we picked that. And the airfare was only $30 more than what we had already paid. I also got a rental car, the first time I've done that in LV. I hope I don't regret it - but I never stayed downtown before, either, and I didn't want to choose between depending on taxis and being stuck downtown. I haven't even been downtown in years, but my memory of it is that it's a pretty small area. I'm inclined to think we're going to want to make at least one jaunt over to the Strip.

Random holiday-related stuff:

I love that Tor is sponsoring a Traditional Jewish Christmas (consisting of a Chinese buffet and Monty Python movies). Sounds like a blast to me.

Scalzi's guide to spotting fake Santas

The Guild's version of A Night Before Christmas (last year's Guild Christmas special is on that page too)

Oh, a small thing, but some of us are picky about stuff like this: if anybody is looking for the perfect red fingernail polish for seasonal purposes, I think I'm wearing it: OPI "An Affair in Red Square". I think I bought it last year but presumably it's still around. "Russian Red" might be a pretty good description of it - it's sort of a deep metallic red, just a hair darker than fire-engine red. I really like it a lot so I thought I'd share.


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