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OK, I can't stand it. Let's talk Oscar dresses. You can play along with me by looking at this slide show from the NYTimes (I like the way this is organized partly by color) or I'm sure you can google, if you'd rather.

Taraji P. Henson: Love it. Love the necklace, too.
Miley Cyrus: eh. It might work better on somebody else, I don't know. I think it's a little too foofy for my taste - however, I don't promise to be consistent about these things.
Jessica Biel: I'm up in the air about this one - it doesn't look bad in this picture but I really think that drapery in the front is a bit much.
Anne Hathaway: I hated this when I saw it on the red carpet but it looks better here. The bottom half of it is pretty fabulous, and it was the top half I was objecting to. I'm not big on strapless dresses on most people (more on this below, I'm sure) and I think she's so pale that this pale dress really washes her out. (I'm not too crazy about her hair, either.)

Let's lump these first three red dresses on the next page together - Virginia Madsen, Heidi Klum and Amanda Seyfried. Virginia Madsen's is the most restrained and I think works the best by far of the three. Amanda Seyfried's is totally too much, as far as I'm concerned. Heidi Klum's looked better when I saw it Sunday than it does in this picture, but I think it's pretty fussy. It's definitely something only a supermodel (or maybe a Tilda Swinton) could pull off, but I'm on the fence about whether she actually did.
I'll have pity on you and cut. Lots more of the same, plus a bonus mini-rant about Sarah Jessica Parker! )
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Rob brought home a crumpled piece of newspaper last night containing the news that Tilman Fertitta, who owns about half of Galveston as well as the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, is giving anybody who lives in Galveston County (and can prove it) two free nights in Vegas. Rob pointed out that we do have a credit on Southwest from the trip to Ohio in October that we didn't take.... so what the heck, we're going to Las Vegas again next month. MLK weekend, to be exact. (I never thought that Rob would like Las Vegas as much as he did. People surprise you sometimes, no matter how well you know them.) I suspect that Fertitta's motives are not 100% charitable, since he's trying to get gambling legalized in Galveston and this can't really hurt his chances, but still. Free room, hey.

We could have gone next week (assuming we could get reservations) but I didn't think it would have worked out like it did last year - last year Christmas was on Tuesday, and so we left for the airport to head to LV after lunch on Christmas Day, stayed three days and got the heck out on Friday before (a) the big crowds got there and (b) the prices went up for the weekend and New Year's. This year, with Christmas on Thursday, I didn't see how that was going to work as well. First you have a holiday weekend, which would be, what, the 26th-28th, and then presumably by the 30th, if not before, you start getting people coming in for New Year's Eve. (And NYE was also the only day blacked out on the free-room deal.) I didn't go and research this but I just couldn't see a big gap in there like there was last year. AND Rob is off next week but has to work some days the week after (I think it's Monday, Tuesday and Friday, but I forget, now that I don't have the calendar sitting on my desk to look at all the time). He does have a three-day weekend for MLK so that was why we picked that. And the airfare was only $30 more than what we had already paid. I also got a rental car, the first time I've done that in LV. I hope I don't regret it - but I never stayed downtown before, either, and I didn't want to choose between depending on taxis and being stuck downtown. I haven't even been downtown in years, but my memory of it is that it's a pretty small area. I'm inclined to think we're going to want to make at least one jaunt over to the Strip.

Random holiday-related stuff:

I love that Tor is sponsoring a Traditional Jewish Christmas (consisting of a Chinese buffet and Monty Python movies). Sounds like a blast to me.

Scalzi's guide to spotting fake Santas

The Guild's version of A Night Before Christmas (last year's Guild Christmas special is on that page too)

Oh, a small thing, but some of us are picky about stuff like this: if anybody is looking for the perfect red fingernail polish for seasonal purposes, I think I'm wearing it: OPI "An Affair in Red Square". I think I bought it last year but presumably it's still around. "Russian Red" might be a pretty good description of it - it's sort of a deep metallic red, just a hair darker than fire-engine red. I really like it a lot so I thought I'd share.
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Apparently it's too early for pansies. And it probably is too hot for them, now that I think about it. (It's been hot as hell, actually.) So of course I ended up with some other plants. I wouldn't quite say buying plants is a mania with me, but it does seem to be somewhat addictive. I have a porchful as it is. But I do have some empty pots, so I have room - apparently - for another kalanchoe, 3 snapdragons (because they did so well last year), a mum (even though they did not) and a 6-pack of petunias. I didn't even spend $10. A fairly cheap shopping trip, on the whole.

And I did feel better today, at least off and on. And at least part of the "on" was from the heat. Oh, and cramps, on top of that. (Sorry if that's TMI. But oh my god, do I hate cramps.) So hopefully I was right about the Ambien.


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