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 I've just washed my hair, and I've got bare nails and I think I've decided what polish is going on. Tuesday is the start of my work-week, or at least this week it is. And I have to go in relatively early, too, so there's no question of me being able to do some of this when I get up. So expect a rambly entry here, between coats of nail polish.

I know some of you guys know already, and I'm sure others don't, that I have a nail blog. (It's called "Delicious Color" which was a play on mellicious/delicious, see, although "mellicious" itself was just a silly pun in the first place. I increasingly wish I'd thought up a better name, but eh.) I started out just putting up the occasional entry, but for the last year or more I've been posting really regularly, practically every day. Most posts are just a picture of a polish and a swatch, and I talk a little (or occasionally a lot) about the polish in question. I have a really large number of nail polishes - like, many hundreds - so basically the blog has just become my personal reference work so I can remember what's what. I do have some readers but I've never particularly sought them out, and I don't do fancy swatches or try to get PR merchandise or anything. Sometimes I talk about makeup and stuff like that - the last post yesterday was about eyeshadow, which is probably a first.

I've been gradually slowing down on nail polish purchases, since I already have more than I can possibly wear, but I've made up for it by really being obsessed with (mostly expensive) moisturizers for the last couple of years. My latest obsession seems to be fancy (and also expensive) hair products. I bought some Bumble and Bumble stuff and then Sephora had $20 off a $50 purchase for VIBs (which is, like, their frequent buyer program - I hardly ever go into a Sephora store but I do buy far too much online) so I bought some Briogeo scalp stuff that Kathleen Lights was talking about. (That's here, and it's a sponsored post, for the record. I had used Briogeo products before so I didn't care, but I don't want to link to that without saying so!)

I don't remember Sephora doing that $20 off $50 thing before, but it's actually a really smart thing to do this time of year, now that I think about it, because you could use it on a gift or you could use it for a gift for yourself like I did! I don't think I would have bought what I bought at full price. Kathleen had a code, too, and I was looking at that but then I remembered the Sephora promo and I realized that that was going to end up being cheaper from Sephora, even though what I bought was less than $50. (I added a sale item to get it up to $50.)

I keep my nails cut pretty short these days but I still wear whatever crazy nail polish I want. My employer does not judge my choice of nail polish! I took a shoebox-sized box of nail polish with me when I went up to my aunt's a couple of weeks ago - I figured my cousins would be around, and they were - and got them to take most of it off my hands (figuratively speaking). I forget that a lot of the nail polish I have is what other people would consider "out there" - some of my cousins were like, "Oh, I would never wear blue" - or purple, for god's sake, I think of purple as being middle of the road. (I think I'm about to put Zoya Carter on, actually, which is purple and glittery and probably they would think is out there, too.)

I've just put base-coat on so far. I noticed as I did that that my nails are stained pretty badly - it probably has to do with all the orange polish I wore all during October while the playoffs were going on. (Or maybe it was something else - blue is usually the worst staining culprit.)

(If I get a decent picture of Carter, I'll put it up later.) (Later: that's here.)

P.S. I just realized that my fifth blogiversary went by on the nail blog without me thinking to say anything about it. Not that it's a big deal, but I have kept up with it for a pretty long time!


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