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Dec. 4th, 2016 01:46 am
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I didn't get around to writing an entry on the 3rd, mostly because I spent way too long playing with the new nail polish that showed up from a Black Friday sale and then writing an entry in my nail blog about it. (That's here.) I've resisted the impulse to use my nail polish blog for Holidailies - somehow it doesn't feel right - but I have been really, really steadily posting there for most of this year. I started this project where I talk about my polishes a couple at a time. I went all the way around the nail wheel by color, posting once or often twice a day, and now I'm working on the things I missed the first time and re-doing pictures I wasn't happy with and things like that. There were a lot of pictures I wasn't happy with so that may occupy me for a good while longer at this rate.

I got a new iPhone for my birthday, back in April. It's my second one and I had the first one for five years - man, that's forever in internet time. It was an iPhone 4 and it was seriously getting unusable by the end - like, most of the apps were refusing to update and stuff like that. I justified the new one (mostly to myself, although of course theoretically since it was a gift it came from Rob) because I also had an even older camera that had also crapped out. It was a 10-year-old Canon and I figured by getting the iPhone it was killing two birds with one stone, since I'd heard how much better the cameras are in the new generation. It was effectively a new phone and a new camera in one.

What I got was an iPhone SE, which in case you're not already aware is basically the guts of an iPhone 6 stuffed somehow into the case of an iPhone 5. I didn't really want the bigger footprint of the 6 so it seemed like a good compromise, and it was quite a lot cheaper. Of course now there's the 7 and all that is theoretically obsolete anyway, but I don't care. It's a helluva big upgrade from the 4 and the 10-year-old camera, let me tell you. And we've recently put daylight bulbs in our living room (they're so bright Rob doesn't even like to turn them on) and I discovered that if I turn all of those lights on and take my pictures in the living room, they come out really well - or well, much, much better than my old ones, anyway. I don't spend enough time futzing around with my pictures to get anything like professional-quality pictures, but at least I'm up to "decent amateur" status now.

(Hmm, I don't even have a nail polish icon. That seems like a significant oversight.)

Holidailies - blue
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I was pulling pictures off my iPhone and more off of Picasa earlier, so here are some pictures and a few words to go with them:

from Picasa:
My dad was a shrimper, but he retired from shrimping, sold his boat, and spent the rest of his life (as it turned out) as a substitute teacher. (This might seem less surprising if I tell you that he was a teacher before he ever was a shrimper. He was a bit of a job-hopper. But I went to college on shrimp proceeds, so I can't complain!)

Anyway, I don't remember how long ago this was, but several years after he had sold his boat, we happened to go to the Blessing of the Fleet one year, and there was the boat!
(This is probably one of those stories where that doesn't seem that unusual to anybody but us, but what can you do - life is full of stories like that, I'm afraid!)
Blessing of the Fleet
It looks different but I still recognized it without even looking at the name (which hadn't changed - it was named after my grandfather, actually). It looks like everybody on board is having a good time, anyway!
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