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Dec. 4th, 2016 01:46 am
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I didn't get around to writing an entry on the 3rd, mostly because I spent way too long playing with the new nail polish that showed up from a Black Friday sale and then writing an entry in my nail blog about it. (That's here.) I've resisted the impulse to use my nail polish blog for Holidailies - somehow it doesn't feel right - but I have been really, really steadily posting there for most of this year. I started this project where I talk about my polishes a couple at a time. I went all the way around the nail wheel by color, posting once or often twice a day, and now I'm working on the things I missed the first time and re-doing pictures I wasn't happy with and things like that. There were a lot of pictures I wasn't happy with so that may occupy me for a good while longer at this rate.

I got a new iPhone for my birthday, back in April. It's my second one and I had the first one for five years - man, that's forever in internet time. It was an iPhone 4 and it was seriously getting unusable by the end - like, most of the apps were refusing to update and stuff like that. I justified the new one (mostly to myself, although of course theoretically since it was a gift it came from Rob) because I also had an even older camera that had also crapped out. It was a 10-year-old Canon and I figured by getting the iPhone it was killing two birds with one stone, since I'd heard how much better the cameras are in the new generation. It was effectively a new phone and a new camera in one.

What I got was an iPhone SE, which in case you're not already aware is basically the guts of an iPhone 6 stuffed somehow into the case of an iPhone 5. I didn't really want the bigger footprint of the 6 so it seemed like a good compromise, and it was quite a lot cheaper. Of course now there's the 7 and all that is theoretically obsolete anyway, but I don't care. It's a helluva big upgrade from the 4 and the 10-year-old camera, let me tell you. And we've recently put daylight bulbs in our living room (they're so bright Rob doesn't even like to turn them on) and I discovered that if I turn all of those lights on and take my pictures in the living room, they come out really well - or well, much, much better than my old ones, anyway. I don't spend enough time futzing around with my pictures to get anything like professional-quality pictures, but at least I'm up to "decent amateur" status now.

(Hmm, I don't even have a nail polish icon. That seems like a significant oversight.)

Holidailies - blue
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It's December 1st. How is it December 1st already? I am so not ready for Christmas.

I have been playing Diablo 3 (and watching football out of the corner of my eye) for a big chunk of the day. It's not really what I meant to be doing today, but, well, I seem to be a tad obsessed, for some reason. It's funny, because I put off even trying this game until what, a couple of months ago? Anyway, I'm sure you guys will be hearing more about that later, but that's not really what I want to talk about right now.

I know you're supposed to introduce yourself on the first day of Holidailies, but I'm never very comfortable doing that. I never know what to say. So instead maybe I'll tell you about where else you can find me online. Except that I don't link to my Facebook from here, which means I can't tell you where my Pinterest is, either, since it's linked to my Facebook account. Sorry about that. The line between my real name and my other online identities gets thinner and thinner, and you might could find a thread to follow if you were determined to, but you'd have to be willing to work at it, at least, and I can't bring myself to let those links go back and forth openly. My Facebook is deliberately boring, anyway - really all I do there is talk to my cousins and wish people happy birthday and play games. The usual stuff. And you know, well, Pinterest is Pinterest. Either you love it or you don't, and I suspect most of you either go there already or wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Okay, so anyway, none of that is what I started out to say. My biggest online presence nowadays is my nail blog, I guess, which is Delicious Color. That name started out as sort of a pun on Mellicious, which is a silly pun to begin with, and is the name I use online when I don't use Mellificent (likewise, another pun) - actually I go more or less randomly back and forth between them, depending on which one is already taken on any given website. When I was making jewelry, I had the blog Delicious Beads (which is still out there on Blogspot, too, I'm just too lazy to link it) - and when I decided to make a blog to try to keep up with what I was wearing on my nails, I remembered that I had also made a blog called "Delicious Color" just in case I wanted a more sort of generic name some day, and it seemed fairly apropos to nails, so I've been using that to talk about my nails for the last year or so. Some of the same people who are likely to be reading here also read there, but it's never been my intent to go for a big readership. It just gives me an outlet for that little obsession.

Other places I can be found: Twitter, as @mellicious (which is full of talk about Diablo and my nails); Tumblr, as Mellificent (mostly fandom-related & other random crap); Instagram as Mallificent (not much there). I'm still Mellicious on Flickr, too, although I don't post much there any more. (The 10 zillion quilt pictures are still there, though.)

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I've just been watching Julie and Julia (that is the name of the movie, isn't it?), which I did enjoy watching again, even the Julie parts which I admit are not the equal of the Julia parts but still watchable. Anyway, I just checked and the Julie/Julia Project website is still up - the Paypal button (which I seem to remember caused some controversy at the time) is still there, even. The last entry is one she wrote the day that Julia died.

I wasn't intending to do anything much today, because I ran around all day yesterday and I have a full day tomorrow because my class is starting and I have to go buy my books and such, and then Rob got called to go in to work (poor Rob, but yay for overtime!) so all I did was sit around like a lump and watch tv and play DDO. I watched the baseball game (they won!) and then the football game on tape which they also won, and against the hated Colts too, so it's doubly sweet. I was still re-watching football when Rob got home, and then we had to watch the season ender of True Blood, which was also taped. (DV-Rs are wonderful inventions. I didn't even tell the TV to tape football, because I forgot, but I never cancelled the one from last year so it taped it just like it always did.)

I am trying to go to bed a bit earlier. For a long time I was going to bed about the time Rob got up, which was 5:30-ish, and then I moved it up a bit earlier, and I need to continue to move a bit earlier, until I am on something resembling a normal person's schedule. We went to Ikea last week and bought a mattress, which currently lives on the floor in the extra bedroom - the plan is to get a bed to go with it eventually! for Rob to sleep on when I snore too much and drive him out of our bed. He says it's actually quite comfortable.

I would write more but I seem to be quite sleepy so I think I will just take myself to bed.


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