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Again, I haven't posted about movies in ages - since I said the same thing several months ago. The only movie I'm sure I saw in August or September is Logan Lucky, which I really liked. I kept saying the best way to explain it was as a redneck Ocean's Eleven. But I think that doesn't do it justice. It's funny and it has great actors and there's very little car racing even though a lot of it takes place at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Definitely worth catching somewhere when you get a chance.

I can't remember anything else. I refused to go see IT - Rob went twice. I did actually read most of the book once (it's 1100 pages long) but I quit before I got to the very end because it was just sort of dragging on and it was giving me nightmares. Horror is just not my thing, in general. (Apparently King wrote it during the period when he was doing drugs, which explains a lot. I didn't know about that 25 years or so ago when I read it.)

And then this weekend we went to see Blade Runner 2049, which I also really liked. Or maybe I should say loved. I always loved the old movie as well, but in recent years I quit rewatching it because the way that Decker treats Rachael now seems very sexist. In 1982 it didn't bother me at all - in fact I thought it was very romantic. I grant that the new one does seems nearly as male-gaze-ish in some ways but I still liked it. It built on the old one and yet was different. And it was so beautiful. I didn't even think it seemed particularly long. (Rob got up and went to the bathroom twice but I never did, partly just because I didn't want to miss anything.)

I was thinking about seeing the first one in 1982, when it first came out, over the weekend. I think I saw it at Dobie Mall first, and then later I went to see it on a double-bill (which was not common even then) with The Wrath of Khan, which came out the same year. That was the big theater, I think the Hancock Theater in Austin. It was the only place (other than the Paramount, and this was before the Paramount was refurbished, I think) that hadn't been carved up into multiplexes. One of the people I went with was a male friend whose brother had recently died, and it didn't occur to me to warn him that death was a big theme in Blade Runner. I remember sitting next to him and he sat through the part with Rutger Hauer's big speech with tears just streaming down his face, and you know, that was in the macho era, it just wasn't done for men to cry, even in a movie theater. I've never forgotten that.

Neither of the movies I talk about above made any money to speak of. Logan Lucky cost something under $30 million and had almost broken even, the last I saw. I imagine Blade Runner will also break even in the end but it started out very badly, didn't it?

I noticed that I did the post about Hurricane Carla but I never said anything here about Harvey. That's probably mostly because I was posting everywhere else about it because everybody kept popping up and saying they were worried about us - until then I was just kind of saying random things because I was just sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. I can't say I was "unaffected" by Harvey because I was physically right in the middle of it, but other than missing some work (my boss tried to get me paid but since I am part-time it didn't fly - and I work for a state university so nobody's allowed to cheat on things like that) all that happened was that we were stranded, effectively, for several days. The water stopped down at the end of the block, but it didn't actually even come close to us. Where we live is in the middle of several creeks and that's why we were stranded. "Behind" us (at my back as I sit at the computer, but also further away from the main road) was where the some of worst flooding was in this area, but the feeder creeks of course also flooded so there were flooded roads in every direction. I don't know how much rain we actually got but it was a lot. I saw a NWS list that had a crossing that's only a couple of miles from us getting a total of 52" of rain. It might have been somewhat less than that here. But anyway, our power only went out for about an hour the first day and then stayed on after that, so we had a/c and computers and TV and we had plenty of food, so all things considered we were a-ok. (It started raining on Friday, the worst of it was on Saturday night/Sunday morning but it kept raining off and on until Tuesday, I think, and the sun didn't come out until maybe the end of the day Tuesday, and then only briefly. Rob got to the grocery store on Wednesday but we didn't have to go back to work until Friday. So I had an unexpected week off, in the end.)

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I saw Logan Lucky in Seattle this summer and really enjoyed it. It was just fun, pure and simple. Sean and I are going to Blade Runner 2049 one day this week. It hasn't been doing well in the reviews (or the box office) but the original was so spectacular, how can we not go and judge for ourselves. I plan to re-watch it before we go, since it's been a whole lot of years. There is much I don't remember. As for Stephen King, well, no. I don't do horror, except for some of the OLD classics like X The Unknown or The Day the Earth Stood Still. I'm not good with blood and gore, and I don't like to be frightened. I have enough nightmares as it is.

We were not affected by Harvey. Irma was another story. We were without power for a full week. That was amusing. Not. Actually, we were better off than most, in that I located a new generator two days before the storm hit. We'd had the old one since before Wilma and had not taken proper care of it. Effectively killed it, by neglect and leaving fuel in it. It was going to cost so much to repair it, we parked it by the road and someone came by who thought he could do something with it. The new Gennie was much smaller, but quite sufficient for our needs, except, of course, for A/C and hot water. Cold showers are a drag. But we kept the fridge and freezer going and the DirecTV, (The dish wasn't damaged at all. Same for Wilma! I'm a believer.) We ran lights and chargers and fans. Extension cords everywhere. We had a little hot plate, but cooking on that was tedious and drinks a great deal of gas from the Gennie. Thankfully, fast food recovered quickly around here. The only nuisance was finding gas for Gennie. Seems all the spare gas had gone to Houston! We were so fortunate not to have been more severely impacted the way the islands were and continue to be. Maria pretty much missed us, too. So, although there was some damage in this area, we were relatively unscathed, mostly just inconvenienced. I hope this season wasn't a taste of things to come. Get back here, El Nino!

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