Sep. 8th, 2009 06:40 am
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I started writing about District 9, but I couldn't gather my thoughts so that will have to wait. Instead, I'm writing about jewelry, because I've been working on something new:

This is sort of an offshoot from one of the classes I took this summer - it was supposed to be made generally like this (that is, varied and irregular), but instead of using more normal sorts of beads, I decided to use a whole bunch of skull beads that I've collected up over the past several years. I started out saying it was a Halloween necklace but with all the skulls it might be more appropriate to call it a Day of the Dead one instead. Something like that, anyway. I had put the big wooden skull on copper chain and was adding to that, and then I decided that copper wasn't really the best thing to use and I found a sort of antique brass chain at Michael's and I'm using that instead. It's much more understated. Even though there's some copper and there and some silver too, I like the antique brass a lot. (It also matches those spider web pieces at the top, which I've had for a while.) Oh, and see the silver spiderweb charm with the black background? The black part is a stone bead I had that just happened to echo the web shape perfectly, so I had to use it. I snipped the bail off the pewter charm and glued it to the stone with epoxy. It seems to be stuck quite well. So I had big skulls, little skulls, wooden skulls, bone skulls, glass skulls (black with an AB finish, which I really don't like so much, I've really rather just have the matte black, but oh well). I started putting the little black flat crystals in between to see how they would look, and I think they look really nice, actually, and give it more of a unified feel - something repetitive, when nothing else in this really is.

I think I'm going to finish it as a long Y-necklace instead of just a regular loop - I have a bunch of charms and things to add and the Y part seems like a good place to put all the dangly things.


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