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You can probably tell, if you've been paying attention to all these jewelry pictures I've been posting, that I'm in sort of an experimental phase of things. Last year I was just happy to string things on wire, but that got boring fast, so this year I've been taking classes and playing with other things.

So here's the latest experiment:

I've been calling it my hippie necklace. It's not the most spectacular thing I've ever made, by any means, but I am sort of unreasonably pleased with it. I have not crocheted anything since, like, 1974 - seriously - but it came back to me, at least enough to do a plain ol' crocheted chain-stitch. I saw this technique on Beads, Baubles & Jewels; they were doing a bracelet but I immediately got more ambitious. I bought a small crochet hook and some Aunt Lydia's crochet thread in variegated holiday colors - don't ask me why - and got to work. It only took me a few minutes to be able to make a tolerably presentable chain. (All you do is you thread the beads on first and then just crochet them right into the chain.)

(Other supply notes: the biggest green beads there are resin - that is to say, plastic - from Happy Mango Beads. I love those beads. Also, have you noticed my cute backgrounds in my jewelry pictures lately? They're scrapbook paper. I've been gradually amassing a little collection of it as I see things I like.)


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