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Some guy who obviously takes Top Gear waaaay too seriously drove his Bugatti Veyron into the water outside Galveston. Now, I've said for years that I was going to drive off the road one day while watching the pelicans - I just left Galveston before I got around to doing it. But dude, a lesson for driving in coastal areas: don't try to talk on the cell phone and watch pelicans. Of course it's a bad idea in any case, but you especially don't want to do it while driving a million-dollar car. (Found via [ profile] dinda.)

I don't think I said here that I got a 92 on my midterm, which is very good considering that it covered that chapter I had so much trouble with a while back. I think that I'm going to enjoy the second half of this class much more than the first - it gets back to the anatomy and terminology stuff that I liked, with the addition of information about the specific procedures that are common for each body system and the codes you'd use for those procedures. (I might even find some new medical terms to teach y'all!)

The Houston Bead Society is going to have their annual show this weekend, and I'm going to go check it out tomorrow. There are 60 vendors, which sounds extremely dangerous. We just have to hope I don't come hope with more beads than I can carry.


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