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Somebody gave us a big box of these Taiwanese... candy or cookies, I don't know which you'd call it. I thought it was candy, originally, and everything is chocolate covered, but really it's more like chocolate covered cookies. My favorite is something called a Choco Roll that comes in white chocolate and milk chocolate, and tastes a lot to me like those vanilla creme cookies that I buy very occasionally. I can't think of the brand. I'm not talking about the Oreo-like ones, but the sort of crunchy rectangular ones. Oh, anyway, that's not much help if I can't even tell you what I'm talking about, is it? Here's some pictures of the Choco-Rolls - it's not the Taro thing at the top, but the ones further down. I like them. They're not really strongly flavored, which to me is a good thing. But they taste good to me. There was also one that was basically chocolate-covered puff-pastry, which I also liked. I like the texture of puff pastry, I think. (So far I have not encountered anything in this box that I don't like, which is unusual. I am a very picky eater.)


foreign treats

Date: 2013-12-14 05:04 am (UTC)
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It's always an interesting experience to try another land's candies/cookies/cakes, and to see what different tastes other cultures seem to have. Candies that aren't very sweet; flavors that we don't typically use. Speaking of Taiwanese treats, I had a former student who would always give me these little square jelly-filled pineapple cakes, which were a little out of the ordinary but tasty enough that I generally had a hard time putting down the box until all 24 cakes were annihilated.


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