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I never did cook a lot, and the last few months I have been cooking even less, and thus we hadn't replaced a lot of cooking-related things that got ruined and/or discarded in the storm and the hasty move afterwards. But since I've been going to Weight Watchers again, I'm cooking more, and so we're slowly buying some new things and starting to replace the spices, for example, that we threw away and never replaced. (We threw away almost all the food that was in the wet apartment for two weeks, whether it actually got wet or not. It just seemed icky.) Our local grocery store (HEB) carries a lot of Zyliss stuff, and today we bought the salad-spinner that happens at the moment to be on the front page of their website. (I almost bought the green one just like that, but I bought orange instead. We have a lot of green in our kitchen, but I figured if it was going to primarily live in the refrigerator it didn't need to match anything.) (And a week or two ago it was the locking corn-cob holders, which can also be found on that site. This stuff is crack.) I have never had any desire to own a salad-spinner before in my entire life, but it's just so pretty. My justification in the end was that I have trouble persuading myself to eat salad, and anything that facilitates the eating of salad is thus a good thing.

On a sort of semi-related note - I have an unholy love, for some reason, for my grandmother's Pyrex nesting bowls, and the fact that somebody sold an identical set on Etsy makes me almost sad, as though I missed out on getting them, even though I have my grandmother's set and thus have no need for them. It's all very illogical.

Utterly unrelated - and late - is a really good "annotation" of the president's Cairo speech, from the Wall St. Journal of all places, with notes about the way it was meant to play to the Muslim audience. ("Of all places" because I don't really expect the WSJ to have much positive to say about Obama, and the annotator clearly seems to approve of the speech, in general.)

(And as I say every time I link to the WSJ, tell me if you can't follow that link, and I'll attempt to do something about that.)
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I cooked twice today, y'all - I can't tell you how unusual this is for me. First there was the quinoa for lunch; then for dinner we had a (slightly modified) version of a "Mexican meatloaf" recipe that was in one of the Weight-Watchers books. Rob likes meatloaf and so he looked over my shoulder when I was browsing through the stuff a couple of weeks ago, and said, "Ooh, that looks good," and so I said I'd make it sometime soon. For some reason Friday has become the day that I sometimes cook - y'know, if I cook at all - so today I came home from studying and made meatloaf. The reason it was slightly modified was that we were missing some ingredients. I had bought groceries without a list (horror!) and I remembered most of what was in the recipe but not quite everything. The stuff we were missing was mostly the stuff that made it a Mexican meatloaf instead of just a regular meatloaf - cumin and peppers and stuff like that - but we didn't care so much about that, anyway. We both just like meatloaf - Rob especially, but I do too, and I hadn't had any in ages.

It was really awfully similar to my mom's meatloaf recipe, with a few modifications to make it lower-calorie and of course the "Mexican" stuff that we mostly didn't do anyway. But it came out pretty good, and so I'm writing this down partly so I will remember, later when I've misplaced the recipe book: it had half ground turkey and half extra-lean ground beef, and it had egg whites instead of whole eggs, and it had cornbread stuffing instead of the (white) breadcrumbs that my mom used to put in hers. I'm thinking the cornbread was probably really supposed to be one of the Mexican bits, since it's not particularly lower-calorie and I don't see any reason why you couldn't use breadcrumbs made out of wheat bread instead, if you wanted to. But honestly, I couldn't taste the difference at all, anyway, and it was a very easy way to get the breading in there, at least. It had a pound of meat in it, total, and after cooking (at 375 for an hour) you were supposed to divide it into six servings which were only three WW points each. (I ate two servings or maybe closer to three, and it still wasn't all that bad, I figured.)

I should say that I have a tendency to not talk about Weight Watchers much when I'm going, because I figure it bores people, but darnit, it's part of life and I'm going to try not to refrain completely from discussing it this time. I'm not intending to generally talk about it as much as I have today, and if I get to the point where I'm wanting to record every little thing I eat here then I will definitely make a filter or something to spare the uninterested, but that is highly unlikely, anyway - for one thing, that's what the WW website is for. So far I haven't been doing very well at "dieting" per se, anyway - I just figured I'd start going to meetings and hopefully that would help me get kick-started, rather than waiting until I thought I was ready, a month or two from now. And it seems to be working, even though it's been a month and I actually weigh a little more than when I started. But I seem to be getting a bit of momentum, maybe! We'll see if it lasts.

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From [ profile] nonelvis and several others. Bear in mind that I am not an adventurous eater, and that's going to color a lot of these answers.

I'll be nice and cut for length )


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