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From [ profile] nonelvis and several others. Bear in mind that I am not an adventurous eater, and that's going to color a lot of these answers.

What's the last thing you ate? Halloween Oreos (with orange filling - yeah, I know, disgusting. I have this thing about holiday Oreos.)

What's your favorite cheese? Mozzarella

What's your favorite fish? Red snapper.

What's your favorite fruit? Clementines. (Yay, almost time for them!)

When, if ever, did you start liking olives? I seem to be developing a taste for them, gradually. I will eat them in things without complaint, but I don't like heavily olive-flavored things, usually. And I won't eat whole ones.

When, if ever, did you start liking beer? College - particularly in grad school. I still won't drink really stout beer, though.

When, if ever, did you start liking shellfish? Hate it, always have. It's something about the texture.

What was the best thing your parent/s used to make? My dad didn't cook to speak of, still doesn't. My mother was always a working mother, and she was a very competent but plain cook - probably the best thing she made were from recipes she got from both my grandmothers. Chocolate meringue pie (mom's mom) and an unusual chocolate cake recipe with a stiff white icing (dad's mom) are things that stand out in my mind.

What's the native specialty of your home town? I'm not sure my hometown has a specialty. Joe's BarBQ is probably as close as you'd get. (And it's pretty darn good, actually.)

What's your comfort food? Chicken-fried steak

What's your favorite type of chocolate? Lately, plain M&Ms.

How do you like your steak? Medium-well.

How do you like your burger? Medium-well, with mayo, lettuce, onion and bacon on it. And a sesame-seed bun, if I can get it.

How do you like your eggs? Scrambled. Or very hard-boiled. (Or in an omelet or a burrito, I guess that counts, too.)

How do you like your potatoes? Potato skins are probably my favorite.

How do you take your coffee? Preferably as a venti nonfat latte. Or a cafe au lait - anything sweet and with lots of milk.

How do you take your tea? Iced, and sweet (Splenda or Equal is fine). I like hot mint tea in the winter.

What's your favorite mug? I'm not all that picky about it. I don't like little tiny ones, mostly.

What's your cookie of choice? Oatmeal raisin

What's your ideal breakfast? I'm partial to the traditional one - scrambled eggs and bacon and so forth.

What's your ideal sandwich? Fresh bread is most important. I love BLTs.

What's your ideal pizza (topping and base)? Pepperoni, extra cheese, thick crust. Pizza Hut's Pan Pizza used to be my favorite crust but I think they've sneakily tinkered with the recipe because I don't like it as much as I used to.

What's your ideal pie (sweet or savory)? The aforementioned chocolate meringue. It's hard to find a good one, though.

What's your ideal salad? Good fresh lettuce, carrots, boiled eggs, real bacon bits (the "real" part being very important), croutons (also fresh), good honey mustard dressing, but not too much of it. Most of the rest of the stuff they put on salads I could care less about.

What food do you always like to have in the fridge? Tea, does that count? Margarine, milk, various fruits, lettuce and carrots, a bottle of Diet Coke.  -- I'm sure I'm forgetting some things on these!

What food do you always like to have in the freezer? Fish, tater tots, ground beef, pecans (best place to keep them, in my opinion), lots of ice. (I'm trying to remember what else was in the Lost Refrigerator. We haven't really replenished the new one too much yet.)

What food do you always like to have in the cupboard? I've lived in hurricane country so long I feel like I have to have lots of canned stuff, just in case. Tea. Pasta. Jars of tomato sauce. Fresh garlic.

What spices can you not live without? Garlic, oregano, regular salt and kosher salt, cinnamon.

What sauces can you not live without? I'm not big on sauces, really. We always have Prego or something like that because Rob lives on it.

Where do you buy most of your food? HEB, lately. Galveston's HEB sucked so before the storm we shopped at Kroger's.

How often do you go food shopping? Me, once a week (late Saturday afternoon, generally). Rob goes during the week, mostly because he drinks an awful lot of milk, and he'll pick up anything I need.

What's the most you've spent on a single food item? Gosh, I don't know. As I said, not a fancy eater. Maybe $20 or so for meat?

What's the most expensive piece of kitchen equipment you own? I have a Calphalon skillet that I don't use, probably that. Our microwave came with the apartment so that doesn't count.

What's the last piece of equipment you bought for your kitchen? Does a colander count as equipment? Oh, and I bought a small skillet at Target today. If we're looking at gadgets, it'd probably be my Microplane.

What piece of kitchen equipment could you not live without? Microwave

How many times a week/month do you cook from raw ingredients? Well, if pasta and hamburgers count, several times a week. Anything fancier than that, not often.

What's the last thing you cooked from raw ingredients? Hamburger.

What's your favorite thing to make for yourself? Ditto - preferably with some sort of really good bread rather than a conventional bun.

What meats have you eaten besides cow, pig, chicken and turkey? Not many. Venison, rabbit, I think mutton. And somebody tricked me into eating the rabbit.

What's the last time you ate something that had fallen on the floor? Earlier today. If I think the floor is tolerably clean then I go by the 5-second rule.

What's the last time you ate something you'd picked in the wild? Gawd. I don't know, it's probably been years.

Place the following cuisines in order of preference (greatest to least): French, sushi, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai. Italian and Chinese are the only ones of those I regularly eat. Galveston never had a decent Thai restaurant, or an Indian one either. And I don't do sushi. Or French, particularly.

Place the following boozes in order of preference (greatest to least): Gin, vodka, rum, brandy, tequila, whiskey. Tequila, vodka, brandy, whiskey, rum, gin. (I actually like gin but it makes me sick to my stomach.)

Place the following flavors in order of preference (greatest to least): Garlic, basil, lime, ginger, aniseed. Garlic, lime, basil, ginger, aniseed. I love garlic, lime and basil - the other two I can mostly do without.

Place the following fruits in order of preference (greatest to least): Cherry, watermelon, pineapple, banana, apple, orange. Orange, cherry, banana, apple, pineapple, watermelon. (But I like all of these!!)

Bread and spread: Sourdough and real butter.

What's your fast food restaurant of choice, and what do you usually order? I'm not really much of a fast-food person. I will eat breakfast at McDonald's but nothing else unless I have no other choice. If I want a fast-food hamburger, I will (occasionally) have a Sourdough Jack. Oh, and I do like Sonic, so I guess that'd be the real answer. Popcorn chicken, yum. Plus they have better ice than anybody else. Seriously.

What are three of the best dining-out experiences you've had? Gaido's in Galveston (seafood - try the Snapper Wade), the Steakhouse at TI in Las Vegas (homemade tater tots!) and... I can't think of anything else. I don't eat in fancy restaurants often, and I've had lots of good meals at medium-priced restaurants but nothing really stands out. That said, I'd just as soon have a good plate of enchiladas as the homemade tater tots, really. (And they cost about the same, too.)

What's your choice of tipple at the end of a long day? I don't actually drink much, these days. When I do I usually make up sort of a homemade sangria with wine and fruit juice.

Favorite cookbook/s? I don't cook enough to use them much. I have a copy of The Joy of Cooking, and some weird ones I inherited from my mother. I probably use the weird ones more.

Got any favorite food blogs? no

What's the next thing you'll eat? Breakfast, probably - there are a couple of fresh bagels in the fridge.

Date: 2008-10-23 03:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I got a powerful craving for clementines. The grocery store had them listed, so when I put in my order, I ordered clementines. (I just discovered them last year, never having liked oranges of any kind before.) And they delivered unto me...tangerines. "They're very similar," said the produce man. Not similar enough. So now I have to make up a tangerine lime sauce with red pepper flakes for on scallops and pasta, because I am not sitting and eating some damn tangerine when what I wanted was a clemmie.


On the other hand, if my tangerine lime sauce is good, I will let the world know.

Date: 2008-10-23 04:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Clementines are supposed to be mandarins, not tangerines, aren't they? I like them both but they're not the same thing. Jeez - silly grocery store.

Date: 2008-10-23 01:11 pm (UTC)
nonelvis: (Default)
From: [personal profile] nonelvis
Now I want tater tots something fierce.


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