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Friday I came home and found about a dozen packages strewn all over the living room and dining room. It was like Christmas. I guess they had been collecting up in the office all week. Rob must've had to make about 3 trips, because there were a lot of them. First of all, my new printer, which is huge - I think I imagined it at least a bit smaller! And then there were some boring things, like a USB cable and some bags and stuff for the shredder I bought a couple of weeks ago, all in separate packages. And then there were some books - I keep saying I'm going to start making cards (even though I have no idea when I would find time to do such a thing!) so I had ordered a couple of books on that, and then I had also ordered the Quilt National catalog, on the theory that the catalog's a lot cheaper than actually going to Quilt National would be! (We're flying to Columbus in July, and it's not that far, but it's in the wrong direction and I'm pretty sure we'd end up having to take like two more days, plus a hotel stay, to be able to do it. So I gave up on that idea.)

Let's see, what else was in the dozen packages? My sheets, from Penney's (which I know I discussed in some previous entry), and I had also ordered a shirt with them, and some pants for Rob, because you got free shipping with a $49 purchase, and that basically amounts to getting the shirt free, with what they charge for shipping. And god knows Rob always needs more pants! Then I had ordered about 4 more shirts from Coldwater Creek, because they sent me a 40% off coupon - because I hadn't ordered from them lately, they said - and I had been feeling like I didn't have enough summer clothes, anyway. So their timing was rather impeccable on that. And every one of the shirts fit, too (including the one from Penney's), which is something of a miracle, really.

And finally - and I think this is the one that really blew Rob's mind - there were the 50 taupe fabrics that I won in an eBay auction. (That's less than $1 apiece, even with shipping; it's a bargain, really it is.) Oh, and the famous XKCD poster finally came, too.

I didn't bother trying to set up the printer until yesterday (and I still haven't printed anything more than a test page) because I knew I just had to get estate stuff done on Saturday. I made Rob come with me and we packed up the rest of Mom's clothes and started packing up some other stuff, too. And then the baseball game was on so I went through photo albums while we watched. Some albums I kept; old ski trips that I didn't go on got pitched. (I pulled out the pictures that had my parents in them first, which was almost always surprisingly few. My mother loved to take lots of scenery pictures.)

Saturday night I could. not. sleep. I haven't had that bad of a night in a while. It was no-Ambien night which was the main problem, but even Benadryl didn't help. And when I can't sleep, I lay in bed and stew, and everything always seems so much worse than it really is, and that is just about my least favorite thing in the world. Because I am SO good at beating up on myself when I get in those moods. I don't know how long I stayed awake, but finally about dawn I fell asleep. But I was pretty much beat all day yesterday. It was a good thing I was already planning to give myself the day off.

So the printer did get set up and working, even if I didn't really print anything yet - the fact is, I didn't really want a printer that much at all, I just wanted to be able to print if I wanted to. I mostly wanted the scanner. And I have scanned and the results are pretty good. Expect lots of quilt pictures coming. (Probably more family pictures later, too. But quilt pictures first!)

Odds & ends:
Encase your hard drive in Carbonite. (First I thought this was a joke. Then I realized it was just a PC-backup service. I wonder if they have to pay royalties to George Lucas.)

And I think my workplace has problems. (Don't follow that link expecting something funny; it's not.)


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