Feb. 13th, 2006

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The weekend went by really, really fast. It's not fair.

It doesn't seem like I did that much. I went over to Mom's Saturday and we ate Mexican food and I finished my quilt top (at long last) - and I spent an hour or more mucking around on their computer, like it seems like I always end up doing. (I will refrain from speculating about just why there is always something wrong with that computer.) Yesterday we went back up to Clear Lake and ate at Jason's Deli and went to see Brokeback Mountain. Jason's Deli was packed and I had a good time watching people. (Rob had his back to the room, so he just got to listen to me mock people's clothes.) I liked the movie too, although probably not as much as I liked Capote. Although that didn't stop me from crying a lot, just the same.

After saying I was tired of playing Dofus, I proceeded to spend the remaining piece of the weekend playing it anyway. I battled more rats and did quests and so forth. Somehow that game is very time-consuming.

Diary-X lost all their data, I hear - well, I guess I won't be updating over there any more. (Even if he gets it back. That's just ridiculous.)

Warning to [livejournal.com profile] columbina: If some sort of (possibly mildly obnoxious) Valentine's thing turns up on your LJ tomorrow, it's probably my fault. I don't exactly remember too much about it, but whatever it was, I thought it was really funny about 3am the other night. (I'm pretty sure it's not hearts and flowers or anything like that, though.)

I gotta quit staying up so late.


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