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I'm getting further & further behind.

(NOTE: There's a Dark Tower spoiler here someplace - it's relatively vague, and it's marked, but watch out for it if you are a person who's going to mind!)

Rob was supposed to set the alarm for me for 9:00 but apparently he forgot, because I woke up when he got back from running at 9:30. (I heard his mom fussing about him being wet.) So I jumped up and went down to the basement and washed my hair - and dried it with my new hairdryer. I mostly don't bother with drying it but that's a lot easier to do when it's warm!

Aside: Rob's parents' house is really small - two bedrooms, 1 bath (and no shower) in the main part of the house - but his dad has fixed up the basement over the years and there's a toilet and shower down there, and the washer and dryer and sort of a rec room with exercise equipment and another TV. I think it's where his dad goes to escape, quite frankly.

The reason I wanted to get up early was so we could go to Lima with Rob's mom - she had ordered a turkey dinner all precooked at Meijer (we don't have those down here, and I don't know how prevalent they are in the rest of the country - sort of like a Super Wal-Mart, anyway) and she needed to pick it up. She had said she wanted to leave between 10 and 10:30 - we didn't quite make it by 10but I think we got out the door well before 10:30, anyway. The weather was pretty nasty. It hasn't been too bad all week - in the 40s, mostly, the worst thing is that it's been gloomy - but today it turned rainy. And it was raining really hard and was very windy part of the time. My new fancy London Fog umbrella (one of my bargains from the new Marshall's store) survived getting turned inside out fine, though.

I think it was close to 11:30 by the time we got to Lima, so we went to lunch first thing. We always eat lunch at this place called "Kewpee" in Lima - Rob's mom likes it. I like it alright too, actually, but it's sort of a strange place. They sell very cheap hamburgers - I think they were $1.30 today - but they charge extra for mayo, for chrissakes. And what they call a "large" coke is $1, which sounds reasonable, except that it's about the size of a small at most places. Kewpee's small is 6 ounces, tops. (Here is Kewpee merchandise, which I link mostly because I think their merchandising is terribly funny.)

After that we went to the mall. I bought a shirt at Penney's, and we looked at the clothes at Lazarus (which is owned by Macy's) but I didn't see anything I couldn't live without. Rob's mom kept pointing stuff out to me and I am picky and either I didn't like it or I thought it was too expensive. She has very different taste in clothes than me, anyway. We did find some really cute marcasite jewelry downstairs. Rob's mother admired a pin and we sneaked back and got it for her. (I hope she meant it when she said she liked it!)

After that my back was starting to hurt so we left. I haven't had any back problems lately so I'm blaming it on the really soft bed I was sleeping on. Once we got to Meijer I got a basket and pushed that around - for whatever reason that always seems to take the pressure off my back, and so I was fine. I bought a red plaid nightshirt that was on sale, and a couple of other odds and ends. Apparently in Ohio you're allowed to sell hard liquor in the grocery store, which is not the case in Texas. (In the county where I grew up they could sell beer but not even wine in the grocery store.) Anyway, we bought some liquor for Thanksgiving - pre-mixed Mudslides, to be exact. I don't know if it'll be any good but it sounded good!

One problem with Rob's mom is that she makes a huge production out of everything. Going to Lima is a major expedition. (It's about an hour's drive away, remember - not all that damn far.) Hell, what you wear to church is big drama if she thinks there's something wrong with it, although she does this to Rob much more than to me. If she thinks there's something wrong with what I wear she never tells me, at least. (And we weren't there on Sunday morning to have church drama this time, thank goodness.) Anyway, in Meijer she made a huge production out of picking up the groceries. It wasn't even raining that hard by this time, so if it'd been up to us we would've just ignored the rain and walked on out to the car. But no, she had to go get the car, and furthermore, we were not sufficient to watch the basket while she was gone, she had to have a Meijer employee do it. Then she yelled at us because we didn't see her drive up and she was blocking traffic for too long. ("People were honking at me!" she said, although we were sitting right inside and we didn't hear any honking. Or any traffic, for that matter.) Anyway, we were glad to get home.


I really got rolling on the Dark Tower book today. I am now close to 600 pages in. They keep killing off major characters, which I guess is not really a big surprise. Which ones it was surprised me some, though.

After supper Rob & I decided we had to go back to Wal-Mart - I forget why, exactly, I think we needed Coke or something. We looked for a movie for Rob's dad for Christmas but we didn't see anything that looked promising. There isn't much selection in VHS movies these days.

By the time we went to Wal-Mart it was raining again. Actually it had been raining even harder while we were at home, but it was still raining pretty good when we left. And it had gotten a lot colder. Thanksgiving morning there was snow on the ground - not a lot, but more than I was expecting to see, at least. (The weather forecaster had predicted snow flurries during the night, but it wasn't supposed to stick.) I dragged Rob around to take pictures. Maybe I'll post a couple later.
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