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Things that are obsoleteextinct, per New York magazine:
1. answering machines
2. lickable stamps
3. foldable maps
4. cathode ray tube TVs
5. incandescent light bulbs
6. paid porn
7. smoking in bars
8. fax machines
9. Hydrox cookies
10. cassette tapes
11. French francs
12. floppy disks
13. phone books
14. Polaroid photos
15. bank deposit slips
16. subway tokens
17. Rolodexes
Full title: "A Catalogue of Everyday Stuff That Has Become Extinct"

I really don't think most of this stuff is extinct. Obsolete, yes, and on the way to becoming extinct, yes, for most of that stuff, but actually gone, no. I can't speak to French francs or subway tokens, since I don't live any place with francs or subways, and Hydrox cookies are just not something that is on my radar. I have some opinions on several of these things, but actually I think KarenD already said most of them for me, so I will refrain.

Oh. My. God.
How To Subtly Keep The Christ in Christmas
(The second item is even better than the first one.)
Heh, I was sitting here looking at this and suddenly it was on the TV too - it's like a miracle! (It was the Colbert Report so it must be real, right? I think it really is real, though, in any case.)

Oops, I almost forgot to put this one in:

Pft, apparently if you hotlink you lose the best part, the popup text, so here's the link in case it's not just me.

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