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I keep thinking I have an LJ entry to write, only by the time I get here, I forget what I was supposed to be writing, and anyway now I have had an ambien and if I write for long, things will start to get very very odd very soon. Can't have that. So I will only say that it's hot as blazing hell here and I can't wait for fall (but at least the tourists are mostly gone since school has already started in these parts) and I have had a bad week with parts of my body that are meant to bend refusing to bend properly, but I have good drugs so I'm muddling through. And amazingly, I have actually gotten some work done in the process.

I'm still playing too much Kingdom of Loathing, and I have also been rereading the last three Harry Potter books - the two together resulting in very odd dreams where KoL games are suddenly filled with Potter and company. -- Of course I had already done some muddling-together of those two fandoms anyway, in the real game - one of my characters has familiars named Hermione (a goat, I believe), Harry (who may be a blood-faced volleyball, I forget) and Cedric, the Cheshire bat, who is my favorite all-time familiar I think. I have taken various tacks on familiar-naming at different times. My original character mostly has familiars named after towns - I named my mosquito after my hometown because that just seemed right since it's mosquito-infested as all hell, and then I just kept on going with the town names after that. My third, post-ascension character has familiar names all starting with E - Elaine and Elspeth and Ernest and godawful victorian inventions like Euphremia. I don't know why I decided to do that, but it was sort of fun. It took a while to come up with "E" names that I liked for all 17 or so of them.
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