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I have very little brain today, and I'm pretty much all reminisced out, anyway, after a whole month of that stuff, so we'll go with an oldie but a goodie today: screenshots. I'm back on a Guild Wars 2 kick, and it turned out I had a stash of screenshots going back to 2012. This will probably be a lot of character shots, because GW2 is like old GuildWars in that choosing and recoloring your armor is a huge thing. (OK, really almost every MMO is that way to some degree, but the GuildWars games in particular seem to revel in it.) GW2 has updated their dye system, and it's easier to use than ever and gives you a ton of control over the coloring. I redyed everybody's armor to Christmas colors for Wintersday, and then since Christmas have recolored most of them again.

So some of these pictures are old and some are new. I'll put some big landscapes at the bottom, too, because GW's painterly style is cool. (But I'm putting most of the pictures behind a cut so if you're reading it from an LJ feed it won't be so obnoxious!)

Oh yeah, I had forgotten this one: a ghost cat.
GW2 has always been full of ghosts - many of whom are characters from GW1, actually - but if Alfa the cat was in GW1 I've forgotten. (I'm not even sure which one of my characters this is here, one of the warriors.)

I've had several tries at making Asuras, and I finally got one I really like - for some reason I found that difficult to do. (They are tiny, but I made this one as large as it'd let me - guessing from how tall she is next to human characters I'd say she'd be something close to 4-1/2' tall. Tolkien-dwarf-size, more or less, only much less broad.)
(I like the contrast of the red-brown hair and the gold eyes. And I love her floppy ears.)

Here's a human - she was one of my first characters. The GuildWars games have always been big on the sexy outfits - my GW1 warrior had one that was basically a bikini, at one point - and so at least this one is pretty covered up, other than at the neckline.
That neckline is pretty eye-popping, though.

There are three non-human races in GW2 - you've already seen one, and the other two are in this picture. One is the Charr, the big cat-people who were one of the main baddies in the first GuildWars. The other is the Sylvari, who look almost human but aren't - they're plants, and I read somewhere recently were supposed to have been specifically created to look human (for reasons that are pretty obscure to me).
(There's a fifth race, the Norn, but I count them as human - they're just big humans. Think Thor.)

I mentioned the ghosts - this is the location of the original GuildWars, Ascalon. In GW2 (which takes place a couple hundred years later) the buildings where the ghosts used to live are still there, too.

I like this atrium area in Divinity's Reach, complete with what looks like an orrery:
Divinity's Reach

(I have a lot more screenshots, but I took pity on you!)
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