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GuildWars - Rima at Frost Gate
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I love that the cold-resistant armor for elementalists has a bare midriff and bare legs. (I guess if you're keeping warm by magic, it doesn't matter!) And it's not only elementalists, Io's warrior outfit is just as bad.

We have been adventuring mostly in the mountains for the last week or so. You start out in Ascalon, the place that had the apocalypse (or whatever it was), then you go into the mountains - the overarching game story is that you are helping the refugees find their way across - then you cross into another country, called Kryta. The part of Kryta I have seen so far is tropical, although I don't get the impression all of it is. What I know of the route after that is that you stay on the west side of the mountains for a good long while, sort of circling around, and then you cross back over the mountains again towards the end of the original GuildWars game. (There is a second game coming out in the next week or so, called Factions, which takes place on a different continent, as I understand it.)

So you go from this gorgeous autumnal landscape in pre-Searing to the blasted post-Searing landscape with the red sky, and for a while I was afraid that it was going to stay like that for the rest of the game. But as soon as you get into the mountains the sky turns blue again. I am going to be interested to see what things look like elsewhere.

We got out of the mountains last night, but we sort of skipped ahead to do it. GuildWars is made up of a long series of quests and missions, and they are meant to be done in sort of a general order that advances the storyline. A mission usually ends up at a new place, and then you get a new set of quests that take place in that area. We did the mission that took us to Frost Gate, which is the picture above, but rather than doing the next mission there, we went on to Lion's Gate Arch in Kryta instead. We will have to go back and pick up the couple of missions in the mountains at some point soon, I guess. We mostly went to Lion's Gate Arch because Columbine wanted some new armor for his warrior. But it's a neat place, and huge. I'm going to have to take some time to just explore it.

Oh, at some point after we got into Kryta, I had another horrendous download - the first one I've had that bad in a week or more, I think. Col thought that it probably was some new quests they've added in Kryta that have to do with the Factions game. He killed practically everything in the whole next zone while he was waiting on me to get there.


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